Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A message from Rick Green & Election night Details

Rick Green GOP
Dear Friend,

I wanted to thank you one more time for all your support and encouragement over the last few weeks. The positive response has been overwhelming. I believe we have the votes needed to win but the election will no doubt be close. I am honored to have the support from approximately 10 Republican Legislators, 2 Mayors, close to 20 Selectmen, City Councilors and School Committee members, close to 20 RTC and RCC Chairs and 12 RTCs and RCCs. Some of these endorsements stretch from Springfield all the way to Truro.

Tomorrow, Thursday, January 31st the election for who will be our next Chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party will take place. The election and meeting will begin at 7:00pm at the Verve Crowne Plaza located at 1360 Worcester Street in Natick. If you wish to attend, please arrive as early as 5:00pm to ensure you have a place to park.
The election is open to the public and anyone is permitted to attend. If you wish to join us, there will be “Green” supporters holding signs before the election at 5pm. Please feel free to wear the color green to show your support for “Rick Green!”

I ask all Massachusetts Republicans to do two things over the next few days and months ahead. Please be respectful of your fellow Republicans. The ‘R’ by our name needs to stand for ‘Respect’ and please join me in uniting this party. My goal from day one was to help our Republican candidates and unite the party, let’s make sure that happens regardless of the outcome on Thursday.

Thank you again.

Rick Green
Candidate for MassGOP Chair

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Massachusetts doubles down as a high cost, no growth state

Republican Charlie Baker absolutely nails it on the growth gap between Conservative low income tax states and Liberal high income tax states. The numbers are staggering and Liberal Governor Deval Patrick is going all in for massive tax and spend in his no growth Massachusetts. A sure fire recipe for a train wreck in the Bay State. Couple that with draconian leftist gun control initiatives look for further population migration out of the state. I know I'm personally fed up!  

Mass. pays economic price for its high rates

Two weeks ago, Gov. Deval Patrick proposed to raise over $2.5 billion in new taxes, including a 20 percent jump in the income tax - the largest in state history. Since then, most of the discussion has focused on the politics of such massive tax increases, and not on the economic implications of such a significant hike in the cost of government. The over-arching message seems to be that tax rates don't matter, the size of government doesn't matter, and the machine that is state government is already doing a perfectly fine job of maximizing the use of state tax dollars. All it needs to ramp up its performance - and the commonwealth's along with it - is a lot more money.
In short, the debate has already presumed that there is no economic development price - no "growth" price, to use the governor's words - to be paid for such a huge increase in taxes - just a political one. Recent history would suggest otherwise.
Over the course of the past decade, the nine states with no personal income tax benefited from population growth, GroChart 150ss State Product growth, job growth, and tax revenue growth that far exceeded the national average. The nine states with the highest personal income tax rates lagged the national average in all three categorie
s, and it wasn't close. (See chart.)

Some might respond to this 
 by saying that lower-cost states benefit from being, well, lower cost, and it's important to adjust these numbers for personal income. OK. If one does the same analysis 
on the  same criteria, and divides the country up by state and local tax burden as a percent of personal income, what happens? The nine states with the lowest state and local tax burden as a percent of personal income out-perform the national average, and also out-perform the states with the highest state and local tax burden, as a percent of personal income.

Are these the only factors that matter in assessing and measuring economic performance? No - but it should give policy makers and others pause. The notion that Massachusetts operates in a vacuum - and that its competitive position relative to other states has nothing to do with its tax, fiscal and regulatory policies is short-sighted. 
And economically, we're not exactly breaking records on any of these measures, either. We have underperformed the national average across all of these benchmarks for the past decade as well. Our jobs market has been flat for over 10 years - we had more jobs here in 2000 than we have today - and we have had virtually no population growth for a decade, finishing at or near the bottom of every study of net migration in and out of the 50 states for the past 10 years.
Moreover, as the researchers at MassInc pointed out in their study of the Massachusetts economy from 2000 through 2010, job stagnation has done tremendous damage to working people. We used to be one of the most "equal" states in the nation, in terms of the spread between our top wage earners and our low wage earners. Today, after years of mediocre job, economic and population growth, we are second only to New York - another no growth, high-cost state - in terms of our inequality. Put another way, every state in the nation, except New York, has a smaller spread between its top wage earners and its low wage earners than Massachusetts.

Six years ago, CNBC - the preferred business climate poll of the folks on Beacon Hill, because it gives heavy weight to educational achievement - ranked Massachusetts No. 12 overall - high cost, but smart, to put it simply. Last year, we ranked 28th - which came as a shock to policy makers on Beacon Hill. One summed it up perfectly by saying something like, "I don't understand it - we're not doing anything now that's any different than what we've been doing." Exactly right. We haven't been making our state more affordable, other states have been doing so, and working people in Massachusetts have been paying the price.
As the debate on the governor's proposals moves forward, I would hope to see a little less focus on the politics of voting for big tax increases and a little more focus on whether or not the governor's tax proposals will make it easier or harder to find work in Massachusetts, and grow our economy. It's pretty easy to talk about all the stuff public officials want to do with other people's money, and the gamesmanship associated with taking it from them, but this debate is about much more than that.
This discussion, to paraphrase the governor, is really about what kind of state we want to be. We can follow his lead and double down on our current status as a high-cost, no-growth state - and hope, somehow, to defy recent history - or we can find ways to get the job done that aren't built on the faulty proposition that there's no price to be paid for making this very fine place even less economically competitive than it is today.
Charlie Baker was secretary of Administration and Finance in the Weld administration and the Republican candidate for governor in 2010.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mass Democrat Ed Markey Mark celebrates 20 years without sponsoring a Bill

On the bright side he hasn't been indicted/arrested like past three Democratic State House leaders and the rest of the Beacon Hill Funky Bunch gang!

Press Release Via Mass GOP:

BOSTON- Recently, the long yet unremarkable congressional career of Congressman Ed Markey passed a dubious milestone: the 20th anniversary since the last time Markey sponsored legislation that went on to become law.

Markey introduced H.R. 616, a technical amendment to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, on January 26, 1993. It went on to become law later that year.

To put in the proper perspective, 1993 was the same year that:

  • Jurassic Park smashed box office records and "That's the Way Love Goes" by Janet Jackson and "Dreamlover" by Mariah Carey topped the Billboard charts;
  • Cheers ended its 11-year run as one of the most highly-watched American television shows of all time;
  • Future Red Sox great and team captain Jason Varitek was named college player of the year at Georgia Tech and hit .371 over the summer for the Hyannis Mets of the Cape Cod Baseball League, winning both the league MVP and batting championship;
  • The Patriots selected the highly-touted quarterback Drew Bledsoe over Rick Mirer with the top pick in the NFL Draft in the first year of the Bill Parcells regime;
  • Kevin McHale and Robert Parish were lacing up their sneakers and hitting the parquet floor at the original Boston Garden;
  • President Bill Clinton took the oath of office for his first term as president, and Ray Flynn was serving as mayor of Boston.

“Despite having spent 40 years in office, Congressman Markey has very little to show for his lifetime in politics,” said Nate Little, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Republican Party. “At a time when voters are looking for new leadership to tackle the immense challenges facing our country, Congressman Markey has a long record of ineffectiveness and unaccomplishment. He is a washed up career politician who represents the status quo and business-as-usual in Washington D.C. at time we critically need fresh ideas.”

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Grassroots rises behind Rick Green for Mass GOP Chair

Rick Green taps into the grassroots movement to challenge status quo with a commitment to grow the party to a more competitive position. Read more on the candidate and read the endorsements below. Rick Green is the outsider with Business experience that can unite & grow the party best forward. 

Listen to a great Rick Green Radio Interview (WTAG) for more | VoteCoreValues  Read more here - Rick Green looks to be next big thing for state GOP Rick Green taking challenge to the state's top dog, Scott Brown and GOP establishment. More information here - Meet the Candidate: Rick Green for Mass GOP Chair  Candidate for MassGOP Chair Rick Green has aggressive idea's: He will open district GOP Office in every district, looks to raise $200 Million and commits to at least 6 years as Chair. 

Rick Green already has 35 endorsements from Republican State Committee members. Some highlights listed here and the full list is linked below. 

Watertown RTC Endorses Rick Green for MA-GOP Chair

MCA Endorses Rick Green for MA GOP Chairman

MARA Endorses Rick Green for Party Chair #MApoli @RickGreenMA 

Endorsement letter of @RickGreenma for MAgop chair from State Representative Ryan Fattman.  

Taunton Republican City Committee endorsed Rick Green 

 endorses  for  Chair - The election for  Republican Party (cont) 

Full list of endorsements including Brad Williams, Dan Winslow, Shaunna O'Connell, Jim McKenna, Holly Robichaud, Evan Kenney and Jon Norsu can be seen here:

Support Rick on Election Night

Please join other Massachusetts Republicans and support Rick Green for MassGOP Chair on election night. The MassGOP Chair's election is open to the public and you are invited to join us and participate.
The election will take place on Thursday, January 31st at 7:00pm at the Verve Crowne Plaza located at 1360 Worcester Street in Natick.

Teaparty backed Senator Ted Cruz shoots down anti-gun Liberal's

Watch Sen Ted Cruz on Meet the Press performance while smacking down 2 anti-gun liberals It's refreshing to see aggressive, competent Conservatives in the Senate taking it to the leftists in the media and on the Hill. "I stand ready to defend the 2nd Amendment and efforts to undermine our God-given rights" said Ted Cruz

More from Senator Ted Cruz "I look forward to helping lead fight to defeat the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 & protect 2nd Amendment"    If you agree sign the Petition: I stand w/ Sen Ted Cruz in defeating the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 

Senator Ted Cruz has created his official Twitter account @SenTedCruz. You should follow and support him! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Obama, IRS gear up on Obamacare, look to expand coverage to Illegals on taxpayers dime

Obama and the Liberal left are spending Billions to ramp up and collect major new ObamaCare taxes to cover their new Socialized healthcare entitlement. Obama just defined the Rich as anybody with a job, raising payroll taxes 2% on 77% of all American's the first of the year. How Much YOUR Taxes Will Go Up In 2013? Check here 

Obamacare has also hit taxpayers with 23 new taxes, many kicking in in 2013. The 5 biggest New Obamacare Taxes Coming in 2013 are referenced here  And the good news for Obama's welfare state, Obamacare taxes mean Obamacare layoffs: 800,000 jobs at risk:  But the good news is that Obama promised that premium prices would come down under his Governmental takeover of the Healthcare system. WRONG, Premiums are actually set to rise this year in run-up to ObamaCare tax on insurance industry  So more ObamaCare triumph: health insurance premiums skyrocket $3,000 - After Obama PROMISED to cut them by $2,500 

Also buried in ObamaCare is a major IRS ramp up to collect taxes from all workers and employers that are going to fund the new Insurance entitlement to cover the rising Poverty ranks and now Illegal aliens. IRS hiring 16,000 Tax Agents related to Obamacare Make no mistake, this massive IRS expansion is to collect TAXES.  IRS issues 159 pages of new Regs on New 2013 ObamaCare taxes - they are intent on enforcement... The IRS also Warns Employers: Do Not Try to Avoid ObamaCare Insurance Mandate Isn't Government run healtcare great!

Already the Govt is using Obamacare to mandate forced free Contraceptions and abortions. The Supreme Court will be called upon to rule if the Obamacare law unconstitutionally forces taxpayers to fund abortions & birth control thus violating religious freedoms. Under Obamacare the IRS Might Have Stalinist Powers Under the New Law too. We are already seeing this abuse as Obama is using his Govt Control to force doctors to enforce his Executive Order gun bans and 2nd amendment infringements. Exactly why did Obama Signs Executive Order For Doctors To Spy On Patients Over Guns?

And today it is being discussed for Obama to force all illegal aliens to get free coverage under Obamacare. This has already proved to be a disaster in California and liberal Mass Governor Deval Patrick has refused to enforce immigration laws there and is allowing illegals to tap into free Healthcare, a massive failure and burden on taxpayers. Illegals’ free medical bills top $35.7M in Massachusetts & Upwards 70% on Masscare are Illegal Aliens. But heck Massachusetts one party liberal officials can't account for over 19,000 welfare recipients Not their money... they just look to buy votes with yours.

Taxpayers bend over as Obama taxes you, harrasses you via IRS, and starts mandating what you can or can't do. What is next? I will tell you, Death panels, rationed terrible healthcare, gun confiscations, forced abortions and sterilizations, food and drink prohibitions. Big and Bigger Socialist Govt with more and more infringements on your liberty. It's coming if you have not already noticed.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Liberal Mass Governor wants to punish law abiding gun owners

We need to stop this violation of the 2nd Amendment!

Massachusetts: Your Governor Wants to Personally Victimize Law-Abiding Gun Owners
Governor Deval Patrick (D) and anti-gun legislators in the Massachusetts General Court have wasted no time this legislative session trying to victimize and disarm law-abiding residents of the Bay State. 
Shortly over a week ago, Governor Patrick filed legislation entitled “An Act to Strengthen and Enhance Firearms Laws in the Commonwealth” and has been aggressively lobbying the state legislature to take action on his restrictive proposal. 
If this legislation is passed and enacted into law, the following changes will occur to Massachusetts’ already restrictive gun laws: 
  • You will be forced to sell or lawfully dispose of any magazine capable of holding more than ten rounds.
  • You will be limited to seven round magazines.
  • You will only be able to purchase one firearm a month.
  • You will be subject to a background check and a fee (gun tax) for the private transfer of firearms between family and friends.

You need to contact your state legislators TODAY and express your opposition to Governor Patrick’s bill and any proposed legislation that would infringe upon your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
For help identifying your elected state officials and their contact information, please click here.
Governor Patrick can be reached at: 617-725-4005 or by using on on-line contact form by clicking here.

Newt, Beck and Palin depart as Fox News tacts left

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes proclaimed after the 2010 teaparty uprising that he made a "course correction" at Fox News, veering it away from the hard-right line. The former Nixon media mogul and CFR member has even publicly hinted at wanting Hillary and Bill Clinton on his Network.

First Ailes fired the outstanding Fox Contributor Newt Gingrich over speculation on 2012 Presidential aspirations. Newt had been with Fox since 1999 and had a target on his back with a multi year, multi million $ contract. Ailes has even recently skoffed at Newt coming back to Fox News stating - "He wants a CNN contract".

The next to get tossed out was Glenn Beck. As Ailes was tacking Fox back to the left Beck no longer fit his programming. Ailes doesn't dismiss the perception that he fired Beck. Glenn Beck claims he pulled the plug and has since started up his fast rising Blaze website, merging Radio and TV content uncensored and Center right Libertarian leanings. He has also tapped into the online streaming business as well as cracking into Satellite TV with his own station on the Dish. He has also recently brought on the Boston talk show rock star Jay Severin to pump up the radio side.

And today it is announced via Scott Conroy at Real Clear Politics that Sarah Palin is leaving Fox. No big shocker there as there has been reporting of friction between Ailes and Palin for the past two years. Palin probably saw no future with the now Center left Fox News and Ailes was probably more than happy to jet her mega contract. See a trend here? All the Conservative right talent is being knocked off the air akin to voluntary fairness doctrine Liberalise clamoring.

What is his next move? Hire Axelrod and Van Jones? And Hillary Clinton is a free agent again. I know since the biased coverage and move to moderate GOP panels the last election cycle, my TV is no longer turned onto Fox News. I subscribe to the Glenn Beck's Blaze TV/Radio, big Fan of the Senate Conservatives fund, Teaparty Express, Free Republic, #tcot and scouring social media and Blogs for true Conservative news these days. Roger Ailes and Fox News better beware - nobody watches or sponsors Liberal programming....    

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mitt Romney back in DC after snubbing Obama Inauguration

Mitt Romney, the GOP nominee and his wife reportedly will be feted Friday at a luncheon in DC Romney campaign fundraisers, Catherine Reynolds and hotel magnate Bill Marriott Jr are hosting the  luncheon at Washington’s J.W. Marriott Hotel. Romney has since rejoined Marriott's board of directors after the November’s election.  He had  previously served on the board twice before.
Recently, Romney was the first nominee since Michael Dukakis in 1989 not to attend the inauguration. A clear sign that Romney wanted nothing to do with the spectacle that is Obama.  CNN is also reporting  the Romney's are expected to attend the prestigious, black tie Alfalfa Dinner, scheduled for Saturday, while visiting the  nation's capital. No word if they will be attending the Spanky Sunday Brunch at Little Rascals Den. 
It must be flat out painful for Mitt Romney to watch Obama and the Democrats fast track reckless Tax hikes, raise the debt limit with zero cost cutting or entitlement reforms. The Debt limit is now approaching $16.5 Trillion and the tax and spend liberals are marching forward to their European Socialist Utopian goals unabated these days. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Support the Senate Conservatives Fund

They have a simple mission statement - Electing true conservatives to the U.S. Senate. 

SCF is a grassroots organization dedicated to electing strong conservative leaders to the United States Senate. Major goals are to: Stop Spending, Repeal Obamacare, Enforce immigration laws, Defend the 2nd Amendment, Ban bailouts, end earmarks, protect life and adopt term limits. 

SCF helps by raising support for principled Conservative candidates accros the nation. Success stories in  the 2010 cycle were elected candidates: Pat Toomey (PA), Marco Rubio (FL), Rand Paul (KY), Mike Lee (UT), and Ron Johnson (WI). In 2012, SCF helped elect: Ted Cruz (TX), Jeff Flake (AZ), and Deb Fischer (NE).

Jim Demint's PAC is a great resource for those interested in researching, getting involved and helping fund and elect the next wave of Conservative Senators in the 2014 cycle and beyond. Here is a link to the website for more information.  You can also follow them on Twitter here @SCFpac and on Facebook at

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CPAC - 2013 lineup shaping up

The Conservative Political Action Conference is coming to DC on March 14-16, 2013. Check out the latest details and updates from the official CPAC 2013 website here

Again this year, the hottest names in the Republican Party meet at CPAC!  It is the largest annual  gathering of conservative activists, politicians and Ron Paul fanatics.  The featured trio of speakers at this point are:        Three of the leading candidates for the 2016 Presidential nomination will be on display at   Also confirmed is former PA Senator and 2012 Presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

Other prominant invited speakers are: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamnin Netanyahu, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R).  Others invited to speak include:

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)
Former U.S. Representative Artur Davis
U.S. Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz)
Former Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuno
Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley
U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK)
U.S. Representative Darrell Issa (R-Calif.)
U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah)
Saratoga Springs, UT, Mayor Mia Love
U.S. Representative Steve Scalise (R-La.)
Former U.S. Representative Allen West of Florida
You can also expect to hear a lot of buzz on previous attendees such as Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rush, Michele Bachmann, Kim Guilfoyle, Jim Demint, John Boehner, Ron Paul, Rick Perry and Greg Gutfeld attending.