Thursday, February 28, 2013

Support NRA 2013 Stand and Fight Forum in Houston

Looked like a great cause to Support - See the NRA details below:

Join me in Houston for a huge gathering
Fellow American,

There is one thing that will show Barack Obama and anti-gun politicians how Americans really feel about our freedoms.

And that's the sight of tens of thousands of NRA members joining together to STAND AND FIGHT for FREEDOM!
That is why I need you to join me for NRA's Stand and Fight Weekend, which will take place May 3 - 5 in Houston, Texas.
You won't find a more fun-filled and exciting event like this on the planet. And this year, our annual weekend will take on historic importance. The survival of our freedom is at stake and I need you there with me!
Registration and tickets for this extraordinary weekend are ON SALE NOW! Go to or call 1-877-672-7632 to get yours today.
Our big weekend features NRA's world-famous Guns, Gear and Outfitter Show…and is filled with banquets, auctions, games, prizes, and fun for you and your family!
But there are two very important events that I'm asking you - as an NRA leader - to make sure you attend as my special guest.
The first is NRA-ILA's Leadership Forum. Join me and NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox along with our nation's top Second Amendment leaders in government, the media, and the entertainment industry…as we build our battle plan for defeating Obama's sweeping attack on our gun rights.

Nearly every media outlet in the country will be covering this year's Leadership Forum. They'll be counting our numbers. I need you there with me to help send a clear message to every politician in America that we are united, strong, and ready to fight for our freedom!!!
And because your attendance at this year's Forum is so vitally important to the immediate future of our Second Amendment rights, tickets are only $10 each.
Tickets ONLY $10
The second event that I'm urging you to attend is NRA's Stand and Fight Rally.

On this very special evening, one of NRA's greatest friends - Glenn Beck - will give an exclusive and eye-opening presentation for NRA members like you.

I need you to be a part of making Saturday night's rally with Glenn in Houston the biggest showing of NRA member power in history! We need to fill the room and let the nation see the strength in our numbers…and hear the thunder of our voices and applause!
Tickets to this extraordinary event are only $30 each. And because I want you to bring as many family and friends as you possibly can, you may purchase two tickets for just $50 - or four tickets for only $80!

Seating is very limited, so please order your tickets today!
Tickets ONLY $30
The fight you and I are waging right now against Barack Obama and his gun ban allies is unlike any other I've ever seen.

Winning will take every ounce of effort by every NRA member in our ranks. And winning starts with you and your presence in Houston.

I need you to play an active role in the biggest grassroots uprising for freedom that America has ever seen!

I need you to be there with me on Saturday night, chanting for freedom when Glenn Beck fires up thousands of our NRA faithful!

I need you to STAND AND FIGHT with me in Houston!

Thank you for everything you do for NRA and our great nation. I look forward to seeing you soon!


Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President

Social Media Race for Mass GOP Senate - Update

Gabriel Gomez continues to lead the pack on Social media growth rates on Facebook and Twitter. His statewide campaign events garnering State, National media coverage including Univision interview today. I believe Sullivan had a quite media avail today and the Dan Winslow campaign languishes in third in metric growth.

Over at Red Mass Group - Gabriel Gomez is still winning their online Poll with Dan Winslow a surprising third.

Gomez - 1,138
Sullivan - 794
Winslow - 610  Vote here

Updated Stats for today:

Dan Winslow

Facebook - 2,475, +8
Twitter - 2,448, +18

Gabriel Gomez

Facebook - 4,022, +112
Twitter - 1,356, +50

Michael E Sullivan

Facebook - 1,038, +61
Twitter - 162, +10

Gabriel Gomez, former Navy SEAL & businessman kicked off his campaign today - Full Speech here

Gabriel Gomez former Navy SEAL and businessman kicked off his campaign today.  See the full  announcement speech here:

Mi nombre es Gabriel Gomez, no soy un político, y estoy corriendo para senador de los Estados Unidos.
For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, my name is Gabriel Gomez…I’ve never been in politics before…and I’m running for the United States Senate.
You may wonder why it is that I began in Spanish. Well, it’s an old habit. My parents emigrated from Colombia the year before I was born. My mom spoke no English at the time, so I learned Spanish first.
I then learned English quickly in school and eventually my Mom also learned English, mainly by going to the grocery store and talking to neighbors.
America’s first immigrants – the Pilgrims -- landed here in Massachusetts. My parents were right behind them…344 years later they landed at LAX. Even though the Pilgrims beat my parents to America, my family came to America with the exact same dream the first settlers had.
It was the American dream of freedom and opportunity, and the chance to achieve success regardless of race, gender, or social status.
I have that old fashioned view that if you come to America, you need commit yourself to the IDEA of America…one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
As a kid growing up in Yakima, Washington, we were your typical middle class family…except that our last name was Gomez.
My dad’s job was selling hops to beer companies. There are many days where I think I should have followed in his footsteps, or at least sampled more of his product.
Instead, I felt a calling from an early age to serve my family’s adopted country and ended up applying to the US Naval Academy.
My four years as a Midshipman reinforced in me one of the core values that I had already learned from my parents – that it is greater to serve others than to be served. More than anything else, that is the ethic I have tried to live my life by.
I graduated from the Naval Academy- but I never left the Naval Academy- or the values it taught me. I went through the Navy flight school and I became a Navy pilot, flying on and off aircraft carriers.
You may remember, the movie TOP GUN had just come out, ICE MAN was already taken, but LT Gomez had a nice ring to it.
And even though things were going great, I felt called to a different mission as a Naval Officer. I decided I wanted to become a Navy SEAL. My Commanding Officer tried to talk me out of it. He said less than 20% of those accepted for SEAL training actually made it through…and if I didn’t make it, I would lose my pilot wings. I did it anyway. I’ve never wanted to look back and have any regrets.
I am very proud of my service as a Navy SEAL, but the highlight occurred during my first SEAL detachment when I met a beautiful young woman named Sarah. She was a Peace Corps volunteer in the West Indies teaching at a school for children with special needs.
Talk about an odd couple. But if you think about it – the Peace Corps and the Navy SEALS are two of the best things America has to offer.
Sarah and I have now been married for over 17 years and moved to Cohasset 12 years ago, where we live today with our 4 kids and 2 dogs. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Sarah’s support, wisdom and love. (let’s give Sarah a hand!)
When I left the SEAL teams, I went to Harvard Business School, and began a career in the private sector.
I have lived the American dream - an immigrant’s kid, who gets an opportunity to serve in the Navy, and then a chance to build a career…that’s the beauty of America.
I don’t think my parents even in their wildest dreams could have imagined that their son would have so many amazing opportunities.
I’ve spent 15 years in the investment business where we do all we can to help companies grow.
The most satisfying part of my job has been managing, investing and working to grow the retirement funds on behalf of public servants – to help create financial security for firefighters, police officers, teachers – many of them right here in Massachusetts. These are the people who have dedicated years of service to their communities and deserve a good retirement.
But I gotta tell ya, as a business man, if I were evaluating the federal government today, I would say that it is an overextended, bloated organization that literally has no budget, runs at a significant annual loss, and is $16 trillion in debt.
I would never invest pension funds for Massachusetts public employees in a company like that.
Yet we all are invested in that Government – and it’s time to fix it!
When I look at Washington I see non-stop bickering. I see a dysfunctional, partisan atmosphere.
America deserves better. Our country has problems and we need problem solvers.
That’s why I am running.
When I first announced my intention to run, many complained that they had never heard of me, that I haven’t been very active in politics. Guilty. As. Charged. It’s true. I’m not a politician. I don’t know all the political lingo – and I don’t want to.
I want to have candid and open conversations with real people. I want to serve with common sense and straight talk.
What a great country. Anyone, even a son of immigrants, can step up and run for office.
There will be times in this campaign when I will appear confused about politics. For instance,
I’m confused why the US Senate has not produced a single budget in over four years.
I’m confused how the federal government consistently spends more money than it has.
I’m confused by politicians who attack each other rather than looking for common ground.
And I’m confused why we the voters continue to put up with it
When you run for office people in politics immediately try to hang labels on you. They ask you – are you a conservative? a liberal? a moderate?
Well, my response is this – No – I’m a Navy Guy.
I am a businessman. I am a Husband. I am a Dad. I am an American.
Sure, I’m running as a Republican, but I’m a new kind of Republican. Obviously as a Republican I hold some conservative views…but I’m an independent thinker, and I have no interest in going to Washington to engage in partisan trench warfare.
We have enough folks doing that already. I’m not afraid to work with people who disagree with me.
So having said all that, you’re probably wondering ‘why is he doing this?’ Let me tell you of a recent conversation I had with a Navy buddy of mine.
He called me the other day after hearing that I’m running for the Senate. He asked me if I had lost my mind.
(Sarah has asked me this many times over the years)
He said that politics is dirty, they will smear your good name, and that the very worst part is that if you win, you have to go to Washington and swim in that cesspool.
Well, as a Navy SEAL, I’m a pretty good swimmer, and I’ve swum in worse conditions.
But while I appreciate my buddy’s concern for me and I also realize that his view is held by too many Americans today.
I do not take this step lightly. I understand how nasty politics has become. But I know who I am and I know what I believe in.
My reply to my Navy buddy was this – if everyone takes that attitude, and we leave our country’s politics to the politicians, we will get more of the same. We will get what we have right now – dysfunction, gridlock, and failure. So I told him I’d rather try, even if I fail, than to simply stay in the bleachers complaining.
My friend then said I was naïve – maybe so.
Call me naïve because I think that our government doesn’t have to fail us.
Call me naïve because I believe that we don’t have to keep running our country deeper and deeper into debt.
Call me naïve because I believe that both parties in Washington can work together if they have the courage to try.
And call me naïve because I believe that it doesn’t have to be this way.
The simple fact is that if we are going to preserve the American dream for future generations, we have to get our government spending under control, and focus on our economy.
There is one place where the economy is doing better than the rest of the country – and that place is Washington DC.
The government business is booming: the lobbying business is booming, the special interest business is booming. Washington is doing great, but the rest of the country is still struggling.
Today, there are thousands of lobbyists in DC. And many of them are former congressmen, senators, and staffers.
Here’s an idea – how about passing a law that says if you serve as a congressman or a senator, you can never become a lobbyist? What would be wrong with that? You can be a public servant, or you can be a lobbyist, but you can’t be both.
And while we are at it, how about this – term limits for politicians. The president is term limited. Why not do the same for Congressmen and Senators? Let them come back home and live under the laws they have created. Let them actually live in the communities they have been serving.
It might be good for them, and it might give America the opportunity to phase out career politicians. It would give us the chance to get some new blood, some new thinking, and some fresh ideas in Washington.
Let me finish up with just a few observations.
Too many in Congress are entrenched in their ideological positions.
I will endeavor to be a voice for bipartisanship, reasonableness and common sense.
Sending yet another career politician to the Senate would be more of the same.
So today, I’m simply asking that you give me a fair chance in this campaign.
Ask yourself: is this addiction to debt as good as our government can be?
Ask yourself: is this the best we can do?
Ask yourself: is the path Congress has put us on a path you can in good conscience leave to your kids?
You and I know that Congress has failed us.
You and I know this path is unsustainable.
You and I know our country is better than its politics.
To me and my family, America is still that shining city on the hill – America is still exceptional.
It’s time to hit the refresh button, so please join our campaign for change.
Thank you and God bless the United States. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gabriel Gomez Platform emerges in Mass Senate Race

Not sure if this is official but I just found a link to the Gabriel Gomez website and his Issue Page: Fiscal Conservative with a Center/Right tact. Noted Pro 2nd Amendment, Pro Military, Pro Israel. Proud Catholic and Pro Life, For Entitlement reform, Libertarian on Same Sex Marriage. Anti Federal Obamacare - Pro State rights to design solutions.

Fiscal Responsibility:  

Washington, DC has a spending problem.

The Federal government has become a bloated organization with no budget, and runs at an annual loss. Today, we are $16 trillion in debt.

Meanwhile, career politicians on both sides of the aisle continue to kick the can down the road and print more money.

We recently raised taxes on the wealthy, and on every worker in America with the payroll tax hike.

It is time now to reach across the aisle and work together to enact meaningful spending reductions in a fair and equitable way, without hurting our military preparedness.

Entitlement Reform:

 Our nation’s entitlement programs are on the path to insolvency. To save these programs, we need bipartisan action now. For many of our mothers and fathers, Social Security is an important lifeline. We cannot risk losing this essential program because of inaction or complacency. Political leaders in Washington should have the courage to commit to reforming these programs, without engaging in disingenuous and shameless scare tactics designed to scare our seniors. 

2nd Amendment:

  As a former U.S. Navy SEAL, I am a strong Second Amendment supporter.

Foreign Policy:

As a former NAVY Seal, I know how essential it is for freedom here and around the world that America maintains a strong national defense. We need to preserve our ability to stand up for our allies and protect ourselves.

America has no closer ally than Israel, and we must work together not only to ensure Israel’s security but also to promote freedom and encourage peace throughout the Middle East. I support a two-state solution that is negotiated by the parties and includes defensible borders for Israel.

I recognize Israel’s right to defend itself from the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran and I believe the United States should take whatever steps are necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

We must confront the real threats to freedom and we must sustain the readiness we need to protect our security and sustain the cause of liberty

Life Issues:

I am a proud Catholic, and pro-life.

But Roe v Wade is settled law and I have no interest in trying to change that. Politicians spend way too much time on divisive issues that are already decided and far too little time on fixing our economy.

Gomez, Sullivan make Ballot - Updated Social Metrics

Announcement Day yesterday for Gabriel Gomez on Campaign stops and getting 25,000 signatures keep him the most active again on Twitter, Facebook. Michael Sullivan announced today he will have signatures as well. Dan Winslow languishes third in interest and under radar this week.

Over at Red Mass Group - Gabriel Gomez is still winning their online Poll with Dan Winslow a surprising third.

Gomez - 1,134
Sullivan - 786
Winslow - 603  Vote here

Updated Stats for today:

Dan Winslow

Facebook - 2,467, +7
Twitter - 2,430, +16

Gabriel Gomez

Facebook - 3,910, +205
Twitter - 1,306, +105

Michael E Sullivan

Facebook - 977, +40
Twitter - 152, +7

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gomez kicks Campaign off Thursday with 3 events Statewide

Gabriel Gomez is making his first Campaign events across the State on Thursday before his Official  Campaign and Fundraiser at the Newton Marriott that evening. Please see his campaign letter and press release related below with more details:

Via Gabriel Gomez:

Dear Friends:

I am excited to officially kick-off my campaign for U.S. Senate this Thursday, February 28th.

I'll be honest - I’m not a politician. I'm a first generation American, and I was honored to serve our country as a U.S. Navy SEAL. I'm a husband, a proud father of four, and I'm a new kind of Republican.

Out of touch career politicians in Washington won't solve our crushing debt crisis.  We need new ideas.

That's why I'm running to serve as the next United States Senator from Massachusetts. This Thursday, we're officially kicking off our campaign with stops in Quincy, Shrewsbury and West Springfield.

If you'd like to join us at any of the locations below, send us an email at or visit to join us now!

February 26, 2013
Contact: Lenny Alcivar



BOSTON, Mass. – Former U.S. Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez will kick off his campaign for the United States Senate on Thursday, February 28th. Gomez will campaign across Massachusetts with events in Quincy, Shrewsbury, and West Springfield. The following events are open to the press.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

WHAT                     Gomez for Massachuesetts Campaign Event
WHEN                     8:15 AM ET
WHERE                  American Legion
                                81 Liberty Street, Quincy, MA 02169

WHAT                     Gomez for Massachuesetts Campaign Event
WHEN                     10:45 AM ET
WHERE                  Broday's Diner
                                308 Hartford Turnpike, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

WHAT                     Gomez for Massachusetts Campaign Event
WHEN                     2:45 PM ET
WHERE                  American Legion
                                83 Park Ave, West Springfield, MA 01089

- END -

Gomez Press Disclaimer

Gabriel Gomez announces he has 25,000 Signatures and all in

Via Twitter Gabriel Gomez announces he has the signatures needed to make the Massachusetts GOP Senate ballot. New tweeted Below. He also noted that his campaign will be kicking off Thursday AM.

We're in! 25K signed our  petition. Our campaign against crushing debt & gridlock starts Thursday AM. You in?

Sullivan may not make ballot, Gomez leads Red Mass Group Senate poll

The big news this morning is that Michael Sullivan may not make Ballot deadline tomorrow. It is day 5 with no twitter activity from the Draft Sullivan account as well. I think this is all just being cautious and the Bush/Ashcroft, Attorney Sullivan will be on the ballot. Dan Winslow had a Campaign appreciation event at Pier 4 in Boston and Gabriel Gomez Campaign Kickoff is set for Thursday at the Marriott in Newton.

Strong day for Gabriel Gomez on Twitter and a good day for the Draft Sullivan Facebook page as well. Updated Social stats below.

Over at Red Mass Group - Gabriel Gomez is still winning their online Poll with Dan Winslow a surprising third.

Gomez - 1,127
Sullivan - 772
Winslow - 598  Vote here

Updated Stats for today:

Dan Winslow

Facebook - 2,460, +9
Twitter - 2,414, +12

Gabriel Gomez

Facebook - 3,705, +32
Twitter - 1,201, +89

Michael E Sullivan

Facebook - 937, +37
Twitter - 145, +3

Looking to see who has Google+ pages and it appears that Gabriel Gomez is the only candidate with an account there.  Not a lot of activity - posting of Campaign video's to date. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Support Navy Seal Gabriel Gomez at Mass GOP Straw Poll Saturday

Latest update from Mass GOP is that there will be a Straw Poll in Danvers this Saturday for the US Senate race. This will be a good opportunity to Support Gabriel Gomez after his Campaign kick off on 2/28 at the Newton Marriott. See the Mass GOP announcement below for details.

MassGOP To Host U.S. Senate Straw Poll - March 2

On Saturday, March 2, with the help of State Committee members John McCarthy and Nancy Luther, MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes will host a straw poll for the U.S. Senate race. Supporters will hear from the candidates, cast their vote and meet representatives from all of the campaigns.

"Voters are ready for a new direction in Massachusetts and GOP activists will hear from, and cast votes for, our U.S. Senate candidates as we kick off this competitive primary for the Republican nomination," said Kirsten Hughes MassGOP Chairman.

"This is a great opportunity for our candidates to talk about the issues and ideas that are driving their campaigns and directly engage the electorate in this high profile special election. I wish all of the Senate candidates the best of luck at the straw poll and look forward to an exciting event."

MassGOP U.S. Senate Straw Poll:

Where: Danversport Yacht Club - 161 Elliott St, Danvers, MA 01923 
When: Saturday March 2, doors open at 9:00 AM, program begins at 10:00 AM
$10 per ballot, one ballot per person

Paid for by the Massachusetts Republican Party. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.
  85 Merrimac Street - Boston, MA 02114 - (617) 523-5005

WBUR Polls Shows Little Support for the Democrat Mass Gov. Tax Hike Plan

The tax and spend liberals are at it again in Massachusetts. Voters accross all political spectrums are fed up! See Mass Fiscal's press release and summary on poll below.

Press Release

For Immediate Release February 15, 2013

WBUR Polls Shows Little Support for the Governor's Tax Hike Plan

Jobs, Economy and Tax Relief are High Priorities Wakefield, MA: Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance made the following statement today regarding a WBUR's poll that shows nearly 50% of voters "strongly or somewhat oppose" the Governor's budget plan. The cross tab data may be found on WBUR's website.

The data shows that nearly 40% of Democratic, 74% of Republican and 52% of unenrolled
voters strongly or somewhat oppose the Governor's plan. The poll shows when asked if cutting
state taxes should be a high priority, nearly 43% of Democratic, 49% of Republican and 52% of unenrolled voters believe it should be a high priority. Jobs and the economy remain hot button
issues, in which 96% of Democratic, 90% of Republican and 93% unenrolled voters agree should
be a high priority.

"Clearly this poll shows that voters from all parties want to see our elected leaders support efforts that create more jobs, improve our economy and cut our taxes," stated Paul D. Craney, Executive
Director of Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

"Higher taxes and more state spending don’t seem to be the will of the voters at the moment. Massachusetts continues to rank as one of the least friendly states to do business and the cost of living is high. We need to do more to provide relief for these two
categories,” concluded Craney.

Did Winslow Sunday news on making Ballot push Social Media metrics?

Late Sunday Dan Winslow broke news that he had the signatures to make Ballot. Not all that unexpected but we will track to see if he see's an uptick in Facebook/Twitter activity. Early Monday morning update below and such a boost has yet to be observed.

Gabriel Gomez is walking out his Campaign on Thursday in Newton at the Marriott. Also events for Thursday and Friday look to be announced very soon. Gabriel's Social media lead in activity and growth rates continue.

Michael Sullivan will likely be announcing he has his 10,000 signatures soon also. He has Twitter activists posting their signed sheet pictures late last night on twitter in response to the Winslow news. Oddly the official Draft Sullivan account has been dark for 4 days.

Over at Red Mass Group - Gabriel Gomez is winning their online Poll with Dan Winslow a disappointing third.

Gomez - 1,115
Sullivan - 755
Winslow - 585  Vote here

Updated Stats for today:

Dan Winslow

Facebook - 2,451, +10
Twitter - 2,402, +10

Gabriel Gomez

Facebook - 3,673, +142
Twitter - 1,112, +58

Michael E Sullivan

Facebook - 900, +24
Twitter - 142, +1

I am looking to see who has Google+ pages and related interest activity later in the week.   

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Draft Sullivan on Twitter and Social Media Updates in Mass GOP Sen Race

Michael Sullivan spox says it "will be tough" for  candidate to gather 10k signatures   Not sure if related but the Draft Mike Sullivan account has not tweeted in the past three days.... I am sure though that they will reach the 10,000 signatures needed to get on ballot.

Team Winslow campaign has been making twitter plea's to get more Facebook likes so it appears they are looking to beef up their Social media activty and interest. Trendage has been stagnant but good to see a concerted effort to boost that.

Gabriel Gomez has garnered a lot of coverage of his new Camapign video related to canvassing Boston for Signatures.  His kickoff event is 2/28/13 at the Newton Marriott.

Updated Stats for today:

Dan Winslow

Facebook - 2,441, +13
Twitter - 2,392, +0

Gabriel Gomez

Facebook - 3,531, +129
Twitter - 1,054, +70

Michael E Sullivan

Facebook - 874, +33
Twitter - 141, +4

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mass GOP Candidate Dan Winslow for Open source Govt & Net Neutrality with Democrats

Via Twitter - @DanWinslow Only one candidate for US Senate has record of standing up to Microsoft for a free Internet and open source in govt. 

Do we have a Massachusetts Senate Candidate lining up with liberals the likes of Kerry, Rockefeller, Soros, Franken on Net Neutrality? See Dan Winslow's coy Tweet recently. Note the use of Dem talking point "for a free Internet and open source in govt" Classic liberalese talk - sounds good till you read what the heck they are really up to. > The Future of Government Power Grabs? Our Digital Data Obamacare, gun grabs, net neutrality > Net Neutrality: Obama’s Way of Saying “ShuddupaYourFace!” > Marsha Blackburn calls on repeal of the FCC’s Net Neutrality power grab Beware Dem's & Rino's back at this

More on Winslow referenced "Open Source Government" here:   

Democrats push for open Internet, cybersecurity Beware Liberals and Rino's are back #NetNeutrality #tcot #redstate

Kerry, Rockefeller, Franken, Dem's Fight for Net Neutrality Protections, Open Govt  

Obama Details Open Government's Next Phase Beware RINO's buying into Dem strategy w #netnuetrality 

I am calling on Republican National subject matter experts to Vet this out and Cover this story. We can't continue to push Dem Lite candidates. We need to contrast and differentiate with the Democrat party or we are doomed to lose over and over.