Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gabriel Gomez w lead in Suffolk Polling Bellwether in #MAsen

Gabriel Gomez has a big lead in the Suburban town and is tied in Boston. Polling also notated late breaking momentum to Gomez:

Boston:                Gomez 41% Sullivan 41%

Shrewsbury:         Gomez 48% Sullivan 24%

Dan Winslow is a distant third in both Bellwethers.

Via Suffolk Poling:

Republican Primary

The Republican Primary could be much closer than the Democratic, depending on turnout. Two areas were selected as bellwethers: Boston and Shrewsbury. Dan Winslow is polling third in both bellwethers, suggesting a possible early exit on Tuesday night. In Boston, Sullivan initially led Gomez 38 percent to 34 percent but when “leaners” were added, it became a dead heat at 41 percent each, with late-breaking momentum to Gomez. In Shrewsbury, Gomez led 48 percent to Sullivan’s 24 percent, with Winslow receiving 14 percent.
“This is a key geographical finding, because it suggests that Gomez may be able to withstand Sullivan’s voter strength in big cities like Boston by running up larger margins in suburban areas and small towns like Shrewsbury,” said Paleologos. “Ironically the Winslow voters could swing this primary by rotating en masse to one or the other of the front-runners at the last minute. To be safe, both Gomez and Sullivan may want to have their recount teams ready. The turnout will be low, and so could the margin of victory for either Republican, although Gomez may be slightly better positioned.”

Join Gabriel Gomez in Shrewsbury Sunday at 3:00 - Italian American Victory Club


"Service First" Tour




Bring the whole family for ice cream sundaes!
Pick up a lawn sign & find out how you can make a difference on Primary Day this Tuesday!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Idea to Tax nonvoters is floated; "Apathy" fee proposed by Dan Winslow (R)

Wow just Wow... Mass Senate Candidate Dan Winslow (R) - proposes court ordered mandatory voting, and said his scheme could raise significant amounts of monies, potentially hundreds of millions of dollars if applied statewide. Full Text of Article and quotes below:

Ned Bristol, Boston Globe
June 9, 2005

Exercise your right as an American to vote. Participate in our great democracy. Or else pay an "apathy tax."

That's the choice that residents of Norfolk would face if a proposal championed by one prominent resident is approved.

Daniel B. Winslow, who has been active in town government and served as chief legal counsel to Governor Mitt Romney as well as a district court judge, has called for people who don't vote in the annual town elections to pay higher local fees. The idea is to increase voter turnout and raise revenues.

"The failure to participate in civic life at the local level has costs," he said. "Usually, they're hidden costs. This kind of approach would make those costs apparent."

Winslow's plan, presented informally to selectmen in April, has gotten a generally cool reception.

"I don't see the average citizen of Norfolk viewing it as a great thing. They might think they're being forced to vote," said Ramesh Advani, chairman of the Board of Selectmen.

Advani said selectmen have no plans to pursue the proposal.

Winslow, 47, now in private practice, did draw praise from some for bringing attention to what many see as a decline in civic engagement.

"I think any proposal to increase voter turnout deserves serious consideration," said Senator Brian A. Joyce, a Milton Democrat. Joyce himself has filed legislation to provide for a $25 tax credit for voting in the state's general election and to allow municipalities to offer a $25 tax break for voting in local elections.

But some close observers of state and national voting initiatives see problems with proposals like those made by Winslow and Joyce.

Harvard Law School professor Heather K. Gerken, an election law specialist, said that while she's "wildly in favor of experimentation," Winslow's proposal "has the smell of a poll tax," the illegal requirement that people pay money in order to vote.

She said if the proposal were to become law, "some people might argue it sullies the right to vote. . . . a judge would give it a close look."

Juan Martinez, executive director of MassVOTE, a nonprofit organization that works for increased turnout, said Winslow's plan "brings up a lot of the implications of paying someone to vote." It's a "slippery slope," he said.

Eric Holland, a spokesman for the US Justice Department, said the agency couldn't give a legal opinion on the Winslow and Joyce proposals, but added, "Federal law makes it a crime to pay for a vote. The receipt of anything of value, including a tax incentive, could potentially violate federal law."

Winslow said his proposal is not to pay a person to vote but to create a "disincentive not to vote." His proposal is actually the reverse of a poll tax, encouraging people to vote, rather than trying to bar them, he said.

The idea of offering a financial incentive to vote comes as turnout has declined in national, state, and local elections. This spring's election in Norfolk drew just 15 percent of registered voters.

Winslow said the state has a unique opportunity to take action. He cites Article 61 of the Massachusetts Constitution: "The general court shall have authority to provide for compulsory voting at elections, but the right of secret ballot shall be preserved." No other state has such a provision in its constitution, he said.

Winslow wants the town to submit a home rule petition to the Legislature and then hold a binding referendum on his plan. Under the plan, voters would be given a receipt upon leaving the polls that would entitle them to pay lower fees for such things as dump stickers and burning permits.

The voting requirement would apply only to the regular annual town election. It could double or triple turnout, Winslow said.

"What it could do is validate existing local officials' actions by putting the approval of not 7 or 10 percent of the citizens but 50 or 60 percent of the citizens behind their local government," he said.

He also said it could raise significant amounts of money, potentially hundreds of millions of dollars if applied statewide.

Winslow said he had discussed his idea with a few other municipal officials and the Massachusetts Municipal Association, but so far has found no takers.

Geoffrey Beckwith, executive director of the municipal association, said his organization's policy committee hadn't reviewed Winslow's idea and had no position on it.

Winslow said he was confident his proposal would improve civic life. "Whatever the initial motivation, voting will engage citizens on a broad scale in their local government. People can't help but take an interest in the outcome" of an election they participated in, he said.

Winslow, a third-generation Norfolk resident, is known for advancing original and sometimes radical ideas. He won the Pioneer Institute's Better Government Competition in 1998 for a plan to make the civil justice system more efficient, and he initiated a number of administrative improvements in the state courts.

He also made headlines in the 1990s when, as a Wrentham District Court judge, he proposed putting stickers on vehicles of those convicted of multiple drunken driving offenses to try to shame them.

"I've had some bad ideas along the way," Winslow said. But he added, "Ideas are the means by which we move society forward."

The editors at Freedom Seeker endorse Gabriel Gomez for Senate

     After working with and getting to know Gabriel it is apparent to us he is exactly the kind of 

leader that "We the People" need in the Senate. He is a son of immigrants, a Navy SEAL, 

family man and a successful businessman. Gabriel is preeminently qualified and has the 

experiences needed to bring a much needed outsider's perspective to Washington.

     We are proud to endorse Gabriel Gomez in the fight to take back America. We believe that 

he will defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic 

as our U.S. Senator. Gabriel Gomez is a proven leader in the business community, We need to 

send more citizen candidates like Gabriel Gomez to D.C. that are willing to do what is right.

     We cite Gabriel's Service as a Navy carrier pilot and SEAL “Nobody has done more to 

advance the cause of freedom than Gabriel Gomez.” We have always thought Gabriel Gomez was 

an outstanding candidate and offer our full support and endorsement of his Candidacy.

     We applaud Gabriel Gomez who has been reaching out to minorities in the state's urban areas

like Boston, Lowell, Springfield & Lawrence. This is a brilliant strategy to turn out new Republican voters 

many whom share core conservative values with Republicans. But in many instances no outreach efforts have 

ever been made or were done with bad messaging. Gabriel Gomez is uniquely qualified to expand party outreach, 

critical to helping win a General election campaign in Massachusetts.

     Gabriel has been winning over voters with a tireless campaign highlighting personal interactions and voter outreach. People are sick and tired of outside special interest groups spending money in political attack ads. We believe Gabriel's grassroots efforts are going to pay dividends! We admire his common sense conservative principles and core Republican values. We believe that Gabriel Gomez will go to Washington to serve the people of Massachusetts, protect our Constitution and work hard for common sense solutions to help and restore the United States of America.

Listing of Gun Groups that opposed Mike Sullivan ATF nomination & NRA concerns

Mike Sullivan's documented 2a Problem:

Sullivan's confirmation was opposed by gun rights groups such as the Gun Owners of AmericaCitizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Women Against Gun Control and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

 The NRA expressed its concern over the Mike Sullivan and the ATF's "overly restrictive legal interpretations" and "overly zealous enforcement activities"

Mike Sullivan is also a partner at the Lobby firm Ashcroft - Tested and Trusted?

Candidate Mike Sullivan Ties to Gun Control Lobby & Liberal Joyce Foundation

BREAKING: Sullivan worked for gun trade group to avert suit over his agency’s gun project Career pol, lobbyist

NRA slams for using liberal anti-gun talking points

Friday, April 26, 2013

Gabriel Gomez Central Mass Service First #MAsen Events this weekend

I will be tracking and updating this list and hope to be at all events scheduled. Check out the +Gabriel Gomez Service first tour:

Lets come out and show our support for Gabriel before primary day! 

Saturday, April 27th -- Franklin
The Upton Pub
5 West Central Street
2:30pm - 2:45pm

Saturday, April 27th -- Walpole
Red Wing Diner
2235 Providence Hwy.

Saturday, April 27th -- East Taunton

Eastside Pizza
1 Carswell Street
4pm - 5pm

"Service First" Tour

Gabriel will be making stops across the state on his "Service First" Tour during the final weekend of the primary. 

Join us this Sunday, April 28th:

12:30pm @ The Banner Bar & Grille - Green Street in Worcester
Catch some of the Red Sox game with Gabriel!
Invite your friends on Facebook: Click here

2pm @ Bob's Hot Dog Stand - Rt 12 & 140 in West Boylston
Grab a hot dog with Gabriel!

3pm @ Italian American Victory Club in Shrewsbury
An ice cream social with Gabriel Gomez. Bring the whole family!
Invite your friends on Facebook: Click here

Thursday, April 25, 2013

5 Truths about Dan Winslow - Quoting Dan himself!

1: Dan Winslow (R) loophole tax plan "I'm going beyond what Elizabeth Warren has said"   Dan in his own words tacts left of the Progressive Democrat.

2) Dan Winslow (R) says GOP deserve to lose Senate seat by nominating pro-life candidate   "If we continue to send basically gifts to the democrats in the form of culture wars, for general elections, then the democrats will continue to beat us and we'll deserve to lose," said Winslow in an interview with WCVB TV. "In Massachusetts, a social conservative can not win in June. People can make a point in a primary, but they can't win in June."

3) Dan Winslow (R)“I’m unapologetically pro-choice,” he said. “I’m the only candidate of either party that’s been pro-choice consistently throughout my public life.”   Nothing more to add to that one,

4) Via @TSCPolitics > Dan Winslow said on campaign trail he voted with Democrats 55 percent of the time.  Confirmed by Team Winslow's > Brad Marston >  Dan votes with Democratic Leadership 55% of the time. While that is technically true.... legalese talk and rationalizing said fact followed

5) Red Mass Group: MA House Passes Transgender bill, Dan Winslow only GOPer to vote for Bill Rep. Daniel Winslow (R-Norfolk), was the only House Republican to support the bill.  Also > RT & Indys now say Winslow Yes vote on bathroom bill will kill his chances of needed grassroots.

Rep. Dan Winslow (R-Wrentham) was the only Republican voting for it. Winslow was Gov. Romney's Chief Legal Counsel who in 2004 facilitated "gay marriages" and was subsequently endorsed by the homosexual/transgender lobby when he ran for state representative.

Now leave it to a career politician/Attorney to try and deny the core of what he voted for. Great read on this bill

What kinds of things will we be seeing? Is it still a "bathroom bill"?

We were never thrilled about the term "bathroom bill" because it was just a small part of the entire radical package. And thus, the bill's proponents were able to deflect it at the last minute by simply pulling out that explicit language. But it's still a very radical bill.
The homosexual/transgender lobby is publicly lamenting the removal of the "public accommodations" sections from the final bill. The final bill also removed the language regarding "lawfully sex-segregated facilities." However, this "victory" is illusionary, not to be taken seriously.

Its pretty darn clear and right from Dan Winslow's own mouth that he went further left than Elizabeth Warren on tax loopholes. Said that Pro Life Republicans deserve to lose. That he is the most Pro Choice candidate in either party ( Ed Markey D). He votes 55% of the time with Democrats. He was the only Yes GOP vote on a very radical Transgender bathroom bill.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Same old Story - Sullivan and Winslow are more of the Same

Gabriel Gomez sent out a hard hitting mailer today. Nailing the Winslow/Sullivan career politicians with over 40 years on the political dole. Highlights:

Winslow - 15 year career politician and a max donation supporter of Martha Coakley

Sullivan  - 22 year career politician
             - Praised by Senators Kennedy and Kerry on gun control
             - Discredited out of state special interests supporting his campaign
             - Lobbied for increases in his own salary and pension Benefits

"I look forward to working with him on key issues on gun control."  Senator Ted Kennedy endorsement of Mike Sullivan

Career politicians will give us more of the same. With all the failure in Washington, isn't it time we tried something different?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gabriel Gomez Opens up 6 point lead on Sullivan in #MAsen poll, Winslow distant 3rd

    Likely Republican Primary Voters
    • Gabriel Gomez- 33 percent
    • Michael Sullivan - 27 percent
    • Dan Winslow- 9 percent

+Gabriel Gomez  has a 6 point lead in the latest Massachusetts Republican Senate poll out. On the heels of a dismal fundraising disclosure today, Mike Sullivan finds himself trailing upstart Navy SEAL and Cohasset Businessman Gabriel Gomez 33% to 27%. Mike Sullivan earlier reported that he raised only $174,498 in his FEC reporting filing. Dan Winslow finished a distant third in the poll registering only 9%.

Link to Western New England Polling Institute poll and coverage -  

Gabriel Gomez 2.jpg

10 Days Out - Join Gabriel Gomez at Westborough on Monday


Make a difference on April 30 - find out how to get involved!

Monday, April 22

Meet and Greet:

Join us this Monday in Westborough for a Meet & Greet at Julio's Liquors on Rt. 9,. This is a metrowest regional event, organized by local RTCs. All three GOP candidates for US Senate will be speaking.  The event begins at 7pm and is free & open to the public.

Gomez supporters are asked to come early at 5:30PM to hold signs prior to the event! To RSVP, please email Kayla.

Voter Outreach - Volunteers Needed!

Tuesday, April 23 @ 6pm: We will be making phone calls for Gabriel from 6pm to 8pm in Worcester. These are friendly calls made to likely Gomez voters, to ask for their support and remind them to vote April 30th.
If you are interested in helping out, please email Kayla for more details & to sign up

Election Day 

Tuesday, April 30th: Volunteers are needed to hold signs at polling locations throughout the day on April 30th. We will also be making phone calls out of Gomez HQ (51 Water St, Watertown) to remind supporters to vote.

If you would like to sign up to help on Election Day, please click here to email Kayla

Dan Winslow Raised $244,499 for FEC filing period through 4-10-13

Dan Winslow raised $244,499 and loaned an additional $150,000 to his campaign per FEC records. This surpasses the $174,498 that Mike Sullivan raised but is anticipated to be well short of the figure that Gabriel Gomez will be reporting.

Itemized Individual Contributions$203,776
Unitemized Individual Contributions$24,923
Total Individual Contributions$228,699
Party Committees Contributions$0
Other Committees Contributions$7,300
Candidate Contributions$8,500

Mike Sullivan posts disappointing FEC Fundraising number in #MAsen

Per overnight FEC online filing Massachusetts Senate Candidate Mike Sullivan raised only $174,498 for the period 1-1-13 to 4-10-13. This is well short of the figure that Gabriel Gomez will have raised. Gabriel Gomez had previously announced that they had raised $350-400K two weeks prior to deadline. Dan Winslow has released no fundraising information to date.

Itemized Individual Contributions$128,230
Unitemized Individual Contributions$45,372
Total Individual Contributions$173,603
Party Committees Contributions$0
Other Committees Contributions$600
Candidate Contributions$294

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jim Demint - We can endure if we stand for principle

The Heritage Foundation
Dear Patriot,

This has been a trying week for our nation.

But our nation will endure so long as we the people stand up for our principles -- principles like freedom and limited government.

As our nation recovers from tragedy, we cannot lose sight of other ongoing battles.

Take the Second Amendment. This week, the Senate voted down a liberal-led bill that would have limited our constitutional rights.

Or consider the fight over federal spending. To “fix” the problem, Washington liberals have raised taxes and have plans to raise them even more. And the sequestration spending cuts won't even put a dent into the $16.5 trillion debt.

Meanwhile, unemployment remains high and increased taxes mean families earning $50,000 a year are taking home about $1,000 less in 2013.

We need a solution for the federal budget that doesn't involve more taxes. We need meaningful, strategic reforms that will lead to long-term spending cuts.

The Heritage Foundation has developed a plan to cut $150 billion from the federal budget so we can start limiting government.

Our solution will:
  1. Eliminate waste;
  2. Consolidate overlapping programs; and
  3. Slash unnecessary spending.
Our plan is a first step in limiting the size and scope of the federal government.
Learn more about our plan and how you can get involved.

Thank you for all your support.

Sen. Jim DeMint
The Heritage Foundation