Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Republican State Party looking to call urgent meeting on adding Mark Fisher to primary Ballot

In a late breaking story - Republican's call for a meeting on disputed candidate’s (Mark Fisher) ballot status via The Boston Globe

It appears that the #MAgop rank and file are growing weary of the Chairman Kirsten Hughes play for a long and bitter lawsuit with Conservative challenger Mark Fisher. Fisher had already won a pre-trial victory last week being granted an expedited trial on charges that he had been unjustly omitted from the Primary ballot over a slew of rule violations, misinterpretations and irregularities.... Ballot Access News - Mark Fisher Wins Procedural Victory in His Party Primary Ballot Access Lawsuit   Tea Party's Mark Fisher gets trial date in lawsuit against Massachusetts Republican Party over convention vote

The judge released a 34 page ruling last week that ruled all Mark Fisher allegations had been proven true and moved it to trial. This laid out a framework precedent that does not bode well for the Mass GOP on winning said lawsuit. READ the actual judge ruling here > Mark Fisher-MassGOP Lawsuit Judge rules - Fisher had his 15% - proceeds to trial

Kirsten Hughes decision to prolong the legal fight against Fisher opens up to legal discovery, depositions, criminal and punitive damages. Legal Discovery is set to start on Friday 5/2 and legal depositions later in the month. The names, Kirsten Hughes, Charlie Baker, Ron Kaufman, Bill Palmer have come up as likely to be deposed if this case goes forward.

Mark Fisher also can be awarded punitive damages if he were to win the case. Although Mark Fisher has stated that all he wanted was justice to be served and to be rightly added to the primary ballot in September. But the specter of criminal charges loom as well. Mark Fisher discusses the Judge's decision to raise the case from a civil proceeding to a criminal....

Mark Fisher has played hardball to date and it sure looks like he has a winning hand. Kirsten Hughes has already doubled down on a weak hand. Will she fold or raise the ante? Appears the Republican State committee wants to know the answer to that question too.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Freedom Seeker endorses Mark Alliegro in Mass 9th District for Congress race

The editorial board at Freedom Seekers enthusiastically endorse +Mark Alliegro for U.S. Congress, 9th District of Massachusetts  Mark is clearly the most principled Conservative in the race and will best represent us on reigning in the out of control Liberal Big Government problem in DC. Mark will best represent we the people, fighting for Liberty, repealing Obamacare, advocate of smaller government, energy independence, securing borders and the sanctity of life.  
Today 150+ supporters attended his #MA09 kickoff, a strong showing of his grassroots appeal. There was a large swath of voters in attendance and a heartening groundswell of  ballot signature support for Conservative #MAgov candidate Mark Fisher. Other #MAgop rock stars in attendance were Todd Feinberg, Geoff Diehl, Vinny Demaceda and US Congressional Rep Lamar Smith called in his support.
Earlier this year the 9th Congressional District Republicans battled during first debate And sprung a huge straw poll win in  Help a great candidate on to victory in #MA09!
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What I Stand For
Above all, I believe in government for, by and of the people. I believe in liberty, honesty, a vibrant private sector, an improved standard of living for all citizens, real health care reform and the repeal of Obamacare, reduced government spending, a less intrusive Federal Government, lower taxes, a strong national defense, a competent, effective foreign policy, the 2nd Amendment, secure borders and a rational immigration system, a clean and safe environment, energy independence, educational choice, individual responsibility, and the sanctity of life.
I believe in America and have lived the American Dream. Like you, I want a bright future for my children and all children.
What I Don’t Stand For
A bloated bureaucracy, job-killing regulations and red tape, government by decree, government cover-ups and outright lying to the public, the betrayal of the oath of office, stonewalling, subversion of the legislative process. Misguided programs based upon un-rigorous science or bad judgments that result in waste, job loss and diminished opportunities. And, I oppose the steady erosion of our rights and freedoms by those elitists who think they know best.
During the past few years, we have seen inaction, deception, and missteps all of which weaken us at home and abroad. We give aid and comfort to our enemies, while our military, our allies and our foreign service professionals get little of each. Something is terribly wrong. You feel it, too, don’t you? I want to help fix it.
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Saturday, April 26, 2014

What Mass Republicans should do is stop supporting Liberal Charlie Baker and...

....And start supporting Conservative Mark Fisher who is going to be on the September primary ballot. Stop making excuses for Baker here. He had chance past month to stand up to MassGOP and the Convention vote screw job but chose to do nothing. Heck - his campaign is in so deep with Mass GOP why is ANYONE suprised?

Red Mass Group:: OCPF Complaint Filed This Week Against Hughes and Cunningham, Mass GOP wow - must read #magop #magov Baker/MaGOP illegal linkage, alleged violations

Conservative Mark Fisher (R) versus Left leaning Charlie Baker on the issues #magop >  #magov

Judge's interpretation of Fisher's account appears to lean in favor of the longshot candidate: Valley Dispatch  #MAgov

Conservative @MarkFisher2014 wins decisive ruling against Mass GOP - Court date set #MAgov Stunning defeat for #MAgop

Charlie Baker (R) Platform: Pro Abortion, Gay Marriage, Gun Control, Climate Change, Quinn/Bathroom Bill, Raise Minimum wage. Vote NO #MAgop

RT @markfisher2014: Mark Fisher 2014 "I am a full-platform, no excuses necessary, loyal & proud Republican... #magop

Charlie Baker's Platform  Pro Choice Abortion. Video - Slams Social Conservatives & Republican base #magop #tcot #2014

If we Republicans can't rally around a Conservative like Mark Fisher - and allow Mass Establishment and frankly Rob Eno of Red Mass Group to promote Liberal candidates like Charlie Baker what do we STAND for? Imagine in #2014 Red Mass Group is sitting at the establishment table and actively working against the Conservative candidate and trying best to ignore the Convention disaster story, Not cover Fisher campaign and not vet the Baker trainwreck stance on the issues? Wow

Unity? Really - on these terms I refuse to wave the white flag and surrender. Here is copy of Fisher legal victory ruling in court. He got his 15%. Court date June 18th. Lets take a principled stand. Right here, Right now.

@MarkFisher2014 - #MaGOP Lawsuit Judge rules all Fisher allegations proven TRUE - Fisher HAD his 15%

Lets contrast Baker and Fisher on a few issues

RT @markfisher2014 I oppose hiking the minimum wage, unlike Charlie Baker. #magop @MassFiscal @Robeno

RT @markfisher2014: I proudly support #2A!  Charlie Baker supports gun control  #magov #magop

Conservative Mark Fisher (R) versus Left leaning Charlie Baker on the issues #magop >  #magov

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mark Fisher wins decisive ruling against Mass GOP - Court date set

In a stunning denial, the Mass GOP motion to dismiss the Mark Fisher case was not only denied but the judge ruled that all of Fisher's allegations had been proven true. The judge ruled that Mark Fisher had indeed received the 15% vote required to be put on the Republican primary ballot. He sited a litany of reasons that Mark Fisher met the 15% threshold - with the major thrust being that blank votes should NOT be counted Citing party rules, Roberts rules, Party & Rules officials own comments  - From the courts ruling referenced below:

The Defendants (Mass GOP, Kirsten Hughes, Robert Cunningham) seek outright dismissal of this case without a trial or other proceedings. They bear a heavy burden at this stage, because all the unproven factual allegations of the plaintiff's (Mark Fisher) complaint are assumed to be true, including the following:

* Rule 6.1 entitles a candidate to run in the party's gubernatorial primary if he receives 15% of the convention vote.

*The plaintiff, Mark Fisher received 15% of the vote, excluding blanks.

*The rules incorporate Roberts Rules, which exclude blanks from the count of "votes".

*The defendant party officials and Party Rules Committee chair stated before and after the convention that blanks do not count as votes.

*The tally sheets used at the convention stated that blanks are for delegates who are not present and thus not entitled to cast a "vote" under the Rules.

*Fisher received 15% of the convention vote, even counting the 10 blanks that were announced at the convention as a whole. The results announced to the delegates gave Fisher 15.15% of the vote.

*Fisher received 15% of the convention vote, if one only counts blanks that were legitimately cast as such under the Rules.

*Fisher's opponents claimed to discover 52 new blanks in the tally room after announcements of the orally tallied vote to the full convention.

*After all tally sheets were handed in, the defendant officials reversed their previous position that blanks do not count. Combined with the 52 new blanks, that switch was enough to defeat Fishers right to appear as a candidate on the Republican Primary ballot

*Before the convention adjourned, Fishers representatives did not know the facts concerning those new blanks and were informed of party officials' contention that Fisher had failed to obtain 15% of the vote

* Fisher's campaign did not have an opportunity to avail itself of intra-party remedies until after the convention closed, making those remedies unavailable.

Thus the courts ruling today was the Plaintiffs (Fisher) charges against the Mass GOP were proven true and motion to move to trial granted. This is a stunning pre-trial defeat for the Mass GOP and sets the stage for a September Primary. Discovery motions will commence on May 2nd and related depositions will follow later in May. The court date is scheduled on June 18th.

A prudent outcome here based on the scathing court decision against the Mass GOP would be for Kirsten Hughes and the State party to settle and certify Mark Fisher for the September primary he rightfully is entitled to.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mark Fisher's lawsuit against the MassGOP wins expedited trial status

Breaking News in the Mark Fisher lawsuit against the Mass GOP is in. Conservative Republican Mark Fisher has been granted an expedited trial. The judge has fast tracked the trial, which could start as early as next week.

Suffolk Superior Court Justice Douglas H. Wilkins also said said that Fisher is free to continue to collect signatures on his nomination papers while the case is continued. Nomination papers with 10,000 signatures must be turned in by May 6th.  This is a setback for the Plaintiffs, Kirsten Hughes, Rob Cunningham and the MASS GOP who now face full discovery, depositions and related media reporting's and party member scrutiny. 

Read some of the issues the Mass GOP must answer to at the trial here. > Letter from the Mark Fisher Attorney to regarding the events of March 22.

Mark Fisher also broke news via Twitter that he already has 10,000+ raw signatures and should have another 5,000 to insure meeting ballot requirements.  RT @markfisher2014: Send in your signatures. We now have 10,003 raw signature in hand and are just 5,000 away (from goal)

If Mark Fisher prevails as indicated here >  Rules Committee Chair (a Baker supporter) says Conservative Mark Fisher should Be on Ballot. There will be a primary battle between the Conservative Republican candidate Fisher and the more Liberal Leaning Charlie Baker in September. Something the Establishment State Party machine so desperately was apparently overzealous to avoid. Karma is a Bitch.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Conservative Mark Fisher poised to make noise in September Mass GOP primary for Governor

The Mass GOP's plan for anointing Charlie Baker as their Governor nominee via "backroom politics" and machine party top down intimidation tactics has run into a problem. Mark Fisher

The Teaparty Conservative alternative to the status quo liberal candidate Baker, Mark Fisher has sued the Mass GOP over a Convention vote that didn't follow its own rules, lacked transparency and reeked of "back room politics".  The case has been continued twice and Mark Fisher is poised for a stunning legal victory that would force a September primary with Charlie Baker. Baker's Pro abortion, Pro gay marriage, Climate change, Pro gun control, raising minimum wages and a plethora of other liberal positions could be in trouble and exposed in a vetted Republican primary. A good read on the legal woes the Mass GOP face can be read here, Letter by Fisher's Attorney, Thomas Harvey, to MassGOP that was revealed in Open Court

Probably why Baker has sidestepped any formal debates with the Conservative challenger Mark Fisher to date. Good read on that here,  MA Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Fisher Challenges Baker to Debate Baker hides... That will change when Fisher wins pending litigation and is officially put on the ballot... 

Mass Republican Party Rules Committee Chair (a Baker supporter) says that Mark Fisher should Be on Ballot. The judge in the case has honed in on this analysis, and related Roberts rules. All not good news for Team Baker and plaintiffs Mass GOP, Kirsten Hughes and Rob Cunningham. 

In a breaking development Mark Fisher announced today that he already has the 10,000 raw signatures needed to be placed on the ballot. He is shooting to have an additional 5,000 more signatures by deadline to insure he makes official threshold.

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Not so fast Charlie - Mark Fisher is not going away. Warning - Objects in the rearview mirror are closer than they appear...