Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#MAgov candidate Mark Fisher at Goal Rally supporting #2a versus ever absent Charlie Baker

Conservative Republican Mark Fisher again showed his support for the Constitution and Second amendment rights by attending today's GOAL #2a Rally. Gun rights activists from across the state took to the State House to protest yet more draconian and sweeping gun control measures being pushed by Speaker DeLeo and the Democrat caucus. Mark Fisher has taken a hard line in support of law abiding gun owners. Regarding the DeLeo Bill candidate Mark Fisher said he wouldn’t sign it and opposes additional gun control measures in the state.

That is a strict contrast to the Liberal Establishment choice Charlie Baker who is on record as supportive of current gun control laws. Charlie Baker (R) "I think Ma has some of the toughest gun laws in nation, which I don’t have a problem with"  Charlie Baker proudly favors the existing gun laws in Mass, which include an assault weapons ban. Bolstering his Progressive position on gun control Baker has spoken kindly of the sweeping DeLeo gun control Bill.  Charlie Baker again very supportive of Dem's & DeLeo Gun Control Bill said "I give the Speaker enormous credit"   Baker speaking glowingly on Deleo's Gun Control Bill also commented "Having looked through it, there's a bunch of things in it I can support"

Charlie Baker lurches left and now lines up w Dem Martha Coakley as both spoke positively about Deleo's Gun Control Bill That leaves Mark Fisher as the only only Pro candidate and is surging in popularity in the Republican ranks as Charlie Baker appeases and assimilates the left pandering for Liberal love. The #MAgop primary is in September and the Eric Cantor defeat in Virginia could be a signal that Charlie Baker could face a similar upset if he continues to overlook the Republican base.

March Fisher attended today's GOAL rally with hundreds of Gun activists, voters and a cross section of irate taxpayers, voters, citizens. In attendance also were the following Pro #2a Republicans: Leah Cole, Marc Lombardo, Geoff Diehl, Shaunna OcConnell, Ryan Fattman, Kevin Kuros, George Peterson, Karen Anderson and Keiko Orrall.

Charlie Baker and his team of Ted Kennedy era advisor's decided to stay away from the event, looking to foster his Liberal brand in the Bay State. Political Cowardice? Brilliant move? Not a day goes by that Charlie Baker angers yet another Registered Republican with his "New England Republican" coming out party panderings.. September is a long way away and he faces a very real threat of being upset by the upstart principled Republican Mark Fisher. Ask Eric Cantor how that works Chuck.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Charlie Baker lays out his Liberal agenda at #MAgop Forum and Mark Fisher boldy contrasted

Charlie Baker is infamous for running in 2010 self described as left of Obama on Social Issues. Brushing off his 2010 defeat, Charlie Baker showed up today to show off his 2014 Liberal chops. With his Social progressive stances pro abortion and gay marriage intact Charlie has flip flopped on a variety of issues to Dem friendly positions for his 2014 campaign. Teaparty Conservative Mark Fisher was quick to contrast and offer Conservative, Republican solutions at today's forum in Boston. Charlie Baker is already on thin ice with Republican voters over his anti #2a pro gun control platform, including AWB ban. Baker has recently doubled down on this by backing yet more Democrat Gun Control and supporting the sweeping DeLeo gun control bill. Mark Fisher is proudly Pro #2a and strongly opposed to the DeLeo bill and a boldly contrasts on this issue.

Charlie Baker has flip flopped to the left on the following issues in 2014: Raising minimum wages, Climate Change, Green Budget spending, Income inequality, Casino's, and the South Rail and Cape Wind. At today's Forum Mark Fisher was quick to boldly call out Baker's Liberal positions and highlighted his Free Market Healthcare views versus Charlie Baker's Pro Romneycare and Socialized Healthcare is a right position. Mark Fisher also came out strong Anti Casino and Anti the Climate change left wing agenda that Charlie Baker enthusiastically embraced at the forum.

Charlie Baker also caught himself defending his Democrat position of raising the minimum wage today, Mark Fisher again took the side of free markets. Study Shows Increased Minimum Wage's Destructiveness To Poor   Raising minimum wage is sure bet to create more jobless young Americans   Raising minimum Wage Hike Hurts Minorities & Youth Job Chances is the only candidate that opposes raising it. Charlie Baker again sides with all the Democrat candidates for raising it in face of compelling research otherwise. 

Charlie Baker is playing with fire here running openly as a Democrat in a Republican Primary, even in Massachusetts. Mark Fisher has all summer to highlight just how Liberal Charlie Baker is on a full spectrum of issues. He will have to fight off the entrenched Establishment blanket attacks that "Fisher can't win" (Note Baker already lost in 2010). Or "Fisher is extreme" (Note Republican Gov's won in Blue States of Wisc, NJ and NM) or "What has Fisher done for Party candidates over the years" Crony politics etc... The same party bosses that said Fisher wouldn't make the primary ballot were dead wrong and they are sitting on a keg of dynamite tacking further left and trying to stifle, eliminate true Republican options for the voters.

Baker's all in on DeLeo's sweeping gun control bill last week might have been his kicking the sleeping dog moment. And Mark Fisher has awakened, building a coalition of opposition and shown a bulldog propensity to not back down and boldly challenge status quo politics. Not making any friends at the top of the party may pay dividends for Fisher over the summer with the actual voters who will get to vote in the September Primary!