Saturday, February 27, 2016

Trump: I like the Obamacare MANDATE - #NeverTrump

"So I’m very liberal when it comes to healthcare. I believe in universal healthcare" Donald Trump 

Trump straight up praised Single Payer at earlier debates...

This guy is a walking Democrat talking point, flip flopping Jersey Con man. You been Trumped

Nothing Conservative here - Nothing!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

NIGHT RANGER Back in the Studio

NIGHT RANGER Back in the Studio: The music keeps on coming for 2016 - now NIGHT RANGER have confirmed they are back in the studio... You can still Rock in America!

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Town Hall | Marco Rubio's 30 minute TV ad is out in Iowa

Rubio looking to close the Gap on Trump and Rubio in Iowa, and knock Jeb! Bush, Santorum, Huckabee, Fiorina, Carson, Kasich and Christie effectively out of the race in Iowa...

Breaking: in the latest Seltzer Poll > Rubio has pulled up into a strong Third place position and is now at 35% First and Second choice going into the Monday Caucus. This gives Marco plenty of upside to move up and surprise. Stay tuned!

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The Trump Super PAC TV Ad is out!

Donald in his own words. TV Ad set to air EVERYWHERE!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Trump: "This is a very Un-Republican thing of me to say"

Donald Trump speaks - and it all has a common denominator. Donald Trump has a very liberal core and very strong Clinton leanings. It's time for the 70% to repudiate the 30% in the Republican primary.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Marco Rubio Super Pac new ad out in early states

When Marco Rubio was taking on the Establishment and defeating Charlie Crist, it was Donald Trump that donated to and supported Dem turncoat Charlie Crist. Trump also donated to Harry Reid and Arlen Specter over Teaparty candidates in 2010. While Rubio was fighting Obamacare, Cap & Trade, Bailouts, Trump was backing the liberal agenda, bailouts and Single Payer while supporting hardcore Democrats like Pelosi, Rangel, Nelson, Sharpton, Menendez, Emanuel and Wiener.

What does it matter? Trump in 2015 is backing Government Paid Universal Healthcare and supports Health Insurance bailouts. Meanwhile Rubio fought and struck down those bailouts. It's time to strike down the NY Liberal Trump and his Crony Democrat agenda.


* Marco Rubio Looks to End Obamacare's Insurance Bailouts Saved taxpayers $2.5B

* Rubio budget win is dealing heavy blow to ObamaCare Stopped bailouts

* Trump Backs Taxpayer Bailouts for Health Insurance Companies

* Trump supported auto bailouts in 2008

* Marco Rubio Didn't 'Kill' Obamacare, But Here's How He Undermined It

* Rubio criticizes $85 billion auto bailout Rubio opposed back in 2009.

* Trump Endorses Universal Healthcare, "The Government's Gonna Pay For It"

* Marco Rubio : ObamaCare can't be fixed, it must be repealed & replaced. Here's my plan.