Thursday, February 7, 2013

Karl Rove is full of crap on Todd Akin

Karl Rove is lashing out at Conservatives and flat out resorting to making things up now.
Recently Rove said on Fox News "It’s amazing to me that people think Todd Akin is the best we could ha’ve come up with."  

Great summary via the Senate Conservatives Fund highlighting Rove's bullshittery!

1) Conservative groups did not support Todd Akin in the primary. In fact, Todd Akin was SCF's least favorite candidate. We made this known publicly during the primary, telling POLITICO that Akin was the "the weakest candidate in the field..."

2) Most conservative voters in Missouri did not support Todd Akin in the primary. In fact, Todd Akin only received 36% of the vote, but won because it was a three-way contest with no run-off election. So it's inaccurate to blame the conservative base for Akin's nomination when 64% voted against him.

3) The Republican establishment was largely responsible for Todd Akin's victory because they supported a third candidate, which split the vote and lowered the hurdle Akin had to jump over to win the race. If the establishment — in all their wisdom — had stayed out of the race, Sarah Steelman would have won the primary and defeated Claire McCaskill (D-MO). Read this excerpt from an October 18, 2012 story in POLITICO.

As Karl Rove has declared war on the Teaparty and Conservatives look for more deceptions and miss truths coming from Karl Rove. It's been a decade since Karl Rove has won anything, and he and his Establishment GOP insiders have just committed political suicide.... So look for it to get real ugly.

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