Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mark Fisher wins decisive ruling against Mass GOP - Court date set

In a stunning denial, the Mass GOP motion to dismiss the Mark Fisher case was not only denied but the judge ruled that all of Fisher's allegations had been proven true. The judge ruled that Mark Fisher had indeed received the 15% vote required to be put on the Republican primary ballot. He sited a litany of reasons that Mark Fisher met the 15% threshold - with the major thrust being that blank votes should NOT be counted Citing party rules, Roberts rules, Party & Rules officials own comments  - From the courts ruling referenced below:

The Defendants (Mass GOP, Kirsten Hughes, Robert Cunningham) seek outright dismissal of this case without a trial or other proceedings. They bear a heavy burden at this stage, because all the unproven factual allegations of the plaintiff's (Mark Fisher) complaint are assumed to be true, including the following:

* Rule 6.1 entitles a candidate to run in the party's gubernatorial primary if he receives 15% of the convention vote.

*The plaintiff, Mark Fisher received 15% of the vote, excluding blanks.

*The rules incorporate Roberts Rules, which exclude blanks from the count of "votes".

*The defendant party officials and Party Rules Committee chair stated before and after the convention that blanks do not count as votes.

*The tally sheets used at the convention stated that blanks are for delegates who are not present and thus not entitled to cast a "vote" under the Rules.

*Fisher received 15% of the convention vote, even counting the 10 blanks that were announced at the convention as a whole. The results announced to the delegates gave Fisher 15.15% of the vote.

*Fisher received 15% of the convention vote, if one only counts blanks that were legitimately cast as such under the Rules.

*Fisher's opponents claimed to discover 52 new blanks in the tally room after announcements of the orally tallied vote to the full convention.

*After all tally sheets were handed in, the defendant officials reversed their previous position that blanks do not count. Combined with the 52 new blanks, that switch was enough to defeat Fishers right to appear as a candidate on the Republican Primary ballot

*Before the convention adjourned, Fishers representatives did not know the facts concerning those new blanks and were informed of party officials' contention that Fisher had failed to obtain 15% of the vote

* Fisher's campaign did not have an opportunity to avail itself of intra-party remedies until after the convention closed, making those remedies unavailable.

Thus the courts ruling today was the Plaintiffs (Fisher) charges against the Mass GOP were proven true and motion to move to trial granted. This is a stunning pre-trial defeat for the Mass GOP and sets the stage for a September Primary. Discovery motions will commence on May 2nd and related depositions will follow later in May. The court date is scheduled on June 18th.

A prudent outcome here based on the scathing court decision against the Mass GOP would be for Kirsten Hughes and the State party to settle and certify Mark Fisher for the September primary he rightfully is entitled to.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mark Fisher's lawsuit against the MassGOP wins expedited trial status

Breaking News in the Mark Fisher lawsuit against the Mass GOP is in. Conservative Republican Mark Fisher has been granted an expedited trial. The judge has fast tracked the trial, which could start as early as next week.

Suffolk Superior Court Justice Douglas H. Wilkins also said said that Fisher is free to continue to collect signatures on his nomination papers while the case is continued. Nomination papers with 10,000 signatures must be turned in by May 6th.  This is a setback for the Plaintiffs, Kirsten Hughes, Rob Cunningham and the MASS GOP who now face full discovery, depositions and related media reporting's and party member scrutiny. 

Read some of the issues the Mass GOP must answer to at the trial here. > Letter from the Mark Fisher Attorney to regarding the events of March 22.

Mark Fisher also broke news via Twitter that he already has 10,000+ raw signatures and should have another 5,000 to insure meeting ballot requirements.  RT @markfisher2014: Send in your signatures. We now have 10,003 raw signature in hand and are just 5,000 away (from goal)

If Mark Fisher prevails as indicated here >  Rules Committee Chair (a Baker supporter) says Conservative Mark Fisher should Be on Ballot. There will be a primary battle between the Conservative Republican candidate Fisher and the more Liberal Leaning Charlie Baker in September. Something the Establishment State Party machine so desperately was apparently overzealous to avoid. Karma is a Bitch.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Conservative Mark Fisher poised to make noise in September Mass GOP primary for Governor

The Mass GOP's plan for anointing Charlie Baker as their Governor nominee via "backroom politics" and machine party top down intimidation tactics has run into a problem. Mark Fisher

The Teaparty Conservative alternative to the status quo liberal candidate Baker, Mark Fisher has sued the Mass GOP over a Convention vote that didn't follow its own rules, lacked transparency and reeked of "back room politics".  The case has been continued twice and Mark Fisher is poised for a stunning legal victory that would force a September primary with Charlie Baker. Baker's Pro abortion, Pro gay marriage, Climate change, Pro gun control, raising minimum wages and a plethora of other liberal positions could be in trouble and exposed in a vetted Republican primary. A good read on the legal woes the Mass GOP face can be read here, Letter by Fisher's Attorney, Thomas Harvey, to MassGOP that was revealed in Open Court

Probably why Baker has sidestepped any formal debates with the Conservative challenger Mark Fisher to date. Good read on that here,  MA Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Fisher Challenges Baker to Debate Baker hides... That will change when Fisher wins pending litigation and is officially put on the ballot... 

Mass Republican Party Rules Committee Chair (a Baker supporter) says that Mark Fisher should Be on Ballot. The judge in the case has honed in on this analysis, and related Roberts rules. All not good news for Team Baker and plaintiffs Mass GOP, Kirsten Hughes and Rob Cunningham. 

In a breaking development Mark Fisher announced today that he already has the 10,000 raw signatures needed to be placed on the ballot. He is shooting to have an additional 5,000 more signatures by deadline to insure he makes official threshold.

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Not so fast Charlie - Mark Fisher is not going away. Warning - Objects in the rearview mirror are closer than they appear...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Freedom Seeker endorses Mark Fisher in Massachusetts GOP primary for Governor

The editorial Board at Freedom Seeker has enthusiastically endorsed Mark Fisher for the Massachusetts GOP primary nomination. In reviewing Mark's platform side by side with Charlie Baker it is very clear that Mark Fisher is the Conservative choice for Governor. Fisher is running as a full spectrum unapologetic Republican, refreshing in a state that meekly runs left leaning GOP candidates looking to appease and assimilate the liberal Democrats. 

Mark Fisher will work to hold failed liberal politicians and government accountable. Mark is also the only candidate to sign the no new taxes pledge. Other area's Mark Fisher will look to address are out of control Welfare, EBT fraud and entitlement abuses. Under a Fisher administration Illegal immigrants will be illegal. The automatic gas tax hikes and never ending Mass tolls will be eliminated. It is time to take on State one party liberal rule and install proven Conservative solutions. 

Mark Fisher will restore integrity in our Government by keeping promises that have been broken over and over again. Mark can take his small business skillset to Beacon Hill, where he will be a champion for life, small government, and lower taxes. Mark is not afraid to stand up to the Boston establishment and will help stop the Obamacare trainwreck, cut spending, and get government out of the people's way. Mark Fisher is an extraordinary candidate. He's principled, passionate, and has the courage needed to tackle the mess created by decades of liberal one party rule.  

The editorial board thinks Charlie Baker is a nice guy, but is better suited to be the nominee of the Democrat party. Charlie is self admittedly left of Barrack Obama on Social Issues, Pro Gay marriage, Pro transgender bathroom bill, Pro Abortion, Pro Gun Control, Climate Change, raising minimum wages, Pro casino's, Pro Unions/Quinn bill, weak on Big Dig defense on and on. Mark Fisher is the clear cut choice for our Republican candidate endorsement.

Link to the Mark Fisher website:

Mark Fisher will restore integrity in our Government by keeping promises that have been broken again and again.

Mark Fisher will restore integrity in our Government by keeping promises that have been broken again and again.
Mark Fisher will restore integrity in our Government by keeping promises that have been broken again and again.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

When GOP MSM media gets questioned in Mass - they attack and slander Conservative activist

Case in point - Ex 96.9 WTKK Talk Host Michael Graham who now has a part time AM radio gig and is a part time writer for the Boston Herald. If you have caught his schtick - he loves to attack some Mass Rino's yet turns around and endorses his sanctioned Mass Rino's then gets all worked up when he gets called out on it.

Graham loves to 24/7 bash former #MAsen Primary winner Gabriel Gomez (Pro Life) but doesn't like to talk to the fact he actually endorsed Liberal Republican Dan Winslow in said #MAsen race. His epic endorsement of Winslow on 2/6/13 on his blog lives on in infamy > "All I can say at this point is “Run, Dan Winslow, run!" So we have Graham on record backing Pro Abortion, Pro Gay Marriage, Pro Transgender Bathroom bill, Dan Winslow who had a documented 55% Dem voting record. Hypocrite much Graham?

Move forward to 2014 and Graham is still piling on ex Senate Candidate Gabriel Gomez (deservedly so on #2a flip flop) The only problem is Graham is again fan boying for another Mass Liberal Republican for Governor - Charlie Baker. And once again its crickets from Michael Graham. No vetting his Rino's allowed? What? Baker is on record as left of Obama on Social issues. Is Pro liberal gun control and Assault Weapon Bans. Has backed Unions on Quinn Bill, details and Prop 2 1/2. And all in for Transgender Bathroom Bill, Pro gay marriage and a history of being soft, unable to back up his Big Dig record - see 2010.

So when I confronted him on hypocrisy and lack of consistent vetting, we get nothing but insults and smear attempts. His vile response looked like this - "the problem in isn't hacks like , it's "for-sale" political hookers like who back them" Really? The only person getting paid here is you Michael Graham.  I also spent 2013 supporting Rick Green for Chair, Leah Cole, David Steinhof, Carol Claros & candidates Nationally tirelessly. Upon further review its Michael Graham who is part of the problem endorsing Liberal moderates like Dan Winslow, Charlie Baker and trying to silence those questioning his double standards.

Well Mr Graham - go pound sand. Your bully tactics not working here. I'm just going to shine the spotlight more on your buddies... Guess the old school media guys can't take the heat. But that's ok, they are going the way of the dodo bird. Extincted!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Support Ted Cruz and his Jobs Growth & Freedom Fund

We need to REPEAL Obamacare and Support true Conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Check out the latest update from the Cruz backed Jobs Growth & Freedom Fund below!


It seemed like a simple promise. "If you like your health care, you can keep it. Period."
President Obama would not have been able to pass Obamacare without guaranteeing Americans they could keep their health insurance.

Now, we all know that promise just isn't true.  

The President’s broken promise has left millions of American families without health insurance. Experts are predicting millions more will suffer the same fate over the next year.

The best way to expand access is to increase choices and drive down costs.

We need to increase competition and let people purchase health insurance across state lines, among other reforms.

That will empower consumers, not Washington bureaucrats. 

Please watch this new video about President Obama's broken promise and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and by forwarding this email
Amazingly, as Americans are separated from their doctors and the Obamacare website crashes, many Democrats are still fighting to keep the law.  

The New Hampshire Union Leader's editorial board said it best this week: "The Titanic is sinking and they are praising its craftsmanship."

President Obama responded to his broken promise with yet another promise to "fix it." 
But the truth is the only way to "fix" Obamacare is to repeal it and start over.  

So we need to continue listening to families, small business owners and health care professionals outside of Washington who believe we should repeal Obamacare. 

Please share our new video and post your story here about how Obamacare is hurting you and your family. 

Working together, we can make DC listen.
All the best,
Ted Cruz
Honorary Chairman, Jobs Growth & Freedom Fund 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Breaking Bad - Mitch McConnell resorts to political thuggery against Conservatives

Matt Bevin

Dear Friend,

Things have reached a fever pitch here in Kentucky.

You see, in just the last week, Mitch McConnell has descended to a level of political thuggery and bullying that remind me of the Obama campaign’s Chicago-style playbook.

It is also reminiscent of the popular TV series, Breaking Bad, which chronicles the descent of an average science teacher into an evil, drug dealing, crime boss --- in the words of the show’s creator, “turning Mr. Chips into Scarface.”

Well, Mitch McConnell is certainly Breaking Bad.

He’s announced his intention to use the full power of the Republican party apparatus and DC establishment to destroy conservative groups – like Madison Project and Senate Conservatives Fund - who dare to stand with me.

This recent article from National Review says it all:

“Some Republicans in Kentucky who flirted with working for Matt Bevin, were told by the McConnell allies that they would get the ‘death penalty.’ Another frequent warning: ‘Mitch McConnell doesn’t take prisoners’ and McConnell’s team ‘shoots the wounded on the battlefield as a matter of course...”

If only McConnell showed the same vigor when it came to fighting Obama and the Democrats.

Instead, he’s declaring war on you and me.

Friend, if Mitch McConnell wants to make this race a proxy war between the “DC establishment” and conservative grassroots...


He already called us “fringe,” labeled us “traitors,” and squandered our golden opportunity to defund Obamacare by undermining Ted Cruz and Mike Lee’s fight in the Senate.

That’s why it’s so important that I hear from you.

I need your support this very minute.

Can I count on you to help me combat McConnell’s Obama-style attacks and put an end to his days of cutting deals, ignoring the Constitution, betraying conservatives, and lining the pockets of his corporatist DC pals?

I can’t go up against McConnell and the DC elite by myself. I need an army of grassroots conservatives willing to answer the call.

And I’ll make this promise to you today. I will work day and night – with every fiber of my being to win this race. It’s just too important for the future of our country not to.

Will you stand with me again today by making a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more?

Make no mistake, Mitch McConnell is resorting to dirty attacks because he’s desperate – he knows he’s in trouble and that you and I are within striking distance of winning this race.

If we don’t respond immediately and forcefully, then McConnell may succeed in his threat to silence conservatives...

So please act now!

Thank you,
Matt Bevin
Matt Bevin

P.S. McConnell has declared war on conservatives and is resorting to Breaking Bad levels of thuggery, threats, and political bullying. I need your help to fight back. Please stand with me with a urgently-needed contribution of $25, $50, $100, or more today.