Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jericho fans start sending Nuts again, this time Nutting Netflix to get Season 3 deal finalized

Jericho fans start sending Nuts again, this time Nutting Netflix to get Season 3 deal finalized

Nuts R uS! Jericho fans all in for more Jericho!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jericho fans go Nuts for more Jericho - Targeting Netflix & Lennie James Update

Jericho Fans Place Netflix Wake Up Call - Nutty Fans Shell Netflix For Season 3 Deal. With a rumored deal for Jericho Season 3 on Netflix, Jericho fans start another round of nutty shelling to revive the Cult classic show. Thousands of pounds of Nuts are on the way to Netflix CEO Reed Harrison who is considering making a blockbuster deal with CBS for Jericho rights. 

Press Release:

Nutty Fans Shell Netflix For Season 3 Deal | PRLog

Viral Jericho Fan website and launching point to order Nuts and get updates on Ongoing efforts to help "facilitate" a deal with Netflix for Season 3.  

Lennie James aka Hawkins is 'definitely interested' in a  'Jericho' revival on Netflix.  Lennie is returning to 'TheWalking Dead" and a Jericho reunion could be in the works.

And remember - Nuts R uS! 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Romney calls on Conservatives to show Team Obama we are ready to push back.

"If the president is going to have his people coming to my rallies and heckling, we'll show them that we Conservatives have the same kind of capacity he does," Mitt Romney 5/31/2012

 David Axelrod gets that now:

 Romney Supporters drown out David Axelrod at Boston press conference     
 Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod heckled in Boston by Romney Supporters      

Monday, April 23, 2012

Obama could be in trouble fundraising - Romney closing the 2008 Gap

Obama's fundraising dominance in 2008 could be in rocky shape versus Mitt Romney this go round. Romney is an accomplished fundraiser, aggressive and well connected in the Financial Communities.  Obama's 4 to 1 edge on McCain in 2008 is just not happening in 2012.

 Romney and the RNC set fundraising goal of $800 million This is a lofty goal but the plan is for the RNC to raise for the ground game and Romney's SuperPac Restore our Future coupled with  American Crossroads to raise the major AD Dollars.  The Crossroads groups: $100 million raised so far this cycle  Romney SuperPac Restore Our Future has an $8.7 million March haul –  In another sign that does not bode well for Obama in 2012: Pro-Romney Super-Pac out raises Obama group 3-1 

Introducing 'Romney Victory' Romney starts General Fundraising.  Romney has already raised joint General Money w RNC at Florida and NC fundraisers. Romney: Two days, six fundraisers in New York Metro  Romney starts a Significant General Election Victory Fund push this week in the Northeast.  Another shift versus 2008 is the RNC has more cash on hand $32m than the DNC $21M now - See chart below.

While the Primary extracted Cash from the Romney campaign, you can see a plan emerging with the RNC, SuperPac's and Romney Campaign to raise significantly more money than the anemic amount McCain raised in 2008.  There are signs Obama fundraising will fall well short of his $1 Billion goal.  Obama Fundraising Continues to Drop, Down 38% Compared to 2008  RNC has raised more than $110 million over the past 15 months - more cash on hand than DNC  And Romney super PAC pummeled Obama's in March  Wall Street Turns to Romney, not backing Obama is the trend 

Will Obama out raise Romney? Probably, but do not expect a very big disparity - Toto it's not 2007 anymore.  Obama’s money woes? - Reality is setting In Obama is not going to raise his $1B goal    Another good read that supports my optimism Obama Might be out-fundraised here >

Romney versus Obama Combined Fundraising Chart:

Mitt Romney 2012 March Totals Cash
Romney Campaign   12,600,000    87,000,000    10,100,000
Romney PAC - Restore our Future     8,700,000    51,000,000      6,454,000
RNC Victory   13,700,000    32,000,000
Crossroads   17,000,000  100,000,000    24,400,000
Total   52,000,000  238,000,000
Obama 2012 March Totals Cash
Obama Campaign   35,000,000  207,783,000  104,000,000
DNC   15,400,000    21,200,000
Obama Pac - Priorities USA     2,500,000      4,600,000      5,000,000
Total   52,900,000  212,383,000  130,200,000

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Newt & Obama - Positions side by side - same on a lot of issues

Look at this Mitt Romney ad running in New Hampsire and South Carolina which shows a side-by-side comparison of Gingrich and Obama. Issue after issue show a lot in common.  You can add they are  the same on Dept of Education and policies - See Sharpton, Newt pro Obama tours here >>>   Newt on Education Tour with Al Sharpton and Arnie Duncan promoting Obama's policies: and here >>>  Newt Gingrich Al Sharpton Education Tour   
And another thing Newt has in common with Obama? Both opposed to bold entitlement reforms. Newt, like Obama rejected the Paul Ryan plan that Mitt Romney fully endorses. And another issue Obama and Newt share - Big Government distaste for Free Enterprise and Capitalism. See the recent class warfare attacks launched by the DNC and Newt Gingrich against Mitt Romney & Bain Capital. 
And remember both Obama and Newt backed the Candidates against the Teaparty backed Coservative Doug Hoffman in the 2009 NY23 race.  With friends like Newt, Who needs the left?