Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Man up Newt - The Truth hurts, Fact checking the SuperPac TV ad

Since Newt Gingrich was all worked up and complaining that his rival Mitt Romney was bombarding him with Negative ad's I decided to Fact check the ad for Newt. Were there dishonest smears, lies or maybe was it just the truth on Newts record?  Lets look at it item by item,

Link to the Mitt Romney Super Pac ad  run by Restore our Future - Happy -(IA)

1) Newt has more baggage than the airlines. - That is a tough one but in reviewing Newt's personal and professional career in DC and around DC as an Insider it is ACCURATE.  Newt has more baggage than the airlines.  Here is an endorsement from Ashley Madison  Al Sharpton Anti Constitution Globalist Alvin Toffler    

2) Newt Cashed in on Freddie Mac, making $30,000 an hour and made $1.6M in total.  Again this is ACCURATE.  $30,000 an hour milked out of Freddie here
Newt raking in $1.6M from Freddie is here

3) Newt made a Global Warming ad with Nancy Pelosi - ACCURATE and link here

4) Newt and Nancy Pelosi co sponsored  a UN bill HR 1078 that funded China's brutal One child policy.   That is ACCURATE   Link here :
 And disturbing Pelosi-Newt abortion record is here - again ACCURATE
5) Newt was reprimanded and fined $300,000 for House ethics violations is again ACCURATE with link here

In summary all the information on Newt's record used in the Restore our Future ad was accurate.  For all the whining, complaining and asking for Mitt to make the ad's stop it is very apparant the reason why. The truth really hurts!  And as Newt said today, I wouldn't vote for the guy in that ad!

I will also link to the Restore our Future backup and documentation on the ad. That is far more detailed and for cross reference and concurs with my findings as laid out.

NH Conservative Activist Jennifer Horn to endorse Mitt Romney

We the People's Jennifer Horn will be endorsing Mitt Romney tomorrow and participating in his statewide "Earn it" tour. Senator Kelly Ayotte who has also endorsed Romney will be participating on the tour with Mitt as well. The announcement received via E-mail is below.

Dear Friends,

I am writing to invite you to join me and Gov. Mitt Romney tomorrow, December 21st, as we travel across the 2nd District during the first day of the Governor’s “Earn It” bus tour.

The next President of the United States will carry the heavy burden of reversing the disastrous failures of Barack Obama.  Mitt Romney's combination of executive experience in both the private and public sector makes him uniquely qualified for the job.

That is why tomorrow morning I will be endorsing Mitt Romney for President at the Stage Restaurant (30 Central Square, Keene, New Hampshire) at 8:30am.

I believe that a free America is a great America and I trust Gov. Mitt Romney to stand with all Americans in the effort to preserve a free and prosperous America.  As the C-Chair of his national Grassroots Leadership Committee I am committed to working with Mitt to make sure he becomes the next President of the United States.

Best wishes,

Jennifer Horn

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pulling the Curtain on the Wizard of Newt’s Conservative record Deception

Newt Gingrich’s theatrical, historical deception of his self proclaimed Progressive Republican Teddy Roosevelt leanings is coming to a final curtain call. The man behind the Curtain pulling the strings is being exposed.  The Not someone else crowd who has jumped off many a sinking campaign ship already is getting that bad feeling yet once again. Political iceberg ahead for the USS Newt.

A horrified audience is beginning to see that their Newt is actually left of Mitt Romney. Say it aint so? Well let’s contrast them issue by issue and you decide.

Entitlement Reform and Paul Ryan plan:

Mitt Romney’s plan received glowing endorsements from Paul Ryan himself.  An article with Paul Ryan impressed w/ Romney budget plan  more here: Paul Ryan has nothing but praise for Romney plan  Paul Ryan praises Romney's get-tough approach on spending  Paul Ryan has great praise for Mitt Romney's Spending & Entitlement reform Plan  

Mitt Romney has since fully embraced the Paul Ryan plan and has this to say about Newt throwing Paul Ryan plan under the bus last summer.  Romney hits Gingrich on his "right wing social engineering" assessment of Paul Ryan plan. "Spkr. Gingrich was absolutely wrong"   “We’re Going to Have to Make Changes like the Ones Paul Ryan Proposed” 

And WSJ has good summary on Newt’s  “safe” plan. WSJ picks Romney over Newt when it comes to entitlement reforms  After calling out the Paul Ryan plan as “Right Wing Social engineering” Newt has gone the safe route to appease Democrats and is more politically palpable in his mind. Hardly the bold and radical Newt, the Newt wants you to believe Newt is. WSJ:, on Medicare, Mitt Romney has the bolder, better reform.  

Analysis: Romney to the right of Newt


Immigration and Amnesty:


Newt again tact’s to the left with a proven record voting for Amnesty in 1986. Newt also has a poor immigration record post that as well.  Newt gets a D- grade on immigration- Rated Unhelpful on Amnesty  Newt in recent debates has admittedly gone left of party with humane Amnesty path policies.  Romney has a consistent anti Amnesty record and is 100% opposed to Newt’s current Amnesty stance. Newt’s only defense on topic has been to try and Paint Romney as for amnesty in the past like his record.  Has Romney Changed His Position on Immigration? No, Romney has held a consistent position-anti amnesty  In fact, Romney ordered enforcement of Immigration laws in MA & veto'd Mass Dream Act, Perry signed it, Newt voted 4 it.


 Analysis: Romney to the right of Newt


GW and Cap &Trade:


Newt the pro Global warming commercial with Nancy Pelosi dagger video here:  Even worse Newt has advocated for Cap & Trade.  We checked Gingrich's earlier statement that he never supported cap and trade. False.  Newt has also been all in on green energy and whacky lefty scientific plans. Newt being Newt – the smart guy.


 Romney has been equally guilty pandering to center on Global warming but has moved off that.   Romney Goes Climate Change Skeptic  Romney has winning card here: He has not supported cap&trade systems Romney Voted Cap&Trade down as Gov in 2005 and is steadfast against Cap&Trade as a jobs killer.  Romney campaigned anti Cap&Trade in 2008: McCain’s Cap & Trade Plan Would ‘Just Kill Jobs’ In The U.S.


Analysis: Romney to the right of Newt


Teaparty support early on:


Newt was a very early critic of the teaparty back in 2009 and went as far as to say this, "Tea Party Turning Into The 'Militant' Wing of GOP"  and campaigned against Conservative Doug Hoffman in the pivotal NY23 special election.   Newt does RINO Dede's dirty work in #NY23, turns on Teaparty   Newt showed himself to be the big tent advocate Newt doesn’t want you to know about in 2012 race.


Romney win’s here by default by basically staying silent on subject at the time letting Newt be Newt with his active anti teaparty actions and words.  Romney backed Rubio, Haley and a slew of victorious teaparty candidates in 2010 cycle albeit not overly zealous.


Analysis: Romney to the right of Newt


Ethanol Support:


Newt takes the Ethanol cake on this one. Not only has Newt been Pro ethanol all along, he has made Millions lobbying for Ethanol. WSJ had this to say about Newt! Professor Cornpone - Ethanol lobbyist Newt  Even worse Newt still campaigning in Iowa pro Ethanol openly. Newt Gingrich defends Ethanol at Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition - video and transcript:  Case rested and won’t take Romney much to be right of this.


Romney had also been a supporter of the Ethanol subsidies in the past. I can find no record of him lobbying for ethanol and receiving cash for it like Newt has. And Romney has since Refined his Position On Ethanol Subsidies On Return To Iowa Need to cut back, phase-out expiring subsidies 


Analysis: Romney to the right of Newt


Crony Capitalism:


Newt again takes more cake, Crony flavored.  Newt has made millions lobbying for the failed Freddie GSE’s.  Newt Gingrich's Freddie Mac Deal Epitomizes Washington Slime  Newt Gingrich Backed and touted Freddie Mac in 2007  receiving $1.6M in Freddie payouts.  Newt also praised ethanol’s benefits. Lobbying for Ethanol  and made millions. 

Newt Gingrich Pocketed Millions to Shill for HealthCare Industry--But Didn't Register as a #Lobbyist  All in all Newt has bilked $100 Million from various Govt. backed industries pushing his DC insider connections.


Mitt Romney with his four year record as Governor has little to no Crony Capitalism record and if anything helped turn around Olympics and balance Massachusetts budget without taking any salaries. 


Analysis: Romney to the right of Newt


Healthcare, Individual Mandates:


In an almost impossible to do fete, Newt has gone to the left of Romney on Individual mandates.  Newt has self admitted been pro Individual mandate as back as far as 1993.  He also did high profile work with Hillary Clinton Pro individual mandate in 2005.  Hillary Clinton and Gingrich, Once Foes, Find Common Ground on Health Care - Individual mandate    AND >>> May 15, 2011: Newt Supports Individual Mandate, Would Force ALL Americans 2 Have Insurance The last point has Newt supporting a FEDERAL Individual mandate. 


Romney passed Romneycare which had an individual state mandate  Romneycare Vs. Obamacare - there are differences  Mitt is against Unconstitutional Govt. takeover of Healthcare & will repeal Obamacare, and is against unconstitutional Federal individual mandate.   Based on Newt’s pro Individual mandate record back as far as 1993 and as recent as this year, coupled with support of a modified Federal Mandate, Newt takes the cake here  left of Romney.


 Analysis: Romney to the right of Newt


Lastly Newt is also left of Romney on Dept of Education. Newt was one of only 30 Republicans that voted with Jimmy Carter in 1979 to create more big Government and the Conservative lambasted Department of Education. To add to the insult Newt has toured with Al Sharpton to promote Obama’s education programs. Newt takes the cake on Education lefty status too. 


In closing it’s rather clear that Newt walks the walk when he calls himself a Teddy Roosevelt Republican, a progressive Republican.  The Curtain has been opened and the wizard of Oz is nothing more than a DC fraud.  He’s no teaparty conservative hero and unfit for anti anything status.  Baggage or no Baggage.