Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Soul mates - myth or real?

Your mirrored image – These are a rare example. However, it is possible that they do exist in each of our lives at one point or another. We might have one or two in a lifetime from this category, if we are lucky! What makes them special? Soul Mates of this sort come into our life in a fast, weird and unexpected way. The situations and events in our lives begin to change of their own accord, in order to accommodate the arrival and the reunion of both Souls. In such a case such as this, it is can almost be said that it is 'written in the stars!' Both Souls have to be ready for each other, as I did explain before it is not enough to sustain the relationship at its full potential, only by existing as Soul Mates. This level is the strongest and most powerful type of Soul Mates. They do have many similar interests and share an almost equal interest in their life direction. They will think alike, and in many cases will be able to continue speaking a sentence where the other one has left off. They are a mirror of each other, although they do not have to be exactly the same. However, each one compliments the other with their individual strengths and weaknesses and they will understand each other by being on same 'wavelength'.

Full article here - http://www.enotalone.com/article/2534.html

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is the Teaparty going to be the 3rd party?

The left wants to divide the Republican votes and see that happen. The GOP is starting to shift to the Conservative right these days. The moderate Independent democrats are also fleeing from the Progressive Liberal left. I see the stage setting for a historic moment this November election.

First the Scott Brown win along with the Virginia, New Jersey Governor wins showed an emerging trend. Independent voters fleeing from Obama agenda's and voting Republican. Digest that for a moment and realize Scott Brown took 75% of Independents and 25% of democratic vote in liberal Massachusetts! This really is an eye opener and a precursor to the Teaparty movement impact forward.

Who is a Teaparty participant? Leftist shock jocks like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow want you to believe its "domestic terrorists" and right wing nut jobs. Well the numbers and facts are failing them and badly. Fox news ratings are killing the competition and the leftist state run cable channels ratings are in the tank. I have been to many a townhall, Teaparty event or fundraiser. I observe concerned patriotic citizens. Young, old, Republican, Democrat, Independent, black, white on and on. An "angry" mob of Americans, cough bullshit.

Statistically the Teaparty is made up of 41% Democrat and Independents. That's a fact MSM and the left are in denial over. Let's dissect the numbers deeper, Progressive liberals are only 20%, Republicans say 30%. The other 50% represent fiscally conservative teaparty patriotic Americans mainly Independents. Resent poll showed 80% of Americans are unhappy with Obama's Big Government. That validates my Numbers rather closely.

What does that mean for the teaparty? First its a movement not a party. Second is the Sarah Palin do we run a Teaparty 3rd party and go after Progs and GOP idealogue? The 3rd party discussion is a big rally cry but really missing the big picture point. The Teaparty is the FIRST party. Controlling 50%, we can dictate to GOP or Progs where THEY need to be. The obvious choice is the GOP as the liberal left is not going anywhere near teaparty principles.

The Republican Teaparty united party is a super majority. If this group can rally around fiscal conservative issues the liberal left has zero shot in 2010 and 2012. Can these two groups rally around common ground Big picture issues? Stay tuned and get the popcorn out and I'm not betting against the Teaparty this November.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Support Chuck Devore as big MO builds as he closes on Barbara Boxer

Received this e-mail today and wanted to pass the message along.

This is an urgent "all hands on deck" call for help. With so much at stake we need you to act immediately to help us meet our fundraising goals in the next days.

Will you make a donation of $25 today to help meet our online goals?

Dear Supporter,

Let me start by saying “Thank You” again for your generous and faithful support of my campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Because of your help, I now have incredible momentum in this race to defeat Barbara Boxer.

  • I have the endorsement of almost 60 percent of California’s Republican office holders.
  • I’ve been endorsed by national conservative leaders like Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA), Congressman Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Mark Levin, Andrew Breitbart, The Tea Party Express, Citizens United, and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC.
  • I’m a frequent guest on talk radio throughout California.
  • My award-winning Internet campaign is going strong.
  • And I’ve launched a massive grassroots program that’s seen me travel more than 73,000 miles crisscrossing California, attend more than 325 campaign events, and meet more than 59,000 voters.
Add it all up and I’m well on my way to defeating Barbara Boxer and getting her extreme left-wing ideology OUT of the Senate once and for all!

Now it’s time to take the next step – winning the Republican primary which is less than two months away.

I need your immediate help today to kick my primary campaign into a higher gear for these next two months.

As you probably know, there are three main Republicans running for the GOP nomination to take on Boxer.

And there’s a BIG difference between the candidates:
  • Tom Campbell, a “Nelson Rockefeller Republican” who supported the largest tax increase in history at the state level, a 32-cent gas tax increase, and is liberal on social issues.
  • Carly Fiorina, a “John McCain Republican” who claims she is a conservative but has a “never with us when it counts” record of support for the bailouts, for Cap and Trade, and for the confirmation of liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.
  • And me, Chuck DeVore, a “Ronald Reagan Republican” who has a proven common sense conservative record on taxes, on spending, on social issues, and on defense.
While Campbell and Fiorina are moderates and I’m a conservative, there is little difference in how the three of us poll against Boxer. The latest independent Rasmussen Poll has:
  • Boxer 43% – Campbell 41%
  • Boxer 42% – DeVore 39% Margin of Error – 4.5%
  • Boxer 42% – Fiorina 38%
So the choice is not who has a better chance to defeat Boxer. The choice is which Republican will best represent YOUR views in the U.S. Senate.

I believe it’s vitally important to America’s future that we get Barbara Boxer out of the Senate...

...but just as important is replacing her with a true conservative who will faithfully hold strong to the Founding Father’s vision of a limited government.

What good will it be if we defeat Boxer only to elect a Republican-In-Name-Only “RINO” who will vote for higher taxes, for massive regulations, for liberal Supreme Court justices, and against our values?

That’s why I believe this primary election in June is just as important as defeating Barbara Boxer in November!
You’ve been an amazing supporter so far. Now I’m asking you to renew your support right now and help me make a strong push to victory in the primary.
Make a donation today!
All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman (R-CA) Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scott Brown's Campaign platform on Immigration

I recognize that our strength as a nation is built on the immigrant experience in America. I welcome legal immigration to this country. However, we are also a nation of laws and government should not adopt policies that encourage illegal immigration. Providing driver’s licenses and in-state tuition to illegal immigrant families will act as a magnet in drawing more people here in violation of the law and it will impose new costs on taxpayers. I oppose amnesty, and I believe we ought to strengthen our border enforcement and institute an employment verification system with penalties for companies that hire illegal immigrants.

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown will meet with a rep of a group pushing for legal residency for unauthorized immigrant students, according to his spokeswoman. The group knows that Scott Brown is opposed to illegal immigration and amnesty. This may yet be the next test of whether Scott Brown is indeed #41 or #60. My bet is on the former as he clearly ran opposed to that on this issue. I think it is a positive he will meet and listen to both sides of this issue.

Some facts on the economic drain illegal immigration has on US Taxpayers. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2494356/posts the Federation for American Immigration Reform has estimated that the total cost of K-12 education for illegal immigrant minors and the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants is $28.6 billion a year. There are nearly 16 million Americans out of work, and about 8 million jobs are held by illegal immigrants. By simply enforcing immigration laws already on the books, we could create millions of job opportunities for American citizens and legal immigrants who played by the rules and entered the U.S. the right way. The Social Security Administration (SSA) ran the numbers, The legalization of one million illegal immigrant couples who work for very low wages would be a $101 billion blow to taxpayers. And amnesty for all illegal immigrants would multiply this figure many times!

The State of California is bankrupt and this issue is a major factor. This looming topic that the Obama, Reid, Pelosi team desperately want to ram through for political gain highlights a crossroad moment in American history. Are we a constitutional country governed by laws or a Statist welfare entitlement driven regime?

If you have an opinion on Amnesty and illegal immigration you can reach out to Scott Brown on twitter at @scottbrownma . Or on his Senate website at http://scottbrown.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contactinformation

Monday, April 12, 2010

Marco Rubio Campaign update

I just received this information from Team Rubio today.

This week, Marco is hitting the road for a bus tour.  Beginning with a kick-off event in Orlando on Tuesday, the “Take A Stand” bus tour will bring Marco to various communities across Florida for a series of speaking engagements and grassroots events.  It’s a remarkable contrast from Charlie Crist’s scorched earth campaign, which today began running another false negative attack ad against Marco after a new poll showed him 29 points down.
While Governor Crist continues down this unfortunate path, Marco invites you to come out and meet him along the way as he continues his conversation with Floridians about the ideas and policies needed to restore commonsense conservative leadership in Washington.  Below is the current schedule of stops for Tuesday.
Throughout the tour, we’ll be posting updates, photos and videos on the following places:
• Our Campaign Blog
• Facebook
• Follow #takeastand Tweets on our Twitter pages: @MarcoRubio and @RubioPress
Please make sure you check in regularly for the latest news and updates.  If you have any questions, please contact Brandon at (786) 953-6711 or team@marcorubio.com.
Marco hopes to see you out on the road this week!

12:15 – 1:15 p.m.
Bus Tour Launch
Marks Street Center
99 East Marks Street
Orlando, FL
4:40 – 5:20 p.m.
Meet & Greet w/team leaders, local leadership, volunteers
Colony Cottage
510 Colony Blvd.
The Villages, FL
6:15 – 7:30 p.m.Taped TV Interview on FOX’s “Hannity”
The Villages, FL
7:30 – 8:30 p.m.Bus Tour Send-Off
Market Square at Lake Sumter Landing
1000 Lake Sumter Landing
The Villages, FL
9:00 p.m.
Marco Appears On FOX News Channel’s “Hannity”

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scott Brown on National Defense and Security

A message from Robert Willington to all members of NetRoots for Scott on BrownBrigade!

Some of you may have seen this Boston Globe story about how Scott Brown supported a "spending earmark" http://www.boston.com/news/nation/washington/articles/2010/04/08/spending_critic_brown_backs_mass_weapons_bid/?page=2

I want to convey to you all the facts so that you can be well informed about the reality of this program.

·The program is important to our national security: if there is no engine competition for the F-35, there will only be one American supplier for fighter engines, weakening our nation’s industrial base.

· The development of the F136 engine and a fair, open competition will provide a superior product for the military at significantly lower cost to the taxpayer.

· The development of this engine is 75 percent paid for already. It is also on budget and on schedule.

· Moving forward with this program makes sense from a security perspective, and competition is the key to driving down costs.

Please share this info on the comments section of the Boston Globe story and on the blogs of your choice.

-Rob Willington

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ronald Reagan on Capitalism versus Socialism

A must listen.....  Virtues of Capitalism over Socialism


 There is only an up or down.


Reagan on Socialized medicine

 Constitution pissed on #2010, tyranny infringes on Liberty. Kiss my #$%^&* ass if I accept this.

My apologies on candor -