Saturday, July 26, 2014

Massive anti Illegal Immigration Rally today in Boston and Charlie Baker wasn't with US

Five to Eight Thousand protesters stormed the Boston State House to protest Deval Patrick's plan to allow the Feds and Obama to transport and house more illegals in Massachusetts. In yet a long list of betrayals to the Republican base, Charlie Baker supports Mini Me on dumping Illegals in Mass and was a NO show at today's rally. Baker also has been MIA at the #FreeJustina rally, the Goal #2a rally, Respect for Life walk and now snubs today's Kuhner protest event. Kuhner made a point of calling out Charlie Baker who was Boo'd through ought the protest.

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Also speaking today was Conservative candidate for Governor Mark Fisher who gave a Fiery Speech. Theme being "Illegal is Illegal" and taxpayers fed up with illegal invasion taking priority over local towns, VA and Rule of Law. Enough is Enough!

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Other patriots speaking today were the rally's organizer Jeff Kuhner, Rep's Leah Cole, Marc Lombardo, Geoff Diehl, Shaunna O'Connell.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#MAgov candidate Mark Fisher at Goal Rally supporting #2a versus ever absent Charlie Baker

Conservative Republican Mark Fisher again showed his support for the Constitution and Second amendment rights by attending today's GOAL #2a Rally. Gun rights activists from across the state took to the State House to protest yet more draconian and sweeping gun control measures being pushed by Speaker DeLeo and the Democrat caucus. Mark Fisher has taken a hard line in support of law abiding gun owners. Regarding the DeLeo Bill candidate Mark Fisher said he wouldn’t sign it and opposes additional gun control measures in the state.

That is a strict contrast to the Liberal Establishment choice Charlie Baker who is on record as supportive of current gun control laws. Charlie Baker (R) "I think Ma has some of the toughest gun laws in nation, which I don’t have a problem with"  Charlie Baker proudly favors the existing gun laws in Mass, which include an assault weapons ban. Bolstering his Progressive position on gun control Baker has spoken kindly of the sweeping DeLeo gun control Bill.  Charlie Baker again very supportive of Dem's & DeLeo Gun Control Bill said "I give the Speaker enormous credit"   Baker speaking glowingly on Deleo's Gun Control Bill also commented "Having looked through it, there's a bunch of things in it I can support"

Charlie Baker lurches left and now lines up w Dem Martha Coakley as both spoke positively about Deleo's Gun Control Bill That leaves Mark Fisher as the only only Pro candidate and is surging in popularity in the Republican ranks as Charlie Baker appeases and assimilates the left pandering for Liberal love. The #MAgop primary is in September and the Eric Cantor defeat in Virginia could be a signal that Charlie Baker could face a similar upset if he continues to overlook the Republican base.

March Fisher attended today's GOAL rally with hundreds of Gun activists, voters and a cross section of irate taxpayers, voters, citizens. In attendance also were the following Pro #2a Republicans: Leah Cole, Marc Lombardo, Geoff Diehl, Shaunna OcConnell, Ryan Fattman, Kevin Kuros, George Peterson, Karen Anderson and Keiko Orrall.

Charlie Baker and his team of Ted Kennedy era advisor's decided to stay away from the event, looking to foster his Liberal brand in the Bay State. Political Cowardice? Brilliant move? Not a day goes by that Charlie Baker angers yet another Registered Republican with his "New England Republican" coming out party panderings.. September is a long way away and he faces a very real threat of being upset by the upstart principled Republican Mark Fisher. Ask Eric Cantor how that works Chuck.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Charlie Baker lays out his Liberal agenda at #MAgop Forum and Mark Fisher boldy contrasted

Charlie Baker is infamous for running in 2010 self described as left of Obama on Social Issues. Brushing off his 2010 defeat, Charlie Baker showed up today to show off his 2014 Liberal chops. With his Social progressive stances pro abortion and gay marriage intact Charlie has flip flopped on a variety of issues to Dem friendly positions for his 2014 campaign. Teaparty Conservative Mark Fisher was quick to contrast and offer Conservative, Republican solutions at today's forum in Boston. Charlie Baker is already on thin ice with Republican voters over his anti #2a pro gun control platform, including AWB ban. Baker has recently doubled down on this by backing yet more Democrat Gun Control and supporting the sweeping DeLeo gun control bill. Mark Fisher is proudly Pro #2a and strongly opposed to the DeLeo bill and a boldly contrasts on this issue.

Charlie Baker has flip flopped to the left on the following issues in 2014: Raising minimum wages, Climate Change, Green Budget spending, Income inequality, Casino's, and the South Rail and Cape Wind. At today's Forum Mark Fisher was quick to boldly call out Baker's Liberal positions and highlighted his Free Market Healthcare views versus Charlie Baker's Pro Romneycare and Socialized Healthcare is a right position. Mark Fisher also came out strong Anti Casino and Anti the Climate change left wing agenda that Charlie Baker enthusiastically embraced at the forum.

Charlie Baker also caught himself defending his Democrat position of raising the minimum wage today, Mark Fisher again took the side of free markets. Study Shows Increased Minimum Wage's Destructiveness To Poor   Raising minimum wage is sure bet to create more jobless young Americans   Raising minimum Wage Hike Hurts Minorities & Youth Job Chances is the only candidate that opposes raising it. Charlie Baker again sides with all the Democrat candidates for raising it in face of compelling research otherwise. 

Charlie Baker is playing with fire here running openly as a Democrat in a Republican Primary, even in Massachusetts. Mark Fisher has all summer to highlight just how Liberal Charlie Baker is on a full spectrum of issues. He will have to fight off the entrenched Establishment blanket attacks that "Fisher can't win" (Note Baker already lost in 2010). Or "Fisher is extreme" (Note Republican Gov's won in Blue States of Wisc, NJ and NM) or "What has Fisher done for Party candidates over the years" Crony politics etc... The same party bosses that said Fisher wouldn't make the primary ballot were dead wrong and they are sitting on a keg of dynamite tacking further left and trying to stifle, eliminate true Republican options for the voters.

Baker's all in on DeLeo's sweeping gun control bill last week might have been his kicking the sleeping dog moment. And Mark Fisher has awakened, building a coalition of opposition and shown a bulldog propensity to not back down and boldly challenge status quo politics. Not making any friends at the top of the party may pay dividends for Fisher over the summer with the actual voters who will get to vote in the September Primary!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why is Charlie Baker (R) giving Deleo enormous credit on more Gun Control? Says he can support it

Charlie Baker is supportive of yet more Dem Gun Control "I give the Speaker enormous credit" Baker also commented on Deleo's Gun Control Bill saying "Having looked through it, there's a bunch of things in it I can support." See linked interview and comments here >

Yet more reason Charlie Baker can't be trusted as our nominee, agreeing with Democrats on Gun Control yet again... It's time For #MAGOP Unity and > Vote Conservative and Pro #2A @MarkFisher2014 #magov and wash our hands of this liberal afront called Charlie Baker.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mark Fisher tweets today he's pressing forward w June lawsuit against #MAgop

Brad Jones, Hughes, Prunier & Kaufman Saturday vote to backdoor fund Charlie Baker in primary just may have backfired...


#MAgop voted Sat to Endorse: Income Inequality, Raising Minimum Wage, gun control, gay marriage, abortion, South Shore Rail, Cape Wind, Climate Change, Quinn and Bathroom Bills, Prop 2 1/2 overide spending and casino's. The #MAgop is effectively running a Full spectrum Democrat for Governor > Charlie Baker. What? And there is leadership at the +Red Mass Group  site leading the charge, effectively sitting at the Establishment table. Really? Keep attacking Fisher and Lombardo, Lyons from the left - fully noted and out in the open now...

Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility, potentially illegal, Ongoing #OCPF collusion charges w Baker & now shifting Party $ to him? Good read on Breach of Fiduciary Duty Class action lawsuit could apply here Re: #MAgop convention, Charlie Baker dealings #magov

Despite open OCPF collusion charges w Team Baker, #MAgop voted to move $ to Baker vs Fisher in #magov Primary. In face of #PayForPlay issues. Was this a prudent and proper safeguarding of Party assets? Open to yet more Legal action,damages...

@OCPFReports Charlie Baker Senior Staff PAID from MA GOP? #OCPF charges filed

Other legal cloud surrounding Chuck Baker and Mass Gop:
`Troubling allegations' about NJ pension deal involving Charlie Baker deserve close look  #SEC #magop #OCPF #magov

"There is a strong case" Gen Catalyst & Charlie Baker violated NJ pay-to-play rules
An Unhealthy Funding Event: Forbes  Charlie Baker NJ Corruption story going Viral #magov #magop

RT @FortuneMagazine: Mass gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker's big mistake #magop doubles down, votes Charlie Baker funds over Fisher anyway, backroom secret vote.

Team Baker handling of the New Jersey Pay for Play scandal. You might want to dig a bigger hole Chuck

Have a great Sunday Red Masstablishment. I'm with Marc Lombardo and Mark Fisher believing Republicans should be political opposition and not just a Democrat party accessory... Lombardo: There are those who want the Republican Party to be a true opposition party"... not a Dem accessory #magop
I hope all legal resources are thrown at the State Party as referenced above. Signed, disenfranchized Republican voter

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Mass State Party Bosses told you Mark Fisher wouldn't make the Ballot, They were wrong

Judge puts off trial as says it will put Fisher on ballot via Legal victory for

Boston Globe: looks like to cave and put on ballot, subject to certification of signatures.

And Patriots died at the Alamo fighting for their beliefs and Country. They took a stand. While many cowards snuck out that night and put on Mexican uniforms to "win".  Baker's Platform represents Republican core beliefs? He's Pro Abortion, Anti #2a w Dems on gun control, for gay marriage and bathroom bill, for raising minimum wages and Casino's w Dems, w Dems on climate change and increased Green spending, Pro Prop 2 1/2 spending increases and Pro Union Quinn bill debacle, Flip flopped to Dem side in 2014 on South Coast Rail and Cape Wind. Disaster defending Big Dig in 2010 and now Pay to Play scandal Payola, Crickets on MAGOP crooked convention, faces pending OCPF collusion charges, and stunning Ballot legal defeat to prove it. On and on. Help me Team Unity Liberal Baker Backers, what is Republican about Charlie? And before you say Fisher can't win, Charlie Baker already lost in 2010. Fact. Reagan and Conservatives won in Mass twice, as did Real Republicans in blue states of Wisconsin, New Mexico and NJ recently. CONTRASTING w Liberals, not assimilating! The state Unity party bosses told you Fisher can't get 15% at Convention,  they were WRONG. Now they are telling you he can't win a REPUBLICAN primary? I'm not buying any of that. That said, Keep active voters and be vigilant out there! And question why Baker Backers will be attacking Fisher from the LEFT with Democrat talking points...

The State Party bosses also lost sight of the fact that Republicans will be voting for the Republican nominee this fall. No wonder they tried to "backroom politics" Mark Fisher off the Primary Ballot at the Convention. Unfortunately their over zealous plan to protect their ideologically frail candidate Charlie Baker backfired and resulted in a resounding Mark Fisher legal victory over Hughes and Team #MAGOP/Baker. The State Party bosses also missed the Mark, this is a right to vote State. Mark Fisher is now on the ballot with a Republican Primary slated for September.

We have a fired up Republican base set to wage a fierce primary battle against the State Party Machine and a failed liberal agenda on Beacon Hill! Time to take a stand against One Party rule!
It's David versus Goliath!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Conservative Mark Fisher balks at #MAgop ballot offer tied to his dropping legal proceedings

In a breaking story Republican Mass Governor candidate Mark Fisher is tightening the screw another turn on Kirsten Hughes and the Republican State Party. It is being reported that Mark Fisher has rejected the #MAgop offer of Ballot certification tied to Fisher dropping legal proceedings and discovery.

Via the Lowell Sun:
"They're willing to put me on the ballot only if the criminal activity isn't exposed," Fisher said in a telephone interview. "We need the tally sheets. Where did those extra 54 ballots come from? It's how they stole the election. "Just put me on the ballot," he added.

In a separate filing late Wednesday, Fisher rejected the offer.
"The defendants are obviously desperate to prevent the plaintiff (Fisher) from seeing the tally sheets," the filing said. "The plaintiff's strong suspicion is that the tally sheets will show that the defendants manipulated the voting so as to prevent him from being included on the primary ballot."
Read more:

I'm not sure the Mass GOP had any idea how good Mark Fisher was at playing poker. Or worse, The Mass GOP is being slowly forced by Mark Fisher to show their cards and it's a very weak hand. Expect to see all the cards laid down soon , likely in court. Legal Discovery and Depositions are scheduled this month and the trial starts June 16th.

Mark Fisher has also scheduled a Press Conference tomorrow at 10:00 AM in Boston to give updates on lawsuit, campaign, signature status, etc.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mark Fisher argues that #MAgop party leaders cheated him off the ballot

Mark Fisher is playing hardball with what appears to be a winning legal hand against Kirsten Hughes and the Mass GOP state party. Fisher appears ready to proceed with legal actions that are ongoing at the discovery stage, depositions to start mid month. Excerpts from Team Fisher via Worcester Telegram / Boston Globe  below

Harvey confirmed Tuesday night that Fisher, who is suing for the right to face off against Republican front-runner Charlie Baker in the fall primary, had asked for $1 million, but said it was only a “starting point'' in the negotiations.

“We're trying to negotiate a reasonable settlement and you have to start somewhere,'' he said.

The attorney said that Fisher's request for compensation was reasonable and not illegal because the candidate has “put out a lot into this” and should be rightly compensated. Fisher argues that party leaders cheated him out of a spot on the ballot at the Republican convention in March.

“Mark Fisher wants to be made whole financially,” Harvey said.  


Monday, May 5, 2014

Republican Mark Fisher reports 15,000 signatures, on track for #MAgop ballot for Gov

In what must be a ongoing nightmare to the State Party hoping to suppress a dangerous primary challenge to their hand picked candidate, Liberal Republican Charlie Baker; Conservative Mark Fisher reported today on Twitter that he had met his goal of 15,000 signatures which will be enough to meet ballot certification. Read Mark's Tweet here:

Wow! We did it! We gathered 15,000 signatures for 's campaign.  
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My guess is that Mark Fisher will now go back to court and ask the judge to request an immediate injunction and be placed on the #MAgop primary Ballot forcing a September primary. Having won a pre-trial ruling that he had met the 15% test, certified signatures will allow his past due and formal inclusion on the September ballot. Trial is set for mid June if the injunction is not enacted.
Either way, Republicans in Massachusetts are now likely to get an alternative to the left of center Charlie Baker. In an overzealous attempt to keep Mark Fisher off the ballot the #MAgop is facing increased legal exposure via the Fisher lawsuit and now multiple OPCF filing and disclosure complaints alleging violations and potential collusion between Charlie Baker and Mass GOP chair Kirsten Hughes.... via Twitter - Source

Complaint--> questioning were rules followed w/ Baker's Pol Director while on PAYROLL?  
Records Show Baker "Contractor" being paid from Payroll --> Violation of Bylaws vs (?)
Did Hughes & Cunningham violate their own Bylaws helping Baker Pre-Convention; Pre-Primary?
Complaint Filed Against Hughes & Cunningham. "It's not about Fisher, it's about Fairness"
Get your popcorn out - Grassroot Republicans might just have seen enough of Charlie Baker's Liberal platform and the bungled Party Convention "Unity" rigging attempt that Conservative Republican Mark Fisher could be primed for an epic upset... Karma is a b#&c!
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