Monday, May 5, 2014

Republican Mark Fisher reports 15,000 signatures, on track for #MAgop ballot for Gov

In what must be a ongoing nightmare to the State Party hoping to suppress a dangerous primary challenge to their hand picked candidate, Liberal Republican Charlie Baker; Conservative Mark Fisher reported today on Twitter that he had met his goal of 15,000 signatures which will be enough to meet ballot certification. Read Mark's Tweet here:

Wow! We did it! We gathered 15,000 signatures for 's campaign.  
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My guess is that Mark Fisher will now go back to court and ask the judge to request an immediate injunction and be placed on the #MAgop primary Ballot forcing a September primary. Having won a pre-trial ruling that he had met the 15% test, certified signatures will allow his past due and formal inclusion on the September ballot. Trial is set for mid June if the injunction is not enacted.
Either way, Republicans in Massachusetts are now likely to get an alternative to the left of center Charlie Baker. In an overzealous attempt to keep Mark Fisher off the ballot the #MAgop is facing increased legal exposure via the Fisher lawsuit and now multiple OPCF filing and disclosure complaints alleging violations and potential collusion between Charlie Baker and Mass GOP chair Kirsten Hughes.... via Twitter - Source

Complaint--> questioning were rules followed w/ Baker's Pol Director while on PAYROLL?  
Records Show Baker "Contractor" being paid from Payroll --> Violation of Bylaws vs (?)
Did Hughes & Cunningham violate their own Bylaws helping Baker Pre-Convention; Pre-Primary?
Complaint Filed Against Hughes & Cunningham. "It's not about Fisher, it's about Fairness"
Get your popcorn out - Grassroot Republicans might just have seen enough of Charlie Baker's Liberal platform and the bungled Party Convention "Unity" rigging attempt that Conservative Republican Mark Fisher could be primed for an epic upset... Karma is a b#&c!
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