Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Republican State Party looking to call urgent meeting on adding Mark Fisher to primary Ballot

In a late breaking story - Republican's call for a meeting on disputed candidate’s (Mark Fisher) ballot status via The Boston Globe

It appears that the #MAgop rank and file are growing weary of the Chairman Kirsten Hughes play for a long and bitter lawsuit with Conservative challenger Mark Fisher. Fisher had already won a pre-trial victory last week being granted an expedited trial on charges that he had been unjustly omitted from the Primary ballot over a slew of rule violations, misinterpretations and irregularities.... Ballot Access News - Mark Fisher Wins Procedural Victory in His Party Primary Ballot Access Lawsuit   Tea Party's Mark Fisher gets trial date in lawsuit against Massachusetts Republican Party over convention vote

The judge released a 34 page ruling last week that ruled all Mark Fisher allegations had been proven true and moved it to trial. This laid out a framework precedent that does not bode well for the Mass GOP on winning said lawsuit. READ the actual judge ruling here > Mark Fisher-MassGOP Lawsuit Judge rules - Fisher had his 15% - proceeds to trial

Kirsten Hughes decision to prolong the legal fight against Fisher opens up to legal discovery, depositions, criminal and punitive damages. Legal Discovery is set to start on Friday 5/2 and legal depositions later in the month. The names, Kirsten Hughes, Charlie Baker, Ron Kaufman, Bill Palmer have come up as likely to be deposed if this case goes forward.

Mark Fisher also can be awarded punitive damages if he were to win the case. Although Mark Fisher has stated that all he wanted was justice to be served and to be rightly added to the primary ballot in September. But the specter of criminal charges loom as well. Mark Fisher discusses the Judge's decision to raise the case from a civil proceeding to a criminal....

Mark Fisher has played hardball to date and it sure looks like he has a winning hand. Kirsten Hughes has already doubled down on a weak hand. Will she fold or raise the ante? Appears the Republican State committee wants to know the answer to that question too.

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