Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scott Brown Finishes his Thank You tour in Foxboro

Scott Brown hit all points Massachusetts the past 3 days in frigid cold, Tonight at Christina's on Route 1 Scott was met by what may be his biggest draw to date. Tough to guestimate numbers but it was well over a 1,000 and growing all night. Scott gave a short thank you address after being introduced by Steve Sweeney a local celeb comedian.

When I left 2 hours later Scott was still signing, taking pictures and shaking hands with us the people. I was at the August townhall events here in MA, I scanned the crowd and it was the same common folks. Keep talking down to us the voters calling us "Teabaggers". That Scott Brown  wrestled the Kennedy seat away for us the people in of all places Massachusetts is ominous for Democrats in November. Today it truly is the peoples seat! Between observing blogging, twitter I truly feel my one vote for Scott Brown represented sentiment of millions nationally.

Today I read MSM and left trying to rip Scott Brow down, but no one reporting this from his interview on ABC.   Scott Brown on healthcare reform: whole plan should be scrapped

Also lost in the MSM coverage of the Walters Interview was this quote,  Scott Brown was clear, however, what the bedrock of his political philosophy would be. “Make no mistake, I am a fiscal conservative,” he said. “And when it comes to issues affecting people's pockets, and pocketbooks, and wallets, I'll be with the Republicans if they are in fact pushing those initiatives.”

Here are some pictures from tonights Scott Brown thank you event.

Scott's daughter Ayla was also there raising money for Haiti and promoting her record. The line was SO long I was not able to meet her but I was able to snap a few pictures.

The question of the night is, Why is Scott Brown not seated yet?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's time to send Arrogant Nancy Pelosi packing

The Scott Brown election win in MA should have been a wakeup call to the Democratic party. But instead Obama at his State of the Union Address basically doubled down his progressive agenda and talked down to we the people. Fact check has detailed all of Obama's lies and am I the only one tired of seeing the 86 stand up and hand claps from Nancy Pelosi?

This is the same Nancy Pelosi that locked her doors in August to her constituents. She labeled hard working tax paying Americans as Teabaggers and Astoturfers. Well After the second shot heard around the world 1-19-2010 in Massachusetts, Pelosi is still arrogant and talking of ramming hc bill at all cost any way she can. Well come November it is time for Ca voters to Coakley Nancy Pelosi. The liberal policies have bankrupted California. I sense Ca voters are as fed up as Ma voters.

I read this today and enough is enough. Now Pelosi/Boxer camp is calling ME and MA Residents teabaggers? Do they realize Ma has a 12% GOP Registration %? Does she not get that Scott Brown took 75% of the independent votes and 25% of the Democrat votes. Fact is Obama, Reid, Pelosi are so far left they have lost Independents and starting to lose the Democrats. They are out of touch and Progressive/Liberal  left at best has 20% of voter base. But keep insulting your constituents and making offensive slanderous put downs.

While team Pelosi is spreading this message.

Not in California Pledge
The Republicans, along with their allies in the teabagger movement and Fox News have elected right-winger Scott Brown to the Massachusetts Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy.

We won’t let the same thing happen here. Not in California. Not this year. Not to our candidates.

Sign below to take the pledge and add your comments to send a message to the teabaggers and their candidates: "Not in California."

This while Scott Brown is on a 3 day thank you tour across MA in sub zero degree wind chill weather reaching out to and shaking hands with his Constituents.
Such a sharp contrast to Pelosi's hide and arrogant style of dictating and Governing.

Well voters of California you have a choice come November. Chuck Devore a fiscal conservative like Scott Brown is campaigning all over the state opposing Boxer. Recent polls have him single digits and closing on her.  Check him out here

I think many Americans are tired of what is going on in Washington. Where is that promised transparency? Fact is Democrats locked Republicans out and brokered bribed backdoor deals to get votes on the monstrosity of a HC bill. Americans are fed up and all those that scoff at the teaparty movement are lost in space. Out of touch with working and not working Americans. Stop talking about all the saved jobs, when  Millions of jobs were were lost in 2009.  Stimulus created zero job and our deficit soars at record pace. Sometimes a picture tells more than words.

It's time for California to vote, Go Nancy Go, Go Barbara Go, home.

Edit John Dennis linked here is opposing Nancy Pelosi directly in November.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Scott Brown is a Game changer in DC, and real message is?

Scott Brown is a Fiscal Conservative that won the second shot heard around the world in the bluest of blue states of Massachusetts. This is a state with 12% Gop and 51% Independent's. Scott's rally call was he was the independent voice for the People's seat. He ran a fiscally Conservative platform to a historic victory.

Scott Brown was a speaker at numerous Teaparty rallies last August. I was at many of them. He was also at Teaparty fundraisers campaigning. I was at both and you know who I met there? Upset and angry Americans. I saw a cross section of Republican, Independent and Democrats participating. In many ways the Teaparty movement was an unhappiness with both parties.

Reflecting back the GOP party did near nothing to help Scott Brown win this election. Yesterday Scott Brown made a bold statement that neither party was safe to automatically get his vote. Some went into panic mode but on reflection it's a brave and courageous stance. He was elected by we the people. Politicians need not be aligned to parties and radical views left or right. Its time we all start bringing common sense and doing the right thing in DC. That system is Broken and badly. We are fed up and enough is enough with both parties.

I believe that Scott Brown will vote strongly on his campaign promises.  But maybe his comments were as much a volley shot at the same GOP that wasn't there for him this Senate race. I am going to hold Scott's feet to the fire on his voting record. And I'm not betting against him and confident he will vote along his core principles, and maybe we will see a new wave of public servants elected in November working for us the people. Scott has stopped Cap and Trade in its track and the HC Bill is on a respirator with his election. If Coakley was seated both were done deals.

Will Scott Brown be the perfect candidate to all on all issues? Probably not but those 2 critical issues noted above he has changed  and stopped the Obama radical progressive agenda. Without being seated he has had historic impact on the future of our Democracy. Lets let Scott grow into his new job in DC, working for us we the people.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

After watching SOTU tonight I am going to make a bold Prediction

Tomorrow morning no one is going to believe what I am about to lay out and call. On the backdrop of Scott Brown winning "The peoples seat" in Blue State Massachusetts Obama delivered a defiant lecture. He is standing by his failed policies and standing by Gov't Healthcare, Cap and Trade and Big Government agenda's.

He spoke of transparency, earmarks, lobbyists, tax cuts, and the fact checkers are going to validate in AM. Obama done lied a lot tonight. I counted 165 lies on top of 104 mentions of I or me.

He even offended the Supreme Court on their recent Campaign contribution ruling. They pulled a "You Lie" moment and glared at Obama refusing to stand on that comment.  He even went on to mention an Executive override. Obviously Obama does not understand the separation of powers our Founding fathers wrote into our Constitution. From the same President that has built a shadow Government accountable only to him. He has bullied Congress and us the people trying to ram bills through fast and often unread.

I was the first believing in Scott Brown in November last year and just had a feeling he was going to do it early and he did. Obama talking down again at we the people and doubling down on his failed agenda is going to be a crushing defeat for the Democrats this November.

My bold predictions? Obama is probably going to lose both the House and Senate or at least really close the gap and destroy super majority. People are tired of Obama's words, no one believe's him or much of anything he say's anymore. Tonights SOTU was recyled rhetoric.

I predict after a landslide Republican/Conservative/Independent landslide in November we will see talk of an Impeachment of Barrack Obama by Christmas. I'm not saying it will happen but if he keeps ramming this progressive vastly unpopular agenda do not be the least bit surprised a year from now it's being debated on the Congress floor. There are going to be a whole lot more of new Scott Browns in Washington come November. The Scott Brown's of the country that understand and represent we the people.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Tangible Similarities between Marco Rubio and Scott Brown

I am tired  of all the needed and now worn out who is the next Scott Brown stories. As I dug into who is this Marco Rubio running for Senate in Florida? I started to see real striking core similarities in the two men. Not rah rah he's the next Scott Brown but accross the board likeness.

Scott Brown was down 30 points to Martha Coakley a month before the Second shot heard around the world. Scott Brown rallied to win 52-47 taking the "People's Seat" in what could be the biggest political upset of our lifetime especially with that 41st seat at stake. Well guess what a few months back Marco Rubio was 29 points down to Charlie Crist. He has narrowed the gap and today a new Quinnipiac university poll has him up by 3 points.

Then I decided to research Brown and Rubio's backgrounds deeper. Brown came from a divorced family, of no financial means and self made himself to where he is today.  Rubio was born in Miami the son of immigrants from Cuba and his parents also were not of means and bartended and held Maid jobs. Marco too is a self made person today.

Both were involved in sports with Scott Brown playing basketball into College at Tufts University. Rubio made his way into college as a football player and then his academic work carried him through.  Scott Joined the national guard and if you have not heard yet, modeled some in Cosmopolitan. He went on to pursue a Law Degree. Marco Rubio also went on to study Law and holds an advanced degree.

Ok, similar but it continues. Scott Brown went on to marry a local  model, you may have seen her MTV video by now. She is now an esteemed longtime TV reporter in Boston. Marco Rubio went on to marry an ex Miami Dolphin Chearleader. Both Brown and Rubio are strong family men and have 2 and 4 children today.

But no, it gets even better. Scott Brown started his political career as a property assesor in Wrentham, MA. Marco Rubio started his political career as a City commissioner in West Miami. Brown then went on to win a seat in the  Massachusetts House of Representatives. Marco Rubio also went on to win a seat in the Florida House of Representatives.  Both fought for lower taxes, smaller Government and have similar fiscal conservative platform's.

Well in 2010 Scott Brown decided to run for US Senate and went on to win what is now referred to as the Second shot heard around the world. And Marco Rubio too is running for US Senate in 2010. Both are hard working, passionate and articulate. Both are great speakers and appear very comfortable with We the people. Both worked their way up the political ladder from the bottom.

Scott Brown and Marco Rubio both made it to this point working down the same path. After I laid all those similarities out I could make a strong case that Marco Rubio is the next Scott Brown.  But the truth is Marco Rubio is the next Marco Rubio.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Brown Brigade marches on to November 2010 Election

The Scott Brown victory was the MA Miracle and the 2nd shot heard around the world. But as the dust settles the machine that is we the people are moving on to November mid term reelections. Social media played a huge part of Scott Browns viral turnaround from 30 points down to a 5 point win. We need to replicate and grow this here in MA and nationally. Follow the Brown Brigade and state and national elections under the hashtag #41 on Twitter.

There are 10 US Congressional district elections in play in MA this November. Conservative Republicans face an uphill battle but Scott Brown's win and general unrest with the One party system here and in DC gives them a real chance to take some seats.

District #1 Democrat - John Ovler

Distric #2 Democrat - Richard Neal   opposition Tom Wesley-R

District #3 Democrat - Jim McGovern  opposition  Lamb -R

District 4 Democrat - Barney Frank  opposition Earl Sholley -R

District 5 Democrat - Niki Tsongas  opposition Sam Meas -R

District 6 Democrat - John Tierney  opposition Bill Hudak -R

District 7 Democrat - Ed Markey   opposition John Cunningham - R

District 8  Democrat - Michael Capuano

District 9 Democrat - Stephen Lynch

District 10 Democrat - Bill Delahunt   opposition Joe Maloney - R (likely)

As you can see there are some not opposed districts in MA. We need qualified Republican candidates to take on the old Machine. The new Scott Brown people machine wants a choice on election day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

An Open Letter to Chuck Devore from a Scott Brown supporter in MA

I want to pass on what I learned,observed, and did during the Scott Brown Massachusetts Miracle stunning election win in a very Blue state here. I think when many say that this can't be done in a state like California I say WRONG. I have personal goal to do everything I can to help send Boxer, Pelosi and Reid packing next election. I will summarize what can be learned from Scott Brown and hope you can replicate.

* People are fed up and mad at the elitist left wing of the Democratic party. Brown won the election as he took 75% of the Independent voters and 25% of the democratic vote.  He played to Fiscal Conservative principle's and defined the race to the issues. Fiscal sanity and the out of control DC spending ways are not working. He also did a great job defining the excessive costs  and negatives related to Cap and Trade and the Government takeover Healthcare Bill.

* He also was out tirelessly meeting with the people. While Martha Coakley assumed she had the liberal base and  ran a safe race and stuck to big ticket fundraisers, back door politics with Unions, special interest groups. etc.

* A few grassroots things he did creatively was he went to Fenway Park, Diners, on and on and drove across the state meeting with the people in his truck.  This common man approach and availability resonated with the voters.

* He smartly tapped into the teaparty voter base with many lower priced breakfasts and fundraisers. What did that do?  It gave the average person access to him and his message. I went to a few events at $25 - $35 and they were packed with a great cross section of the state. $5,000 and $10,000 plate events sure draw big $ but that Hurt Martha Coakley perception wise hob knobbing in DC last week of Election.

* Run a clean and positive campaign. Stay positive, talk to the issues you are on the right side on all of them. You have a huge advantage with the issues. To that point insist and get as many debates as you can. Scott Brown buried Coakley in last TV debate.

* Social Media, Social Media, Social Media was huge for Scott Brown where he dominated on Twitter and Faceback and eventually early January it went viral and the election went national. He also won the you tube and website battles which helped virally. He also tapped into the Conservative blogger base that helped to make his campaign go viral fast and effectively. You are already strong here and are active that is very positive and will pay off.

* Take the time to call into talk radio, sports radio etc and build bonds you can build on and get to the people later in race. Scott Brown was on near daily and all over the dial sometimes just calling in on his own early on.

* This sounds old school but lawn signs were huge. A wave of Scott Brown lawn signs spread like wild fire across MA. The fed up people like myself it was my little way of saying, yes I'm fed up and proud to work and vote for Scott Brown. There were few to run Coakley signs as her fanbase was not as motivated.

* Surround your self with a talented campaign team. Scott was surrounded by Veteran Team Romney campaign runners. He built a solid multiple Headquarter strategy, volunteers and utilized high tech with phone banks and voter lists. He also produced some epic TV ads ala the JFK ad that may have been an early game changer. Had a lot of luck with Rand like moneybombs fundraising.

* Coakley threw massive TV ad dollars to attack Scott Brown late. Brown kept his ads limited and positive. This is just my opinion, his team put a lot of money with Google advertising and had ad's across the internet on websites,blogs banners specifically targeted. Very effective and new aging way of connecting with the emerging internet savvy voters.

You can win this election on the issues and connecting with the the people, sometimes it's simple math. Good luck and you can count on my support on social networking in 2010.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown poised to steal this election

I wrote on 12/11.2009 why Scott Brown was right on all the issues.

If he wins this election as it appears he very may will, the question is was Coakley asleep at the wheel? I take it a step forward and say she was arrogant and felt entitled to seat after primary win. Well the lil truck that is Scott Brown outworked her, ran the better race and is going to be the next Massachusetts Senator.

7:00 EST  My contacts and exit polling give me confidence to call this pre poll close. The Ma Miracle might be a truly historical upset..

Update on the ground - Snow stopped and great day in MA

Driving Scott Brown voters to polls here Franklin MA - mood is electric but again this is metro west MA. Scott Brown is rage listening to talk radio today. I stand by my 54-43 prediction Sunday night  here,

I hate to be over confident but we may be seeing the most historic political upsets of our lifetime's and that it is happening here in MA? Karma is a .......  GOTV *NOW* for Scott Brown and let's make history!

Heavy Turnout Metro West (for Scott Brown)

Voted at 7:00 AM and record turnout here. Lot's of Scott Brown buzz but granted this is Scott Brown's backyard but an early sign Coakley is in trouble. Need to see Coakley strength area's but I think this is going to be a Scott Brown win tonight. All the polls pointed to it. The Scott heard around the world.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Final Call on MA Senate election

Scott Brown 54
Martha Coakley 43

Scott Rasmussen look out!

Obama Came to Boston and Scott Brown sent him home

In a Copenhagen like blunder Barrack Obama decided to try and pump up a near Dead Martha Coakley Campaign in of all states Massachusetts. Did he not learn from his failed Virginia and NJ efforts last November?

Not only was there a massive Scott Brown brigade at Northeastern to protest  Obama's visit but an estimated 4,000 people were in Worcester Ma for the Peoples Rally with Scott Brown. I will post video later but watching via online he gave a HISTORIC speech.  While the O and Coakley talked to a less than sold out crowd. We the voters turned out for our next Senator with the people in Worcester MA, Scott Brown.

He drove there in his truck, and yes Martha he is a Republican.

The Arrogance of Coakley, Clinton and Obama in MA

A day when Bill Clinton UN envoy to Haiti was hobnobbing with Big $ fundraisers in Ma for Martha Coakley Scott Brown was campaigning across the state meeting the people. Is that not a Haiti for Brown political blunder?

This follows Friday when Scott Brown walked the North end of Boston with Rudy Guiliani talking with the people. Where Where is Coakley in this Race? MIA, absent and arrogant and even scoffed at shaking hands with Fenway fans.  The Rudy visit

Today Coakley will try to bail a dead campaign with another high brow exclusive Obama event. That strategy failed in NJ and Virginia Gov. races in November. So today Scott Brown is again out with the people in Worcester MA.

And even with that I bet more Brown supporters are at Northeastern Obama event than Coakley's, And they are not paid Union or Acorn members, but voting Patriots. This was hours before event and Brown fans already surging on the scene!

The far left minority are in denial, we the people oppose Govt takeover of HC, Reckless spending and Big Government corruption. That Massachusetts is leaning for Scott Brown  should be a wakeup call for the progressive liberal minority. Democrats, Independents, and Republicans are fed up and not going to take it any more.  November elections for Democrats are going to be a disaster.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some positive local Scott Brown intel in MA

This is going to be short and sweet. 

The trends in that Graph says it all. National support as well as massive state support is rocketing Scott Brown to a truly historic win. The Massachusetts Miracle. Ironically eneough the Lake Placid Miracle on Ice was at #NY23 in 1980, 30 years later we are seeing the second shot heard around the world in Massachusetts. We need all close and far these last 3 days to work trirelessly for Scott Brown. I live here and personally assure you he is working tirelessly for YOU. Martha Coakley?

Contribute here!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Martha Coakley shows her true colors

While campaigning with the big wig Pharma and Insurance lobbyist in DC the following transpired. A reporter asked a tough follow up on her irrational comment in recent debate that there was no more Taliban or El Qaeda in Afghanistan. Martha gave a dismissive next question response. Trying to follow that up said reporter was assaulted and knocked over by her aid. This is all on video and documented photographs. Said aid has since called and apologized to the reporter.

This is where it gets worse, Coakley initially said she was not privy to what happened and the MSM ran with her account of reporter initiating the violence, Reporter assaulted on said "Coakley staffers told me they didn’t know who the man was who pushed me, though by every indication he was somehow connected to the campaign" Well after the video and pictures hit the net of her clearly looking at her aid over reporter knocked down her story changed. And it was crystal clear it was her Aid Michael Meehan.

But it gets worse, Coakley has responded to the incident by characterizing she was being followed by a Scott Brown “stalker.”. As an AG she should understand the serious nature of that allegation and it turns out the reported assaulted reporter had legit Press credentials. Then Martha comes out with this? “I’m not sure what happened. I know something occurred, but I’m not privy to the facts. I’m sure it will come out, but I’m not aware of that. Thats almost a stance with no factual reality based on the incident, video, and pictures.

Is this why State and local Massachusetts law enforcement agencies are endorsing Scott Brown over their own AG? This is classic Martha Coakley doing nothing and in this instance trying to deny and coverup an assault of a defenseless reporter via a thuggish Aid attack. Within the Boston media Coakley has the nickname of "No comment". From the same person who scoffed at going out in the cold to shake voters hands at Fenway Park, her true colors are being exposed.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The real reason Scott Brown will win the MA Senate election next week

First I want to update where we are today and update polling in the Massachusetts Senate Race. First we had a 1-9-2010 Public Policy Polling survey calling it a tossup with Scott Brown up 48-47 over Martha Coakley. The Key takeaway was Brown up 70-16 rating versus Coakley with Independents.Then on 1-12-2010 Rassmussen updated their polling in MA has the race tightening up this week with Coakley up 49-47. That's 7 points closer than a week ago. To put that in perspective Scott Brown was down 30 points a month ago. Also Rasmussen had Scott Brown up 71-23 with Independents.

Today we get some updating polling data from Weekly standard. Based on Browns stunning knockout debate win on TV, Coakley running a poor campaign Brown is still surging. The democrats are in panic mode with Coakley campaigning DC and SEIU and interest groups buying last second negative ads. And Scott Brown raised $1.4 Million from 17,000 contributers mostly small individual donations with a recent money bomb.

The updated Internal polls the weekly Standard reported today are probably very accurate based on trendings. Internal Democratic polls have the race close, with a small and fading Coakley lead. Their actions this week actually confirm that indeed is the case. One Republican and One Independent group now actually have Scott Brown up by a few points. This is earth shattering news and reflects that Scott Brown is running a great campaign and Martha Coakley is pulling a proverbial Bill Buckner with hers.

On WTKK Today Jay Severin a veteran 20+ year political advisor who ran campaigns had some interesting thoughts. He for a week now has outlined how Martha Coakley was a poor candidate and the potential was there for her to lose this race if Scott Brown hit on a bunch of perfect storm issues. He also commented that based on his experience, recent polls and trends led him to cautiously state Scott Brown was likely up today in this race.

Back to why I believe Scott Brown will win this race next week. I wrote an article a month ago stating he would win the race and it would be because he was on the right side on the issues and that is still true. But a new dynamic is now in play. Scott Brown connects with the average person in Massachusetts more than Martha Coakley. It's almost that simple. Look at Scott Brown's endorsements. Curt Schilling, Lenny Clark, Doug Flutie, WEEI Sports personalities, Steve Sweeney, State and Local police, various newspapers, Veterans, Small Business Groups, John McCain, Tim Pawlenty, Rudy Giuliani on and on. Scott Brown is going to win the PEOPLE'S Seat because he relates to the people in Massachusetts more than Martha Coakly. Sometimes it's just simple math.

With all due respect, it's not the Kennedy's seat, it's not the democrats seat, it's the PEOPLE'S Seat

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Coakley sailed into the perfect storm

In a new National PPP Poll Scott Brown is now up 48-47.

Scott Brown is carrying majority of Independents and Democrats seems disinterested or not happy with Coakley and DC. Republicans/Independents are more enthusiastic about turning out to vote than Democrats are. Scott Brown is up 70/16 with the independent voters.

Scott  Brown's favorability rating is off the charts +32, at 57/25. Bob McDonnell was at a +20 spread with Virginia voters before going on to a 17 point victory.

Scott Brown is now +1 over Coakley and it's not clear she can stop him after her flawed campaign strategies of hide and ride it out. She also sailed into the perfect storm in Scott Brown.

We are fed up with Massachusetts corrupt politics

First Ted Kennedy changes the Senate secession rules when Republican Governor Mitt Romney takes office to his party favor.Then after his death Ma Senate votes to change that rule to give Kirk immediate voting power. Now the kicker, as it appears Scott Brown may be in the race and or defeat Democrat Martha Coakley fair and square Kirk and Harry Read are saying they will delay his nomination.

Is that what our founding fathers wanted? Is that what we the working class taxpayer voters want? This issue alone is why not to send Martha Coakley to DC. Wait, she is going there now to pick out her drapes and fund raise with the elites. Scott Brown driving around Ma in his truck to exhaustion, campaigning for this critical #41st vote. The arrogance of Coakley and the left wing arm of the the democratic party needs to be stopped. Independent voters in Ma are 65% for Scott Brown and I sense there are many democrats fed up ready to do the same on  1-19-2010.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

How Martha Coakley is potentially losing this election

Martha Coakley thought  12-8-09 the race for the Senate seat was over, Democrats win this seat hands down, game over. She then proceeded to commit a series of blunders causing a tailspin she might not be able to get out of. A race that she was 30 points up on Scott Brown a month ago this week tightened up to single digits.

First Martha waffled on her abortion stance post primary alienating her core liberal left base in the process. She follows that up refusing to debate Scott Brown one on one. Maybe late December that may have been a coy hide and coast to 1-19-10 election play. Now even the Boston Globe is slamming her on that as a not very Senatorial decision. But it gets better, She then goes MIA and take's a week vacation off the Campaign trail, its the holiday folks. She really has done no real campaigning to date again coasting to January special election walk in win or so she believed. Well that cockiness, arrogance elitist attitude has and is going to haunt her.

Upstart Scott Brown meanwhile has built a strong campaign surrounded by Romney veterans. He has worked tirelessly getting to all parts of the state. He has built an extensive voter support group both locally and Nationally. Has put out a brilliant JFK TV ad that highlights similarities of JFK and his lower tax policies that garned local and national attention. While Martha Coakley racks up SEIU, predictable Kennedy endorsements Scott Brown is getting Small Business, Veteran, Teaparty endorsements. Received two recent "of the people" endorsements from Lenny Clarke and Curt Schilling. Now on the surface elitist scoff, but these are two community guys that carry weight with working class every day taxpayers voters and their fans across the state.

Scott Brown is also winning the Internet and National support race. Scott Browns Twitter, Facebook growth  dwarfs Coakley. Just this past week Brown has appeared on TV/Radio with Cavuto, Kuddler, Hannity, Fred Thompson, Mark Levin, Jay Severin  and manly other local affiliates. The National and State exposure for Scott Brown is growing virally and daily.

This week National Pollster Rasmussen came out with a poll that said the race was single digits and with very likely voters Scott Brown was only down 2 points. Even more telling was that Brown was up 65%-21% among independent voters. That mirrors the November trend in New Jersey and Virginian Republican wins for Governor in states Obama had carried a year earlier.

For Scott Brown to win he had to run a near perfect campaign and he's so far doing that. For Martha Coakley to lose she had to run a terrible campaign, noted above she has. She had to be viewed as a bad candidate, refusing to debate Scott Brown alone. hide strategy,waffle on key party point, cocky sometimes arrogant demeanor, she's on her way there. She has lost the no way Scott Brown can win card now 12 days to go.

In Scott Brown's corner is momentum, enthusiastic voterbase and the proverbial underdog in this fight. Now that it's out there it's very possible Scott Brown can win, many may just say you know what I agree with Scott Brown on the actual Issues and vote cross party lines. And if Scott Brown were to win this election, it's because Martha Coakley gleefully skated to the center of the lake on ice she thought was solid only to realize it's really thin ice now.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

American cars - the case for Capitalism over statism is Ford

The American car company that did not accept Government takeover and control bailout Ford is prospering in late 2009 and surging into 2010.

U.S. roadways said Ford hybrid vehicles were very popular – and helping Ford set a new record in 2009 for hybrid sales in a year in which overall industry demand for the gas-electric vehicles was down.  Mentions of "I love it" and positive Green impact resounding in Detroit.

Fords November sales were up 14% and crossovers were up 26% versus 2008 and December is looking even stronger. The Q1 2010 forecast is for car demand and production to be up 58% year over year.

“The Ford plan is working, led by the strength of our product lineup and customer demand for our new cars, utilities and trucks,” said Czubay.  “Consumers increasingly are noticing that the Ford difference is our great products, our strong business and our leadership in quality, fuel efficiency, safety, smart technologies and value.”

Recently Ford has initiated measures to enhance and secure their financial viability. Ford Motor Company announces actions to improve balance sheet and enhance automotive liquidity. I n an era of Government bailouts and fiscal irresponsibility and declining sales it shows the Private sector is vastly more viable than the public sector to run American car companies.

To be fair how  are President Obama's public sector car companies doing?  GMAC will be receiving another $3.8b in TARP support, on top of the $12.5b it has already received. As a result, the US taxpayer’s stake in GMAC is expected to rise above the current 35 percent stake, just in time for more write-downs planned soon. Like many Government entities, no real incentive to be profitable when taxpayers perpetually fund you and run massive deficits. Post Office, Social Security? 

Okay but Obama's Government bailout of Chrysler Co must be fairing better?  Per US Treasury last month taxpayers are losing more than $30 billion on the rescue of struggling automakers Chrysler and General Motors. Say it aint so?

At this point I will not even delve into the Union kickbacks involved in these bailouts and complicit involvement in the Auto woes in America. But Ford is a shining Beacon for Private enterprise and Capitalism versus statist Government takeover Socialism and the radical left liberals controlling DC these days. We have a choice to vote with our purchase Dollars and support Ford.

My last three SUV purchases were GM/Jeeps and yesterday bought a new Ford Edge Crossover/SUV. Never felt more American and good about a car purchase in my life. Ford salesman said to me he was selling a ton of cars to fed up Americans not going to subsidize Government bailout companies.

Vote on 1-19-2010 in MA special election and in November, we will be heard.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scott Brown Teaparty Breakfast Update

Just back from attending a Scott Brown breakfast run by the Teaparty in Westborough, Massachusetts. Scott Brown gave a great and well received speech to a large crowd. He hammered home the striking differences on where he stands on issues versus very liberal Martha Coakley.

A few of the takeaways were: 1)Donating is critical and he is getting lots of nationwide online support 2) Could not release his internal polls but he said things are going very well 3)Experienced Romney team members are  running his campaign 4) New TV ad will start airing Monday and he said we were going to love it 5) Talked to the JFK Tax cut reference in current ad and followed up with some solid Ronald Reagan references.

The special election is 1-19-2010 and this #41stvote is in reach. Turn the vote out for Scott Brown is imperative. Do you believe in Miracles? Well it's been 30 years  since that great American upset which ironicall happened up in #NY23 territory. Coincidence? Never thought I'd see the day a Bruin game would be played outdoors at Fenway Park.

Lenny Clarke at Fenway Park endorsing Scott Brown at Fenway too! Video here

Friday, January 1, 2010

Jay Severin calls Scott Brown ad Brilliant & maybe a game changer

Long time Political advisor and Boston talk radio host Jay Severin tweeted today on the recent Scott Brown TV ad airing in Massachusetts.

“For 20+ yrs I produced brilliant pol TV across US; I recognize Scott Brown's new spot one of the most brilliant-ever. Maybe game-changer.”

“Brown PS: in profession, pol spots are scored for impact via matrix of Information, Persuasion, Like/Dislike, Recall. This a winner in all.”

I agree and see the ad here. The 41st Senate seat in MA is up for grabs 1-19-2010.
Video already has 25,000 views on YouTube as the Scott Brown campaign goes viral.