Saturday, January 9, 2010

We are fed up with Massachusetts corrupt politics

First Ted Kennedy changes the Senate secession rules when Republican Governor Mitt Romney takes office to his party favor.Then after his death Ma Senate votes to change that rule to give Kirk immediate voting power. Now the kicker, as it appears Scott Brown may be in the race and or defeat Democrat Martha Coakley fair and square Kirk and Harry Read are saying they will delay his nomination.

Is that what our founding fathers wanted? Is that what we the working class taxpayer voters want? This issue alone is why not to send Martha Coakley to DC. Wait, she is going there now to pick out her drapes and fund raise with the elites. Scott Brown driving around Ma in his truck to exhaustion, campaigning for this critical #41st vote. The arrogance of Coakley and the left wing arm of the the democratic party needs to be stopped. Independent voters in Ma are 65% for Scott Brown and I sense there are many democrats fed up ready to do the same on  1-19-2010.

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