Friday, January 29, 2010

Scott Brown is a Game changer in DC, and real message is?

Scott Brown is a Fiscal Conservative that won the second shot heard around the world in the bluest of blue states of Massachusetts. This is a state with 12% Gop and 51% Independent's. Scott's rally call was he was the independent voice for the People's seat. He ran a fiscally Conservative platform to a historic victory.

Scott Brown was a speaker at numerous Teaparty rallies last August. I was at many of them. He was also at Teaparty fundraisers campaigning. I was at both and you know who I met there? Upset and angry Americans. I saw a cross section of Republican, Independent and Democrats participating. In many ways the Teaparty movement was an unhappiness with both parties.

Reflecting back the GOP party did near nothing to help Scott Brown win this election. Yesterday Scott Brown made a bold statement that neither party was safe to automatically get his vote. Some went into panic mode but on reflection it's a brave and courageous stance. He was elected by we the people. Politicians need not be aligned to parties and radical views left or right. Its time we all start bringing common sense and doing the right thing in DC. That system is Broken and badly. We are fed up and enough is enough with both parties.

I believe that Scott Brown will vote strongly on his campaign promises.  But maybe his comments were as much a volley shot at the same GOP that wasn't there for him this Senate race. I am going to hold Scott's feet to the fire on his voting record. And I'm not betting against him and confident he will vote along his core principles, and maybe we will see a new wave of public servants elected in November working for us the people. Scott has stopped Cap and Trade in its track and the HC Bill is on a respirator with his election. If Coakley was seated both were done deals.

Will Scott Brown be the perfect candidate to all on all issues? Probably not but those 2 critical issues noted above he has changed  and stopped the Obama radical progressive agenda. Without being seated he has had historic impact on the future of our Democracy. Lets let Scott grow into his new job in DC, working for us we the people.

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