Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The real reason Scott Brown will win the MA Senate election next week

First I want to update where we are today and update polling in the Massachusetts Senate Race. First we had a 1-9-2010 Public Policy Polling survey calling it a tossup with Scott Brown up 48-47 over Martha Coakley. The Key takeaway was Brown up 70-16 rating versus Coakley with Independents.Then on 1-12-2010 Rassmussen updated their polling in MA has the race tightening up this week with Coakley up 49-47. That's 7 points closer than a week ago. To put that in perspective Scott Brown was down 30 points a month ago. Also Rasmussen had Scott Brown up 71-23 with Independents.

Today we get some updating polling data from Weekly standard. Based on Browns stunning knockout debate win on TV, Coakley running a poor campaign Brown is still surging. The democrats are in panic mode with Coakley campaigning DC and SEIU and interest groups buying last second negative ads. And Scott Brown raised $1.4 Million from 17,000 contributers mostly small individual donations with a recent money bomb.

The updated Internal polls the weekly Standard reported today are probably very accurate based on trendings. Internal Democratic polls have the race close, with a small and fading Coakley lead. Their actions this week actually confirm that indeed is the case. One Republican and One Independent group now actually have Scott Brown up by a few points. This is earth shattering news and reflects that Scott Brown is running a great campaign and Martha Coakley is pulling a proverbial Bill Buckner with hers.

On WTKK Today Jay Severin a veteran 20+ year political advisor who ran campaigns had some interesting thoughts. He for a week now has outlined how Martha Coakley was a poor candidate and the potential was there for her to lose this race if Scott Brown hit on a bunch of perfect storm issues. He also commented that based on his experience, recent polls and trends led him to cautiously state Scott Brown was likely up today in this race.

Back to why I believe Scott Brown will win this race next week. I wrote an article a month ago stating he would win the race and it would be because he was on the right side on the issues and that is still true. But a new dynamic is now in play. Scott Brown connects with the average person in Massachusetts more than Martha Coakley. It's almost that simple. Look at Scott Brown's endorsements. Curt Schilling, Lenny Clark, Doug Flutie, WEEI Sports personalities, Steve Sweeney, State and Local police, various newspapers, Veterans, Small Business Groups, John McCain, Tim Pawlenty, Rudy Giuliani on and on. Scott Brown is going to win the PEOPLE'S Seat because he relates to the people in Massachusetts more than Martha Coakly. Sometimes it's just simple math.

With all due respect, it's not the Kennedy's seat, it's not the democrats seat, it's the PEOPLE'S Seat


  1. As a native-born of MA, I have had little reason, during most of my lifetime (politically speaking) to be proud of by State of birth. I have the same issue with my current State of residence, WA.
    BUT seeing the Patriots rising up from their recliners, gives me HOPE for real CHANGE, where I live. As I check Facebook, e-mail and especially Twitter, I can SEE the waves of energy flowing and reverberating from all corners of America!
    In societies, where Justice and Mercy are truly present, late-comers are not looked down upon, but are welcomed, like the Prodical Son; once lost, but now found. I wish all who chose to place their trust in the Liberal and Progressive politicians, would look around and see their fellow Americans are only a step, or two away, ready to welcome them back home, even for the first time!

  2. The conservative teachers in my building are excited about Scott Brown. We stop in the hallway just to squeeze in a chat about the race. Even my best teaching friend - a liberal - remarked yesterday "I like Scott Brown".

    Yet I haven't heard a whisper from Liberal teachers about Martha Coakley. I believe the liberal teachers won't vote at all, or will vote for Brown.

    Further, to date, there has been no Mass Teacher's Union endorsement for Coakley. Highly unusual for the MTA to not send out colorful, expensive brochures and/or make TV ads for candidates by this point in a race.

    Scott Brown will not only win this election, my husband and I predict that he will win by the 11.2% lead our Citizen's Poll showed he was up by.

  3. Hey NorsU! This is realityagent from Jericho! My man - Mitt Romney - told me to send some money up to here to help a good man win. I've seen him, listened to him and I can tell he is a good man, so I sent $100, all the way from Georgia. I told my brothers that we have to build this country back, one politician at a time. I will no longer donate to the RNCC ($1,000,000 to the NY RINO?) or the RNC. But if I get a request from Mitt Romney, consider it done. I just found this video of our "Town Hall" meeting in my district of Atlanta with Hank Johnson (our Congressman). There was barely a blip on the news about it, and they left out the good part. If this doesn't make your heart swell with pride for your fellow Americans, I don't know what will. I was amazed! The only thing missing was Elvis singing his Patriotic Trilogy! Send this around - this should help inspire you guys in the final stretch!


  4. Thank you Lynn:) Om the street in MA TODAY, Scott Brown winning this race!!!!

  5. Now this is change we can believe in.