Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Arrogance of Coakley, Clinton and Obama in MA

A day when Bill Clinton UN envoy to Haiti was hobnobbing with Big $ fundraisers in Ma for Martha Coakley Scott Brown was campaigning across the state meeting the people. Is that not a Haiti for Brown political blunder?

This follows Friday when Scott Brown walked the North end of Boston with Rudy Guiliani talking with the people. Where Where is Coakley in this Race? MIA, absent and arrogant and even scoffed at shaking hands with Fenway fans.  The Rudy visit

Today Coakley will try to bail a dead campaign with another high brow exclusive Obama event. That strategy failed in NJ and Virginia Gov. races in November. So today Scott Brown is again out with the people in Worcester MA.

And even with that I bet more Brown supporters are at Northeastern Obama event than Coakley's, And they are not paid Union or Acorn members, but voting Patriots. This was hours before event and Brown fans already surging on the scene!

The far left minority are in denial, we the people oppose Govt takeover of HC, Reckless spending and Big Government corruption. That Massachusetts is leaning for Scott Brown  should be a wakeup call for the progressive liberal minority. Democrats, Independents, and Republicans are fed up and not going to take it any more.  November elections for Democrats are going to be a disaster.

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