Wednesday, January 27, 2010

After watching SOTU tonight I am going to make a bold Prediction

Tomorrow morning no one is going to believe what I am about to lay out and call. On the backdrop of Scott Brown winning "The peoples seat" in Blue State Massachusetts Obama delivered a defiant lecture. He is standing by his failed policies and standing by Gov't Healthcare, Cap and Trade and Big Government agenda's.

He spoke of transparency, earmarks, lobbyists, tax cuts, and the fact checkers are going to validate in AM. Obama done lied a lot tonight. I counted 165 lies on top of 104 mentions of I or me.

He even offended the Supreme Court on their recent Campaign contribution ruling. They pulled a "You Lie" moment and glared at Obama refusing to stand on that comment.  He even went on to mention an Executive override. Obviously Obama does not understand the separation of powers our Founding fathers wrote into our Constitution. From the same President that has built a shadow Government accountable only to him. He has bullied Congress and us the people trying to ram bills through fast and often unread.

I was the first believing in Scott Brown in November last year and just had a feeling he was going to do it early and he did. Obama talking down again at we the people and doubling down on his failed agenda is going to be a crushing defeat for the Democrats this November.

My bold predictions? Obama is probably going to lose both the House and Senate or at least really close the gap and destroy super majority. People are tired of Obama's words, no one believe's him or much of anything he say's anymore. Tonights SOTU was recyled rhetoric.

I predict after a landslide Republican/Conservative/Independent landslide in November we will see talk of an Impeachment of Barrack Obama by Christmas. I'm not saying it will happen but if he keeps ramming this progressive vastly unpopular agenda do not be the least bit surprised a year from now it's being debated on the Congress floor. There are going to be a whole lot more of new Scott Browns in Washington come November. The Scott Brown's of the country that understand and represent we the people.

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