Thursday, January 7, 2010

How Martha Coakley is potentially losing this election

Martha Coakley thought  12-8-09 the race for the Senate seat was over, Democrats win this seat hands down, game over. She then proceeded to commit a series of blunders causing a tailspin she might not be able to get out of. A race that she was 30 points up on Scott Brown a month ago this week tightened up to single digits.

First Martha waffled on her abortion stance post primary alienating her core liberal left base in the process. She follows that up refusing to debate Scott Brown one on one. Maybe late December that may have been a coy hide and coast to 1-19-10 election play. Now even the Boston Globe is slamming her on that as a not very Senatorial decision. But it gets better, She then goes MIA and take's a week vacation off the Campaign trail, its the holiday folks. She really has done no real campaigning to date again coasting to January special election walk in win or so she believed. Well that cockiness, arrogance elitist attitude has and is going to haunt her.

Upstart Scott Brown meanwhile has built a strong campaign surrounded by Romney veterans. He has worked tirelessly getting to all parts of the state. He has built an extensive voter support group both locally and Nationally. Has put out a brilliant JFK TV ad that highlights similarities of JFK and his lower tax policies that garned local and national attention. While Martha Coakley racks up SEIU, predictable Kennedy endorsements Scott Brown is getting Small Business, Veteran, Teaparty endorsements. Received two recent "of the people" endorsements from Lenny Clarke and Curt Schilling. Now on the surface elitist scoff, but these are two community guys that carry weight with working class every day taxpayers voters and their fans across the state.

Scott Brown is also winning the Internet and National support race. Scott Browns Twitter, Facebook growth  dwarfs Coakley. Just this past week Brown has appeared on TV/Radio with Cavuto, Kuddler, Hannity, Fred Thompson, Mark Levin, Jay Severin  and manly other local affiliates. The National and State exposure for Scott Brown is growing virally and daily.

This week National Pollster Rasmussen came out with a poll that said the race was single digits and with very likely voters Scott Brown was only down 2 points. Even more telling was that Brown was up 65%-21% among independent voters. That mirrors the November trend in New Jersey and Virginian Republican wins for Governor in states Obama had carried a year earlier.

For Scott Brown to win he had to run a near perfect campaign and he's so far doing that. For Martha Coakley to lose she had to run a terrible campaign, noted above she has. She had to be viewed as a bad candidate, refusing to debate Scott Brown alone. hide strategy,waffle on key party point, cocky sometimes arrogant demeanor, she's on her way there. She has lost the no way Scott Brown can win card now 12 days to go.

In Scott Brown's corner is momentum, enthusiastic voterbase and the proverbial underdog in this fight. Now that it's out there it's very possible Scott Brown can win, many may just say you know what I agree with Scott Brown on the actual Issues and vote cross party lines. And if Scott Brown were to win this election, it's because Martha Coakley gleefully skated to the center of the lake on ice she thought was solid only to realize it's really thin ice now.

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