Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Tangible Similarities between Marco Rubio and Scott Brown

I am tired  of all the needed and now worn out who is the next Scott Brown stories. As I dug into who is this Marco Rubio running for Senate in Florida? I started to see real striking core similarities in the two men. Not rah rah he's the next Scott Brown but accross the board likeness.

Scott Brown was down 30 points to Martha Coakley a month before the Second shot heard around the world. Scott Brown rallied to win 52-47 taking the "People's Seat" in what could be the biggest political upset of our lifetime especially with that 41st seat at stake. Well guess what a few months back Marco Rubio was 29 points down to Charlie Crist. He has narrowed the gap and today a new Quinnipiac university poll has him up by 3 points.

Then I decided to research Brown and Rubio's backgrounds deeper. Brown came from a divorced family, of no financial means and self made himself to where he is today.  Rubio was born in Miami the son of immigrants from Cuba and his parents also were not of means and bartended and held Maid jobs. Marco too is a self made person today.

Both were involved in sports with Scott Brown playing basketball into College at Tufts University. Rubio made his way into college as a football player and then his academic work carried him through.  Scott Joined the national guard and if you have not heard yet, modeled some in Cosmopolitan. He went on to pursue a Law Degree. Marco Rubio also went on to study Law and holds an advanced degree.

Ok, similar but it continues. Scott Brown went on to marry a local  model, you may have seen her MTV video by now. She is now an esteemed longtime TV reporter in Boston. Marco Rubio went on to marry an ex Miami Dolphin Chearleader. Both Brown and Rubio are strong family men and have 2 and 4 children today.

But no, it gets even better. Scott Brown started his political career as a property assesor in Wrentham, MA. Marco Rubio started his political career as a City commissioner in West Miami. Brown then went on to win a seat in the  Massachusetts House of Representatives. Marco Rubio also went on to win a seat in the Florida House of Representatives.  Both fought for lower taxes, smaller Government and have similar fiscal conservative platform's.

Well in 2010 Scott Brown decided to run for US Senate and went on to win what is now referred to as the Second shot heard around the world. And Marco Rubio too is running for US Senate in 2010. Both are hard working, passionate and articulate. Both are great speakers and appear very comfortable with We the people. Both worked their way up the political ladder from the bottom.

Scott Brown and Marco Rubio both made it to this point working down the same path. After I laid all those similarities out I could make a strong case that Marco Rubio is the next Scott Brown.  But the truth is Marco Rubio is the next Marco Rubio.

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