Thursday, January 14, 2010

Martha Coakley shows her true colors

While campaigning with the big wig Pharma and Insurance lobbyist in DC the following transpired. A reporter asked a tough follow up on her irrational comment in recent debate that there was no more Taliban or El Qaeda in Afghanistan. Martha gave a dismissive next question response. Trying to follow that up said reporter was assaulted and knocked over by her aid. This is all on video and documented photographs. Said aid has since called and apologized to the reporter.

This is where it gets worse, Coakley initially said she was not privy to what happened and the MSM ran with her account of reporter initiating the violence, Reporter assaulted on said "Coakley staffers told me they didn’t know who the man was who pushed me, though by every indication he was somehow connected to the campaign" Well after the video and pictures hit the net of her clearly looking at her aid over reporter knocked down her story changed. And it was crystal clear it was her Aid Michael Meehan.

But it gets worse, Coakley has responded to the incident by characterizing she was being followed by a Scott Brown “stalker.”. As an AG she should understand the serious nature of that allegation and it turns out the reported assaulted reporter had legit Press credentials. Then Martha comes out with this? “I’m not sure what happened. I know something occurred, but I’m not privy to the facts. I’m sure it will come out, but I’m not aware of that. Thats almost a stance with no factual reality based on the incident, video, and pictures.

Is this why State and local Massachusetts law enforcement agencies are endorsing Scott Brown over their own AG? This is classic Martha Coakley doing nothing and in this instance trying to deny and coverup an assault of a defenseless reporter via a thuggish Aid attack. Within the Boston media Coakley has the nickname of "No comment". From the same person who scoffed at going out in the cold to shake voters hands at Fenway Park, her true colors are being exposed.

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