Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scott Brown Finishes his Thank You tour in Foxboro

Scott Brown hit all points Massachusetts the past 3 days in frigid cold, Tonight at Christina's on Route 1 Scott was met by what may be his biggest draw to date. Tough to guestimate numbers but it was well over a 1,000 and growing all night. Scott gave a short thank you address after being introduced by Steve Sweeney a local celeb comedian.

When I left 2 hours later Scott was still signing, taking pictures and shaking hands with us the people. I was at the August townhall events here in MA, I scanned the crowd and it was the same common folks. Keep talking down to us the voters calling us "Teabaggers". That Scott Brown  wrestled the Kennedy seat away for us the people in of all places Massachusetts is ominous for Democrats in November. Today it truly is the peoples seat! Between observing blogging, twitter I truly feel my one vote for Scott Brown represented sentiment of millions nationally.

Today I read MSM and left trying to rip Scott Brow down, but no one reporting this from his interview on ABC.   Scott Brown on healthcare reform: whole plan should be scrapped

Also lost in the MSM coverage of the Walters Interview was this quote,  Scott Brown was clear, however, what the bedrock of his political philosophy would be. “Make no mistake, I am a fiscal conservative,” he said. “And when it comes to issues affecting people's pockets, and pocketbooks, and wallets, I'll be with the Republicans if they are in fact pushing those initiatives.”

Here are some pictures from tonights Scott Brown thank you event.

Scott's daughter Ayla was also there raising money for Haiti and promoting her record. The line was SO long I was not able to meet her but I was able to snap a few pictures.

The question of the night is, Why is Scott Brown not seated yet?

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  1. Great blog! Love hearing the local take on Scott Brown action.