Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Will Scott Brown be the new leadership we need in DC?

First signs regarding healthcare bill  are a resounding yes. Scott Brown said Sunday that he would work with President Obama on pocketbook issues like $33 billion in tax cuts to businesses that hire. But he sees no future for the healthcare reform bill. Let's start over on healthcare, Brown says.

The democrats tried to ram Socialized government healthcare bill through last August unread. Then locked the doors to Republicans/Americans and one party tried to ram it through yet again. Where was the transparency on CSPAN?  It was all a big lie. Now that Scott Brown is in town it is time to shelve this DOA health care  bill. Time to start over from scratch with real Bipartisan inputs. 

Tomorrow Scott Brown will be sworn in to the peoples seat representing Massachusetts in the Senate. It is time to focus on economy, jobs, national security and getting Americans back on track. Somewhere JFK and Ronald Reagan will be looking down and smiling as Scott Brown is sworn in tomorrow.

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