Monday, November 1, 2010

Massachusetts and National Election Predictions

Starting with The House I am predicting a historic night for the Republicans. I am calling for a gain of 75 seats and that could go higher. Notable Democratic losers will be led by Barney Frank in the #MA04th District. John Dennis on a moderate Libertarian platform is going to surprise the Country on Tuesday and a flat out win is possible.  To benchmark my 75 seat prediction I compare to the Following: Dick Morris 73, Fred Barnes 60, Real Clear Politics 67, Cook 50+, and Rasmussen 55.

On the Senate side I am predicting a 50 Seat Republican end of day control. I see the Dems holding CT with Blumenthal (what a weak candidate) and Delaware with Coons (What a socialist candidate). I see Joe Miller in AK holding on. John Boozeman and Ron Johnson having impressive wins in Arkansas and Wisconson sending lefty Lincoln and Feingold home. Ken Buck, Mark Kirk, Sharon Angle, Pat Toomey will win close races in CO, IL, NV and PA.  In a race to control Senate Control Boxer and Fiorina will be in a toss up to the wee hours here on the East Coast.

Locally here in Ma I am predicting a 4-5 seat Republican win total on the up for grabs 10 seats. Jeff Perry in #MA10 and Sean Bielat in #Ma04 over Barney Frank the big wins for the GOP.  I see Tom Wesley #MA02, Bill Hudak #MA06, Marty Lamb #MA03, and Jon Golnick #MA05  all in very competitive races with 2 to 3 of them winning with Golnick's chances the highest.  In the Governors race look for a 2-3 point Charlie Baker win, the pollsters are wet and not in touch with the feel in the street, see Scott Brown election.
I also See Jim Mckenna the Republican write in candidate bouncing Martha Coakley for her second historic loss in the same calendar year.

For those interested in a true bell weather race to watch its the #MA18 Worcester State seat. You have Dem 6 term incumbent from the Beacon Hill Jen Callahan corruptocrat society elite versus young upstart Republican Ryan #Fattman. Ryan is very energetic and will GOTV and is much more media savy. See his creative Video/Ad here -

 This vote will be a classic Anti Obama/Deval Patrick election. If Fattman wins look for similar results all across the country pushing my 75 house seat prediction even higher. I see the continued emergence of the Teaparty movement pushing the GOP to a more conservative right leaning platform. In the process the far left Obama regime is losing Independent voters at a clip of 75/25 to the GOP and flat out leaking 10% plus moderate democrats not onboard with Obamacare, Cap Trade, Amnesty and growing soft tyranny and the socialistic transformation of America.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scott Brown announces Massachusetts Congressional Endorsements, Including Sean Bielat, Jeff Perry and Tom Wesley

Scott Brown just announced his endorsements in the Massachusetts Congressional Races. The most notable endorsement is Sean Bielat who is running a very strong race against Barney Frank in #MA04. Jeff Perry #MA10 and Tom Wesley #MA02 are other notable endorsements. For a full listing of endorsements see Scott Brown's press release below.

Scott Brown continues to campaign and work hard for local Republican candidates in Massachusetts, New England and Nationally. With the groundswell of rejection of the Obama socialist laden agenda it shows that all elections are now National elections.



Massachusetts Congressional Endorsements

NEEDHAM – Today, U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) announced the endorsement of the nine Republican congressional candidates running to represent Massachusetts in the United States House of Representatives. Brown’s campaign committee is also contributing $1,000 to each of their campaigns.
“On November 2nd, the people of Massachusetts are ready to send another message to Washington,” Brown said. “Right now, we need new independent voices in Washington who will fight for more jobs, lower taxes and stand up to the out-of-control government spending that has driven the national debt to record levels. I am proud to support these candidates.”
Brown’s Massachusetts endorsements include:
Jeff Perry, a state representative, who is running to represent the 10th Congressional District . For more information, visit
Vern Harrison, a successful businessman, who is running to represent the 9th Congressional District. For more information, visit
Gerry Dembrowski, a physician and small business owner, who is running to represent the 7th Congressional District. For more information, visit
Bill Hudak, an attorney and small business owner, who is running to represent the 6th Congressional District. For more information, visit
Jon Golnik, a small business owner, who is running to represent the 5th Congressional District. For more information, visit
Sean Bielat, a veteran of the Marine Corps, who is running to represent the 4th Congressional District. For more information, visit
Marty Lamb, a small business owner and attorney, who is running to represent the 3rd Congressional District. For more information, visit
Tom Wesley, a Navy Veteran and businessman, who is running to represent the 2nd Congressional District. For more information, visit
Bill Gunn, a small business owner, who is running to represent the 1st Congressional District. For more information, visit

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just like Scott Brown, Jim McKenna will beat Martha Coakley on the issues

The fact is Martha Coakley ran a poor Senate race, Scott Brown out worked her, it was a fluke. Name all the liberal excuses you want but the fact is she really lost on the tangible issues. The left even in MA feels compelled to talk down to it's constituents. See John Kerry's comments on voters being too stupid to understand. No the voters get it and the first shot fired was the Massachusetts Miracle with Scott Brown on January 19,2010. The voting working  people are flat out fed up with politics as usual in Massachusetts and DC.

Eight months later we have a write in AG Republican candidate already pushing Martha Coakley real hard. She appears making the same mistake of dismissing an unknown once again. How pompous and shortsighted! Jim McKenna is going to hammer Martha Coakley on all the issues just as Scott Brown did. Heck, even a lot of the unions and local and state law enforcement agencies were and may not be on her side again and what does that say?

Martha, he may not be from Wrentham, he does not wear a barn coat or drive a truck. He was not even in Cosmo half naked.  But he is a Republican and he is on the ballot in November. Consider yourself warned - yet again.

12/11/09 - Scott Brown will win MA Senate seat on the issues

An update from Jim Mckenna below 

Jim for AG

Talking with voters
Thanks to the enthusiastic support of friends like you, we are continuing to grow our campaign to defeat Martha Coakley.

We have been challenging the attorney general on multiple issues, including Cape Wind, illegal immigration and the apparent conflict of interest in her role of approving the Caritas Christi deal.

Martha Coakley's flip flop on illegal immigration is the most glaring issue that has come to light in recent days. Just a few months ago, she told WCRN radio that, "Technically, it's not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts." However, just this month in our first televised debate, she had an election year epiphany and said, "it is illegal to be here illegally." Yet Attorney General Martha Coakley has done nothing to stop our sanctuary cities which in reality is amnesty by default.

Her type of double-speak is rampant on Beacon Hill, and is a major reason why people are looking for new leadership this November. I pledge that, as attorney general, I will put the 'enforcement' back in law enforcement.

There are three important things you can do today to help us defeat Martha Coakley.

  1. Visit our online STORE, and buy your McKenna gear.
  2. Contribute online and help us raise critical funds.
  3. Tell 10 people about our campaign.
I am traveling the state from the Bay to the Berkshires, and I hope to see you out on the campaign trail.


James McKenna
Candidate for Attorney General

Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

Paid for by The Committee to Elect James McKenna

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is Martha Coakley about to be Coakley'd by AG write in candidate Jim McKenna in Nov.?

It is looking like Attorney General Martha Coakley will have a Republican challenger in  the November election. This is due to a remarkable accomplishment of garnering over 10,000 write in votes in yesterday’s GOP primary by Jim McKenna. 

According to Secretary of State William Galvin, McKenna already has  received greater than 5,000 write-in votes from yesterday’s primary.  Galvin tells WBZ there is a good chance that McKenna could become a contender in the race for attorney general because officials still need to count ballots from more than 290 Massachusetts cities and towns

Jim McKenna on twitter ( @JimForAG ) twitted:
WE DID IT! It's Big! I Mean Really Big! We didn't just make it - We Crushed it! Martha Coakley has an opponent and his name is Jim McKenna

The next question is can Martha Coakley possibly pull a bigger political choke job than losing the Kennedy’s Senate seat to a virtual unknown Republican from Wrentham, MA? Well after pulling one of the worst run campaigns in modern political history don’t sell her short. To lose the Massachusetts AG race to a relatively unknown Republican write in Candidate would top even her January election loss in the special Senate election.

The fact that Jim McKenna in short preparation could procure what has been estimated as 10 - 50,000 votes is a testament to the new social media and changing political landscape. Internet word of mouth, social sites, blogs now spread the word at lightning speeds. There is also the continued explosion and passion of the Conservative tea party movement afoot, even alive and well here in Massachusetts. There is a fed up, well educated and highly motivated voting base popping up everywhere nationwide.

The question now is can Jim McKenna ride this wave to potentially a bigger upset than Scott Brown’s Massachusetts miracle last January 19, 2010? Somewhere Martha Coakley is taking pause, or more likely not but she really should be.

About Jim McKenna
  - Strong record of putting the bad guys away! 
  - Worked as Assistant District Attorney for Suffolk and Worcester County

  - Believes Government must be TRUSTED in order to be effective

Jim worked as a prosecutor for 10 years, gaining perspective and experience by serving in three different offices. He prosecuted public corruption and organized crime in Boston for three years while serving as an Assistant District Attorney in the Organized Crime Division of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office. Jim also served for six years as an Assistant District Attorney in the Worcester County District Attorney’s office, which work included two years as supervisor of the Grand Jury Unit. He began his work as a prosecutor by serving in the Civil Division of the Franklin County [Ohio] Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

In 1998, Jim moved to private practice, but also served as a Special Assistant District Attorney concerning a case on which he had worked while a full-time prosecutor. Specifically, he represented the Commonwealth before the Supreme Judicial Court in support of the first-degree murder conviction of the murderer of Paxton Police Chief Robert Mortell. That conviction was affirmed, as were all others in that case. Commonwealth v. Souza, 428 Mass. 478 (1998). 

Since then, Jim has worked in the private sector, primarily doing civil litigation (insurance defense) on both the trial and appellate levels. During that time, Jim also served a campaign coordinator for Greg White’s Campaign for Worcester County District Attorney in 2002, and as campaign chair for Steve Paige’s campaign for state senate in 2004. Most recently, Jim served as chief legal counsel for Mary Z. Connaughton’s campaign for Auditor.

In addition, for the last 17 years, Jim has taught courses on law and ethics as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the part-time MBA program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Department of Management. Last year, BusinessWeek ranked that program 9th nationally. This year, BusinessWeek ranked that program 1st – with UCLA, UC (Berkeley), Nebraska and Michigan rounding out the top five. 

For the last 5 years, Jim has served on the Board of Trustees of Quinsigamond Community College.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tom Wesley in MA 2nd district starting to feel like the Scott Brown win in January

Driving around Central Massachusetts this week I am starting to see a wave of Republican Tom Wesley signs popping up. This has a very Scott Brown feel to it. Same locations, same voters and same fed up atmosphere out and about. Tom Wesley is a Veteran with a platform similar to Scott Brown, one could say Conservative right of Brown but still very appealing to the large Independent voter base.

Scott Brown won over 60% of the Senate vote in most all of these towns and it's really not a reach that a reclusive and currently unpopular Richard Neal could find himself the next Massachusetts politician "Coakley'd". And Richard Neal might be well served to understand and know Bill Buckner did not play for the Yankees.

Latest news update directly from Tom Wesley.


Constant bearing. Decreasing range.  This is the warning sign of an impending collision.  We are on a collision course with destiny this fall. 
Can you feel it?  I certainly can.  This is what I hear from you every single day: we must repair the economy and put people back to work; we must secure our border; we must stop the slide towards a social welfare state; we must undo the damage caused by Obamacare.
In short, we must change the course of America.
In my training as an aviator, I was taught that there were three useless things: runway behind you; altitude above you; and, a second ago. Time is precious. 
I have every expectation that we will prevail in the upcoming primary 26 days from now. But with the general election only 75 days away, we need to continue the momentum that will carry us through September 14 right up until November 2. There can be no rest, no let up in effort. We must increase our efforts to get the message out beyond the primary voters and reach the independent voters. 
This is where you come in.  We need another district office in the central region so that our phone volunteers can reach out to that independent voter.  They are half of the voter base and I need three of four to win in November.  I can do that with 15 donors at $1000 each.  We need more yard signs and posters.  They are springing up everywhere but so are Richard Neal signs.  I can double down on signage to gain name recognition with 10 donors at $500 each.  Targeted voter contact is becoming urgent.  Direct mail pieces are essential and must be planned in advance.  I can get that started with 100 donors at $100 each.
I know that these are challenging numbers.  These are challenging times.  If you can’t pledge these amounts, will you pledge to help raise these amounts?  If you can solicit 20 pledges at $50, you can present the campaign with a $1000 check and a down payment towards more signage, more advertizing, or more direct mailings.
People tell me that the stakes in this election have never been higher.  This is the most important election of our generation.  If you agree with that assessment, as I do, then we must all shoulder the burden.
I visited my alma mater, the United States Merchant Marine Academy, with my teenage son this past week.  I spent some time in the Mariners Chapel reflecting upon the sacrifices of so many brave sailors so that freedom would still ring throughout America.  I made a short video of the visit. On the marble tablet that commemorates their sacrifice are these words: Tell America- We died for her- And that we rest- Content.
Friends, if you feel that our American way of life is in grave danger, can there be any acceptable response than to pull the oar together?

To Victory,

Tom Wesley
Candidate for U.S. Congress (MA-02)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Latest from Tom Wesley on #MA02 Race against Incumbent (D) Neal


What a whirlwind tour we have been on since I lest dropped you a note in your inbox!

It all started with an appearance on the Jay Severin Show on WTTK. Though the station is Boston-based, it was great to speak to a large audience and clue them in on the movement that is building out west. After leaving the show, it was back to The Hangar (campaign office) in Douglas where 20 volunteers were banging out phone calls.

On Saturday, it was back to meeting with small business owners and their customers. We kicked it off at Little Coffee Bean in Douglas, before heading to the WCRN studios to give them a campaign update on the Tea Party show. Of course, after a radio interview, nothing tastes better than a Kielbasa at the Polish-American Festival in Springfield.

Our ethnic tour continued on Sunday as we passed through the Romanian Festival in Southbridge and Portuguese Picnic in Milford. As you know I have traveled the world for business, making countless visits to Portugal. The Portuguese I picked up on those trips came in handy in Milford!

While jobs and the economy constantly come up on the campaign trail, taxes and the burden that comes with them also concern many, including business owners. Unfortunately, Richard Neal has never been known as a tax cutter. Just this week he was on ABC News, and during his appearance, the interviewer asked him about the expiring tax cuts approved by the Bush Administration.

While Congressman Neal tried to politically speak his way around the question, the interviewer pressed him to admit that taxes would be higher once those expire. Here is a new web video highlighting Richard Neal’s willingness to allow taxes to go up:

Running for U.S. Congress is hard enough without running against 22 year incumbent. Just Wednesday, it was reported that Richard Neal is handing out more than $400,000 to members of the Ways & Means Committee that he is lusting at chairing in the new Congress.

Though his path to that chairmanship is anything but clear with more senior members in line before him, there are two other road blocks: our campaign and nationwide discontent. To be the chairman of Ways & Means, not only does Richard Neal have to win re-election, Democrats have to retain control of Congress.
Will you do your part in helping prevent this by either donating your time or your treasure?

Finally, this weekend I will be in Oxford on Saturday at 9:00 AM for our next “Coffee with Tom” event. We will be setting up shop at Carl’s Oxford Diner at 291 Main Street. We have some other events planned as well in the area, and I look forward to continuing to build momentum by sharing our vision with voters.

To Victory,

- Tom

P.S. I want to thank the great people who turned out for our fundraiser on Monday evening. These types of events not only raise critical campaign resources, it also gives me an opportunity to meet in a small group setting with men and women concerned about our nation’s future. If you are willing to hold a fundraiser or coffee event at your home, please contact

Monday, June 28, 2010

Scott Brown looking for support, opposes Cap and Trade

I received this letter  via Scott Brown today.

I have been in office for five months and already the special interests are attacking my record.  My independent voting record speaks for the voters of Massachusetts, and not for anyone else.  From day one, I have said that I would oppose more regulation, higher taxes and an ever-expanding federal budget.

Washington has no shortage of bad ideas.  Even well-intentioned programs usually come wrapped up with higher taxes and fees that I refuse to support.   The special interests are pushing for a national energy tax, otherwise known as cap and trade. They also want to increase red tape and regulation.  For some reason, the Washington elites believe that if one opposes a national energy tax and more regulation, they must also support the Gulf oil spill.  This is ludicrous.

The fact is, cap and trade will hurt the poor and working class the most and America can't afford another tax.

While I continue to fight for lower taxes, less regulation and reduced spending in Washington, some groups are beginning to fight me here in Massachusetts by running negative TV ads. This is nothing new. The political machine has been running ugly attack ads against me since the campaign.

You would think that if my political opponents were really concerned about the Gulf oil spill, that they would invest the hundreds of thousands of dollars they are spending to attack me on efforts to protect the environment in the affected area.  Instead, they cynically attack me for defending the working families of Massachusetts.

I'd like to fight back so I'm writing you this email to ask for your help.  Will you donate $100 right now to my campaign to fight back?  If that amount is not possible, would you consider donating another amount to help fend off these negative attacks?

At the end of the day, my priority continues to be looking out for the broader interests of the people of Massachusetts as a whole. That may make me a target for the special interests, but I will not let their narrow perspective trump the importance of keeping taxes low, cutting red tape and reducing the size of the deficit.
Your Senator,
Scott Brown
United States Senator

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Webster Republicans endorse Tom Wesley for US Congress

For Immediate Release: Contact: Tim Bonin
June 15, 2010 401-580-9602
Webster Republicans Endorse
Tom Wesley for U.S. Congress in Second District

WEBSTER—The Webster Republican Town Committee (RTC) today officially announced its endorsement of Tom Wesley, candidate for U.S. Congress in Massachusetts’ Second District. Webster RTC Chairman Jennifer Tonelli said the following:

“Massachusetts needs Tom Wesley in Congress right now. With the ongoing military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the fanning of flames between North and South Korea, and the continuing tensions in Israel, we need a congressman who has real-world experience in global preparedness and conflict.

“In addition to being a Navy veteran, Tom Wesley has witnessed firsthand the shortcomings of the social welfare state with the extensive time he has spent in Europe. President Obama has shown some precarious inclinations in this area, making this type of expertise critical in upcoming policy debates.

“On the flip side, you have our current congressman. Richard Neal is too busy in DC and Springfield to remember the people in Central Massachusetts. We have never seen Richard Neal in our town parades or celebrations. In fact, many people around here refer to him as ‘the ghost.’

“Far from a one-issue candidate, Tom Wesley brings a wide base of knowledge on issues as diverse as military preparedness, small and large business management, and high education standards. Tom Wesley is smart. Tom Wesley is electable. Tom Wesley is our future."

Tom Wesley responded to the endorsement:

“With some of our global rivals writing America’s obituary as a world superpower, we need strong leaders with the ideas and the understanding to counter our downward drift. The members of the Webster RTC appreciate this need. I pledge to always work to keep Americans safe, and never vote to put American soldiers into harms way unless it’s absolutely necessary. The peoples of the world share the same hopes of peace, security and prosperity in their lives as Americans, and we should consistently be striving to make that a reality.”

In addition to the Webster Republican Town Committee, Tom Wesley has been endorsement the Springfield Republican City Committee, the Douglas Republican Town Committee, the Hopedale Republican Committee and the Wales Republican Town Committee. He also received nomination signatures from each of the 41 cities and towns in the Second District.

# # #

Tom Wesley is a candidate for U.S. Congress in the 2nd Congressional District against Richard Neal. Tom Wesley lives in Hopedale, MA with his wife Rebecca and three children. Wesley has extensive private sector experience and is a Veteran pilot having served in the United States Navy and at the Pentagon as a member of the Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Paid For By Tom Wesley For U.S. Congress

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's time to Repeal Neal in Ma #2 District in November

Received a message from Tom Wesley who is running for Congress in Ma District #2 and thought it was worth sharing.

I want to first thank all of you who emailed, facebooked, tweeted and donated birthday wishes on Monday. I appreciate all your kind words and all that you have done so far for my campaign.

I have just returned from a business trip to Europe, but thanks to the great online community we have created on Facebook and Twitter, I kept campaigning thousands of miles away.

One example of this is a two-part video that I have posted to my blog. I recorded this video for a meeting that I wasn’t able to attend on Monday evening. This video is a great introduction for those who may not have had a chance to hear me speak about my life, my campaign and my plans as your congressman. I encourage you to post the link to your facebook and twitter, and to consider emailing it to your friends and family.

Last Friday, the Boston Globe reported about Richard Neal’s $5,000-a-head summer weekend with him for donors and lobbyists, but they went a step further on Wednesday editorializing against it. The Globe said that Neal “shouldn’t sell access to himself” and “must avoid the fund-raising excesses that are open to top D.C. powerbrokers,” calling his Cape Cod event “one such excess.”
“It’s one thing to accept contributions from those hoping for favors; it’s another to hunker down with them for a weekend, with a fat entry fee … there are plenty of ways for Neal to raise funds without explicitly offering closed-door access to himself, and the fact that other members use similar methods doesn’t make it right.”
I have lived in Washington, D.C. before. I know the temptations that lie around every corner, from money to power to physical pleasures. “Potomac Fever” is nothing new, but with the 24-hour news cycle, politicians are being exposed more and more for their moral shortcomings.

I pledge to be different. I am not seeking to be a career politician. I want to go to Congress to be a part of the clean-up crew that will be the 112th Congress, and do some great things for the people of the Massachusetts Second District.

Have a great weekend.

To Victory,


Tom Wesley
Candidate for U.S. Congress (MA-02)  

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stuck in a Smile

I live now one day at a time , I find my self perpetually stuck in a Smile. Living in Massachusetts can wear any sane minded Independent, Conservative voter mad. Well with Scott Brown we stood up and said HELL NO. And historically Scott Brown took on the Democratic machine and thrashed it. I am personally right of Scott Brown but he sure is better than Progressive liberal Margaret Coakley. And Scott Brown is on the right side of the big picture issues.

They said it was a fluke, well we rallied around Richard Ross to hold Scott Browns State seat in another special election. The Blue felt they were entitled to to take that seat back. HELL NO again, Ross won 62% of the votes and trounced his liberal adversary.

Now as we move on to November the same arrogant democratic machine will dismiss us the Independent, Conservative, Republican Teaparty working class voters. That what they don't get they can't combat!

So for every small local kick in the teeth we take lets hold hands and fight harder and take back our Commonwealth one seat at a time. Someday soon even the liberals are going to see National, State and Local spending is bankrupting this great country, town by town.

I'm stuck in a smile for more than one reason, but know that when it's bad for the Democrats in Massachusetts its bad for them everywhere!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Looking Inward

Today I felt myself reaching out. Reaching to connect and latch on to happiness. I'm good at that game but looking in the mirror my happiness was actually with me the whole time. Duh, it took a great friend of mine to shake me out of that.

Tired of being lonely, time to take charge of my life. My friend, I thank you, you moved me.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Its time to Repeal Neal in MA02, Tom Wesley Campaigning Tirelessly

I recently received this E-mail from the Tom Wesley campaign. In it is a great video of a Gathering in Douglas where he spoke. There are also a few handy links to his website, Twitter and Facebook.  


Earlier this month, I appeared at a gathering of patriots in Douglas,
Massachusetts. These citizens came together to celebrate America and our most
precious freedoms: our freedom of speech and our right to assemble. From this
event came the following web video, titled "[1]The Epicenter of Freedom":


Our campaign for U.S. Congress is garnering national attention.  We have been
featured on CNN.  Similar campaigns are taking place around the country, and
momentum is building toward November. We are witnessing history in the making
as the people organize and work to change the face of their government in
Washington, D.C.

I hope this video, and the words that I delivered to that crowd in Douglas,
will inspire more people to get involved in our campaign to "Repeal Richard
Neal" here in the Second District. The people are ready for a new generation of
leaders in Congress, who seek to serve the people, not the party.  I pledge to
bring leadership to this honorable group.

I ask for your support and I ask for your vote. I invite you to please forward
this email to as many people as you know, whether they are in the Second
District or beyond. Our message is one that is applicable across the country.

To Victory,


Tom Wesley

Candidate for U.S. Congress (MA-2)



Paid for by Tom Wesley for U.S. Congress


This message was sent by: Tom Wesley For Congress, 190 Dutcher Street, Hopedale, MA 01747

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Scott Brown came back to town

Three months after his historic win of the Peoples seat in MA 1-19-2010. US Senator Scott Brown returned to support Richard Ross running to fill his old MA state seat. In his truck driving around  Wrentham/North Attleboro. An event moved indoors on a dreary New England spring Sunday.

Also speaking attending was Charlie Baker running for Governor. Karyn Polito who is running for Treasurer. Jeniffer Nassour  the MA Republican party chair.  Many running in November were there, Brad Marsten, Marty Lamb included.

To a standing room only crowd Richard Ross made a passionate speech on why 1-19-2010 needs to continue on 5-11-2010. The race to fill Scott Brown's seat has taken on national importance to the DC Dem political machine. The energy was big and only got bigger as Charlie Baker than Scott Brown took the podium to speak. I felt like 1-19-2010 deja vu. This is truly a people's movement. MSM can mock it but they are spot wrong on.

Scott Brown came back to town, and a real storm is brewing in November for the incumbent democrats nationwide.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Soul mates - myth or real?

Your mirrored image – These are a rare example. However, it is possible that they do exist in each of our lives at one point or another. We might have one or two in a lifetime from this category, if we are lucky! What makes them special? Soul Mates of this sort come into our life in a fast, weird and unexpected way. The situations and events in our lives begin to change of their own accord, in order to accommodate the arrival and the reunion of both Souls. In such a case such as this, it is can almost be said that it is 'written in the stars!' Both Souls have to be ready for each other, as I did explain before it is not enough to sustain the relationship at its full potential, only by existing as Soul Mates. This level is the strongest and most powerful type of Soul Mates. They do have many similar interests and share an almost equal interest in their life direction. They will think alike, and in many cases will be able to continue speaking a sentence where the other one has left off. They are a mirror of each other, although they do not have to be exactly the same. However, each one compliments the other with their individual strengths and weaknesses and they will understand each other by being on same 'wavelength'.

Full article here -

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is the Teaparty going to be the 3rd party?

The left wants to divide the Republican votes and see that happen. The GOP is starting to shift to the Conservative right these days. The moderate Independent democrats are also fleeing from the Progressive Liberal left. I see the stage setting for a historic moment this November election.

First the Scott Brown win along with the Virginia, New Jersey Governor wins showed an emerging trend. Independent voters fleeing from Obama agenda's and voting Republican. Digest that for a moment and realize Scott Brown took 75% of Independents and 25% of democratic vote in liberal Massachusetts! This really is an eye opener and a precursor to the Teaparty movement impact forward.

Who is a Teaparty participant? Leftist shock jocks like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow want you to believe its "domestic terrorists" and right wing nut jobs. Well the numbers and facts are failing them and badly. Fox news ratings are killing the competition and the leftist state run cable channels ratings are in the tank. I have been to many a townhall, Teaparty event or fundraiser. I observe concerned patriotic citizens. Young, old, Republican, Democrat, Independent, black, white on and on. An "angry" mob of Americans, cough bullshit.

Statistically the Teaparty is made up of 41% Democrat and Independents. That's a fact MSM and the left are in denial over. Let's dissect the numbers deeper, Progressive liberals are only 20%, Republicans say 30%. The other 50% represent fiscally conservative teaparty patriotic Americans mainly Independents. Resent poll showed 80% of Americans are unhappy with Obama's Big Government. That validates my Numbers rather closely.

What does that mean for the teaparty? First its a movement not a party. Second is the Sarah Palin do we run a Teaparty 3rd party and go after Progs and GOP idealogue? The 3rd party discussion is a big rally cry but really missing the big picture point. The Teaparty is the FIRST party. Controlling 50%, we can dictate to GOP or Progs where THEY need to be. The obvious choice is the GOP as the liberal left is not going anywhere near teaparty principles.

The Republican Teaparty united party is a super majority. If this group can rally around fiscal conservative issues the liberal left has zero shot in 2010 and 2012. Can these two groups rally around common ground Big picture issues? Stay tuned and get the popcorn out and I'm not betting against the Teaparty this November.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Support Chuck Devore as big MO builds as he closes on Barbara Boxer

Received this e-mail today and wanted to pass the message along.

This is an urgent "all hands on deck" call for help. With so much at stake we need you to act immediately to help us meet our fundraising goals in the next days.

Will you make a donation of $25 today to help meet our online goals?

Dear Supporter,

Let me start by saying “Thank You” again for your generous and faithful support of my campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Because of your help, I now have incredible momentum in this race to defeat Barbara Boxer.

  • I have the endorsement of almost 60 percent of California’s Republican office holders.
  • I’ve been endorsed by national conservative leaders like Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA), Congressman Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Mark Levin, Andrew Breitbart, The Tea Party Express, Citizens United, and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC.
  • I’m a frequent guest on talk radio throughout California.
  • My award-winning Internet campaign is going strong.
  • And I’ve launched a massive grassroots program that’s seen me travel more than 73,000 miles crisscrossing California, attend more than 325 campaign events, and meet more than 59,000 voters.
Add it all up and I’m well on my way to defeating Barbara Boxer and getting her extreme left-wing ideology OUT of the Senate once and for all!

Now it’s time to take the next step – winning the Republican primary which is less than two months away.

I need your immediate help today to kick my primary campaign into a higher gear for these next two months.

As you probably know, there are three main Republicans running for the GOP nomination to take on Boxer.

And there’s a BIG difference between the candidates:
  • Tom Campbell, a “Nelson Rockefeller Republican” who supported the largest tax increase in history at the state level, a 32-cent gas tax increase, and is liberal on social issues.
  • Carly Fiorina, a “John McCain Republican” who claims she is a conservative but has a “never with us when it counts” record of support for the bailouts, for Cap and Trade, and for the confirmation of liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.
  • And me, Chuck DeVore, a “Ronald Reagan Republican” who has a proven common sense conservative record on taxes, on spending, on social issues, and on defense.
While Campbell and Fiorina are moderates and I’m a conservative, there is little difference in how the three of us poll against Boxer. The latest independent Rasmussen Poll has:
  • Boxer 43% – Campbell 41%
  • Boxer 42% – DeVore 39% Margin of Error – 4.5%
  • Boxer 42% – Fiorina 38%
So the choice is not who has a better chance to defeat Boxer. The choice is which Republican will best represent YOUR views in the U.S. Senate.

I believe it’s vitally important to America’s future that we get Barbara Boxer out of the Senate...

...but just as important is replacing her with a true conservative who will faithfully hold strong to the Founding Father’s vision of a limited government.

What good will it be if we defeat Boxer only to elect a Republican-In-Name-Only “RINO” who will vote for higher taxes, for massive regulations, for liberal Supreme Court justices, and against our values?

That’s why I believe this primary election in June is just as important as defeating Barbara Boxer in November!
You’ve been an amazing supporter so far. Now I’m asking you to renew your support right now and help me make a strong push to victory in the primary.
Make a donation today!
All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman (R-CA) Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve