Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just like Scott Brown, Jim McKenna will beat Martha Coakley on the issues

The fact is Martha Coakley ran a poor Senate race, Scott Brown out worked her, it was a fluke. Name all the liberal excuses you want but the fact is she really lost on the tangible issues. The left even in MA feels compelled to talk down to it's constituents. See John Kerry's comments on voters being too stupid to understand. No the voters get it and the first shot fired was the Massachusetts Miracle with Scott Brown on January 19,2010. The voting working  people are flat out fed up with politics as usual in Massachusetts and DC.

Eight months later we have a write in AG Republican candidate already pushing Martha Coakley real hard. She appears making the same mistake of dismissing an unknown once again. How pompous and shortsighted! Jim McKenna is going to hammer Martha Coakley on all the issues just as Scott Brown did. Heck, even a lot of the unions and local and state law enforcement agencies were and may not be on her side again and what does that say?

Martha, he may not be from Wrentham, he does not wear a barn coat or drive a truck. He was not even in Cosmo half naked.  But he is a Republican and he is on the ballot in November. Consider yourself warned - yet again.

12/11/09 - Scott Brown will win MA Senate seat on the issues

An update from Jim Mckenna below 

Jim for AG

Talking with voters
Thanks to the enthusiastic support of friends like you, we are continuing to grow our campaign to defeat Martha Coakley.

We have been challenging the attorney general on multiple issues, including Cape Wind, illegal immigration and the apparent conflict of interest in her role of approving the Caritas Christi deal.

Martha Coakley's flip flop on illegal immigration is the most glaring issue that has come to light in recent days. Just a few months ago, she told WCRN radio that, "Technically, it's not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts." However, just this month in our first televised debate, she had an election year epiphany and said, "it is illegal to be here illegally." Yet Attorney General Martha Coakley has done nothing to stop our sanctuary cities which in reality is amnesty by default.

Her type of double-speak is rampant on Beacon Hill, and is a major reason why people are looking for new leadership this November. I pledge that, as attorney general, I will put the 'enforcement' back in law enforcement.

There are three important things you can do today to help us defeat Martha Coakley.

  1. Visit our online STORE, and buy your McKenna gear.
  2. Contribute online and help us raise critical funds.
  3. Tell 10 people about our campaign.
I am traveling the state from the Bay to the Berkshires, and I hope to see you out on the campaign trail.


James McKenna
Candidate for Attorney General

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