Friday, December 11, 2009

Scott Brown will win MA Senate Seat on the Issues

Massachusetts taxpayers and voters are going to vote 1-19-2010 on the issues. The one-party rule in Washington is the last thing this country needs. Scott Brown is the Independent candidate, fiscal conservative that is not going to Washington to rubber stamp Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Obama agenda's.

I'm going to talk now to the issues and why voters should and will vote for Scott Brown. Martha Coakley represents status quo, business as usual, more taxes and Big Government spending. Scott Brown said "But if you want real change on January 19th, and if you want somebody who will fight to lower your taxes, keep more money in your pockets, and bring common sense back to Washington DC, then join with me and make a real difference".

People are deeply worried with our economy, Out of control spending, deficits and a Governmental takeover of healthcare that will cost 2-3 Trillion Dollars. Scott Brown on "Like everyone else, I want to see more Americans with good health care coverage. I like what we did in Massachusetts. It’s not perfect, but nearly everyone is now covered by a private insurance policy -- not a government policy. I hope other states follow our example. You need to understand that the health care bill under discussion in Washington is not good for Massachusetts. I fear that the Government option in the bill would soon be the ONLY option. It will raise taxes, increase spending, and if you are a senior and receive Medicare, it will lead to a half a trillion dollars in cuts in your health care. Instead of restricting health care for elders -- we need to start restricting the size and intrusiveness of government".

The environment is an important issue but Cap and Trade is a job killer and with climate gate lots of issues around validity on scientific accuracy of the issue. As Obama said last year this bill will skyrocket taxpayer energy costs. Scott Brown on “I want to see a cleaner environment, and the way to get there is through a comprehensive approach. That would be by the development of new energy sources that are not powered only by fossil fuels. That means conservation, in addition to the development of more wind, solar, hydroelectric and - yes - more nuclear power. One thing I will not do, however, is support a cap and trade program that will cause energy prices to spike and chase businesses out of Massachusetts and cost individual families more money just to heat their homes and turn on their lights. The cap and trade bill moving its way through Congress will kill jobs at a time when our economy is on the brink. To me that is unacceptable. As your United States Senator, I will make 'jobs' job number one”.

On Foreign policy and National defense Scott Brown is clearly the better choice to serve Massachusetts. Martha Coakley is actually left of President Obama on Afghanistan policy. Scott Brown on “I want to see a strong military that will protect our interests around the world. I proudly serve as a Lieutenant Colonel and 30-year member of the Massachusetts Army National Guard, and during that time I've witnessed the many sacrifices made by patriotic Americans who fight to defend our freedoms. I salute the President for supporting our troops and their mission, and I will work with him to ensure that when they return home in victory they are given all the services that a grateful nation can provide”.

Here are Scott Brown’s convictions on other critical issues:

-- "I believe in limited government, and in the boundless power of the free market to create jobs and wealth for our people.

-- I believe it is a betrayal of duty to leave the next generation with massive debts, and they deserve better than that from us.

-- I believe that one-party power breeds corruption and arrogance, and it's time we open things up in the state of Massachusetts.

I believe failure should be admitted in Washington, and not repeated. It's time to admit that while the nearly trillion-dollar stimulus had the best of intentions, it failed to create one new job. We shouldn’t make the mistake of passing yet another stimulus that adds to the debt and does nothing for American workers.

My plan for the economy is simple - an across the board tax cut for families and businesses that will increase investment and lead to immediate new job growth. In the tradition of President John F. Kennedy, we should stimulate the American economy with a broad based tax cut for the American people".

This election will come down to the issues and Scott Brown is what this State needs today. Not a political party rubber stamp for Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Barrack Obama status quo in Washington. Scott Brown has a proven record of winning elections, voting no on tax increases and is the Independent choice, Fiscal conservative in this critical special Senate race. Scott Brown will work for you.


  1. I live in Georgia but if i lived in Massachusette Scott would have my vote.

  2. @ whoflungdoo, you don't have to be in Mass to help Scott Brown get elected and to help save our republic. You can help make calls from your home or computer at:

    Or you can make a donation to the Brown campaign. Any amount will be welcomed, a lot of patriots are donating $9.12

  3. I'm on pins and needles! Go buddy go! We want you--we need you-- we're drowning. You're wisdom is a God send. I'm moving out of the states soon if you don't make it to your rightful place. Save me, Save us!