Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time for a Conservative/Republican in Massachusetts Senate

From Republican Senator candidate Scott Brown, I received this E-mail tonight.

"I'm thankful for so much, starting with the fact that my wife and daughters are healthy and happy. I've also met so many wonderful people during this campaign whose hearts are filled with gratitude, even as they face difficult times.

I'm especially impressed with our military families who bear their sacrifice without complaint, separated by thousands of miles from their loved ones serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world."

It's refreshing in Massachusetts to see a viable candidate not Kennedy or doled in Leftist liberal. I am getting active for this candidate in 2010. I ask all like minded fed up Massachusett taxpayer's to join me in fighting for tangible change, fiscal responsibility and conservative values.

Will we win the seat? Probably not but time to give statist progressives all they can handle in 2010. Don't sell this movement short.

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