Saturday, December 19, 2009

No more Coakley Status quo, Scott Brown is the right choice 1-19-2010

Today’s Senate Democratic statist takeover of our Healthcare is a resounding shot to wake up America to the importance of the MA Senate Special election in Massachusetts next month. Scott Brown is a fiscal conservative that will Oppose Cap and Trade, Big Government and Government takeover of our Healthcare. We need to oppose status quo in MA Politics and Martha Coakley.

The one party system in Massachusetts is broken and we need Independent politicians to send to Washington to work for us. Why is it the Unions, Acorn and legal sharks control Coakley? And is that really in your best interest?

Massachusetts Democratic politics is corrupt to the core. Getting past the Union and Acorn slants, political arrests are rampant in MA politics. Where do I start there? And what has not been prosecuted is a fox henhouse discussion.

Democrat Jim Marzilli, who was arrested on charges of attempting to grope several women on park benches (he also allegedly came close to knocking over a hot-dog vendor while running from police), had not reported to work for these many months. But he’s a novice on this list of bad characters.

We have Diane Wilkerson, who, according to the FBI, was caught stuffing cash into her Bra, to the tune of $23,500 in bribes she's charged with taking. Wilkerson is an ethical disaster for Democrats in Massachusetts, has served a sentence of house arrest during the 90s for tax evasion.

Democrat Sal DiMasi is under investigation for demonstrating generosity to his palls, which allegedly violated ethics rules – and possibly state laws – boys being boys? Both of the likely successors to DiMasi, Bob DeLeo and John Rogers, have alleged issues pending too. After his landslide re-election as Speaker of the Massachusetts State House Sal Dimasi was indicted on federal charges of included conspiracy, honest services fraud, mail fraud, aiding and abetting, wire fraud and extortion. If convicted, he could spend up to 185 years in a federal prison.

Massachusetts lawyers are so strict on political career DUI offenders also? Democratic Sen. Anthony Galluccio, a Democrat, pleaded guilty Friday to leaving the scene of the Oct. 4 accident in his hometown of Cambridge. Charge not so bad on the surface and MSM sweeps away and he still works and votes. Galluccio’s Police blotter includes two DUI convictions. One in 1984 and in 1997. Also In December 2005, he triggered a four-car accident at 2 a.m., but no DUI test was done. A magistrate ruled that he had been drinking, but that there was not enough evidence for a DUI charge.

We now have had three speakers in a row that have left in CORRUPTION, Charlie Flaherty, Tom Finneran, and now DiMasi, Where is our AG Coakley on all this? Invisible and status quo but wait, Is she part of the game? From WBUR.ORG: State Sen. Scott Brown is asking his Democratic rival for Massachusetts’ open U.S. Senate seat to impose sanctions on one of her political allies. An attorney for Brown’s campaign has written a letter to Attorney General Martha Coakley, and to the state ethics commission, asking that they investigate the Service Employees International Union Local 509. According to the letter, SEIU sent an e-mail to state employees asking them to volunteer for Coakley. The Brown campaign says that violates state ethics law against using government computer servers for political purposes.WBUR asked the Coakley campaign if we could talk to the candidate. A spokeswoman for the campaign referred us to the attorney general’s office. A spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office says she’s looking into the matter. We have yet to hear back from SEIU Local 509.

Do we see a trend here? One party representation has failed Massachusett taxpayers and its time for change. Scott Brown is the independent voice that will work for YOU. Could that be any more clear?

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