Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fiscal Conservative Scott Brown versus Progressive leaning Coakley? Senate vote in MA is 1-19-2010

Taxpayers across the Country and here in Massachusetts are fed up with the DC Tax and spend mentality that has emerged since President Obama was elected and is cramming very unpopular Bailouts, Government takeovers and redistribution shenanigans to carve out American taxpayer money and allocate worldwide via “climate change” guise. The 2010 Massachusetts Senate race is a classic chance to vote for Scott Brown a fiscal conservative or Martha Coakley a classic Pelosi/Reid progressive liberal.

Perusing Facebook I found various Independent and even Democratic groups rallying to support Scott Brown and vote out the leftist takeover going on in DC. Martha Coakley is the status quo party choice for the special election to be held 1-19-2010. Last November there was a big shift of disapproval against Obama and their progressive actions with the GOP wins in Governor races in New Jersey and Virginia. They can call it what they want, but the DC progressive actions, plans are pure statist socialism. It’s Un-American and Patriots are standing up in record numbers against this across party lines.

Obama’s popularity has tanked with a recent Rassmussen approval rating of -21. To put that in perspective he took office with a +30 rating from same pollster, rated most accurate last Presidential election. On the Scott Brown Senate race there is some national whispers a Republican can’t win a Senate race in democratic leaning Massachusetts. Ironically a voting poll with 8,000+ votes was taken down after it showed Scott Brown up 54% - 46%. I can only offer my personal experience having seen literally Hundreds of Scott Brown lawn signs, and only 1 for Coakley. The people on the street are rallying behind Scott Brown, and that’s first hand conversations and talk locally.

It’s time to change the broken one party system permeating in Boston and now DC. This election can be the beginning of a referendum on public shifting opinions on issues such as Cap and Trade, Lower Taxes, Economy, Government takeover of healthcare and more bailouts, wasted tax and spend corrupt earmarked special interest programs. Martha Coakley received an A+ Rating from Acorn last year. She is backed by SEIU and the Unions. She was also charged with alleged voting election ethics charges after misusing State resources in her Senate campaign. This corruption is out of control and needs to be voted out.

As Independent and even Democratic voters grow increasingly unhappy with the left wing democratic agenda there is going to be a real interesting 2010 election cycle. My money is the “teaparty” , independent, constitution American voting base is going to show up in passionate records and rollback a lot of 2008/2009 Initiatives. You can see all the peeled off Obama sticker’s no longer on cars and the wave of Scott Brown lawn signs going up here in a democratic stronghold. Another national statistic is there are twice as many Conservative voters than liberals. In a state with 51% independent registered voters do not be the least bit surprised if Scott Brown makes a legitimate run at winning this special election.

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