Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ronald Reagan makes an appearance in MA Senate Race on New Years Eve

Yesterday Scott Brown went to the  TV airwaves with his first TV ad harkening back to JFK's tax cuts and supply side policies that he went on to echo and agree with. Today Scott Brown had yet another historic reference in a Video released today about his campaign. He reminded Massachusetts voters that fiscal Conservative Republican Ronald Reagan won in the state in two Presidential elections. Reagan too was for smaller Government, tax cuts and fiscal responsibility, strong national defense as is Scott Brown.

Maybe as we usher out a terrible decade of militant terrorism, 9-11 attack, Stockmarket crashes, poor economy, ponzi schemes, record deficits and unemployment it's time to remember Ronald Reagan. Remember when we were proud to be Americans? We valued National defense and rebuilt our country after the Jimmy Carter fiasco? I do, that was a decade for the ages. We took on the Soviet Union and tore down the Berlin wall. Ronald Reagan never apologized and was the ultimate Patriot. Glad that Scott Brown referenced him today.

Scott Brown also hit on the great online support he is getting at places like twitter and facebook. He talked to how he can be the 41st vote to kill a badly flawed healthcare bill and that he needs all our help. Somewhere Ronald Reagan is smiling at the Americans resolve and will be pulling the proverbial party lever for Scott Brown on 1-19-2010.

See the video here

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