Friday, January 1, 2010

Jay Severin calls Scott Brown ad Brilliant & maybe a game changer

Long time Political advisor and Boston talk radio host Jay Severin tweeted today on the recent Scott Brown TV ad airing in Massachusetts.

“For 20+ yrs I produced brilliant pol TV across US; I recognize Scott Brown's new spot one of the most brilliant-ever. Maybe game-changer.”

“Brown PS: in profession, pol spots are scored for impact via matrix of Information, Persuasion, Like/Dislike, Recall. This a winner in all.”

I agree and see the ad here. The 41st Senate seat in MA is up for grabs 1-19-2010.
Video already has 25,000 views on YouTube as the Scott Brown campaign goes viral.

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  1. The ad is a stroke of genius in so many ways. I really think it's great. The dumbfounded burbling by the left underscores it. Brown's identifying with fiscally-conservative, anti-communist JFK was really a great move. Too bad that so many libs are drinking koolaid and don't remember that JFK was NO progressive.