Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown poised to steal this election

I wrote on 12/11.2009 why Scott Brown was right on all the issues.


If he wins this election as it appears he very may will, the question is was Coakley asleep at the wheel? I take it a step forward and say she was arrogant and felt entitled to seat after primary win. Well the lil truck that is Scott Brown outworked her, ran the better race and is going to be the next Massachusetts Senator.

7:00 EST  My contacts and exit polling give me confidence to call this pre poll close. The Ma Miracle might be a truly historical upset..


  1. Get back to me later tonight, I would never slander you like that and you are wrong.

  2. Hey, just wanted to congratulate you on the win. You guys ran a hell of a race, esp. online. It's funny, we were both driving our respective voters to the polls on e-day. Anyhow, I feel I owe you a beer or coffee, and I'd love to pick your brain. Best of luck.

  3. Rich - thanks for kind words - we did it!!!!!