Thursday, January 21, 2010

An Open Letter to Chuck Devore from a Scott Brown supporter in MA

I want to pass on what I learned,observed, and did during the Scott Brown Massachusetts Miracle stunning election win in a very Blue state here. I think when many say that this can't be done in a state like California I say WRONG. I have personal goal to do everything I can to help send Boxer, Pelosi and Reid packing next election. I will summarize what can be learned from Scott Brown and hope you can replicate.

* People are fed up and mad at the elitist left wing of the Democratic party. Brown won the election as he took 75% of the Independent voters and 25% of the democratic vote.  He played to Fiscal Conservative principle's and defined the race to the issues. Fiscal sanity and the out of control DC spending ways are not working. He also did a great job defining the excessive costs  and negatives related to Cap and Trade and the Government takeover Healthcare Bill.

* He also was out tirelessly meeting with the people. While Martha Coakley assumed she had the liberal base and  ran a safe race and stuck to big ticket fundraisers, back door politics with Unions, special interest groups. etc.

* A few grassroots things he did creatively was he went to Fenway Park, Diners, on and on and drove across the state meeting with the people in his truck.  This common man approach and availability resonated with the voters.

* He smartly tapped into the teaparty voter base with many lower priced breakfasts and fundraisers. What did that do?  It gave the average person access to him and his message. I went to a few events at $25 - $35 and they were packed with a great cross section of the state. $5,000 and $10,000 plate events sure draw big $ but that Hurt Martha Coakley perception wise hob knobbing in DC last week of Election.

* Run a clean and positive campaign. Stay positive, talk to the issues you are on the right side on all of them. You have a huge advantage with the issues. To that point insist and get as many debates as you can. Scott Brown buried Coakley in last TV debate.

* Social Media, Social Media, Social Media was huge for Scott Brown where he dominated on Twitter and Faceback and eventually early January it went viral and the election went national. He also won the you tube and website battles which helped virally. He also tapped into the Conservative blogger base that helped to make his campaign go viral fast and effectively. You are already strong here and are active that is very positive and will pay off.

* Take the time to call into talk radio, sports radio etc and build bonds you can build on and get to the people later in race. Scott Brown was on near daily and all over the dial sometimes just calling in on his own early on.

* This sounds old school but lawn signs were huge. A wave of Scott Brown lawn signs spread like wild fire across MA. The fed up people like myself it was my little way of saying, yes I'm fed up and proud to work and vote for Scott Brown. There were few to run Coakley signs as her fanbase was not as motivated.

* Surround your self with a talented campaign team. Scott was surrounded by Veteran Team Romney campaign runners. He built a solid multiple Headquarter strategy, volunteers and utilized high tech with phone banks and voter lists. He also produced some epic TV ads ala the JFK ad that may have been an early game changer. Had a lot of luck with Rand like moneybombs fundraising.

* Coakley threw massive TV ad dollars to attack Scott Brown late. Brown kept his ads limited and positive. This is just my opinion, his team put a lot of money with Google advertising and had ad's across the internet on websites,blogs banners specifically targeted. Very effective and new aging way of connecting with the emerging internet savvy voters.

You can win this election on the issues and connecting with the the people, sometimes it's simple math. Good luck and you can count on my support on social networking in 2010.

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