Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Brown Brigade marches on to November 2010 Election

The Scott Brown victory was the MA Miracle and the 2nd shot heard around the world. But as the dust settles the machine that is we the people are moving on to November mid term reelections. Social media played a huge part of Scott Browns viral turnaround from 30 points down to a 5 point win. We need to replicate and grow this here in MA and nationally. Follow the Brown Brigade and state and national elections under the hashtag #41 on Twitter.

There are 10 US Congressional district elections in play in MA this November. Conservative Republicans face an uphill battle but Scott Brown's win and general unrest with the One party system here and in DC gives them a real chance to take some seats.

District #1 Democrat - John Ovler

Distric #2 Democrat - Richard Neal   opposition Tom Wesley-R

District #3 Democrat - Jim McGovern  opposition  Lamb -R

District 4 Democrat - Barney Frank  opposition Earl Sholley -R

District 5 Democrat - Niki Tsongas  opposition Sam Meas -R

District 6 Democrat - John Tierney  opposition Bill Hudak -R

District 7 Democrat - Ed Markey   opposition John Cunningham - R

District 8  Democrat - Michael Capuano

District 9 Democrat - Stephen Lynch

District 10 Democrat - Bill Delahunt   opposition Joe Maloney - R (likely)

As you can see there are some not opposed districts in MA. We need qualified Republican candidates to take on the old Machine. The new Scott Brown people machine wants a choice on election day.

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