Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scott Brown Teaparty Breakfast Update

Just back from attending a Scott Brown breakfast run by the Teaparty in Westborough, Massachusetts. Scott Brown gave a great and well received speech to a large crowd. He hammered home the striking differences on where he stands on issues versus very liberal Martha Coakley.

A few of the takeaways were: 1)Donating is critical and he is getting lots of nationwide online support 2) Could not release his internal polls but he said things are going very well 3)Experienced Romney team members are  running his campaign 4) New TV ad will start airing Monday and he said we were going to love it 5) Talked to the JFK Tax cut reference in current ad and followed up with some solid Ronald Reagan references.

The special election is 1-19-2010 and this #41stvote is in reach. Turn the vote out for Scott Brown is imperative. Do you believe in Miracles? Well it's been 30 years  since that great American upset which ironicall happened up in #NY23 territory. Coincidence? Never thought I'd see the day a Bruin game would be played outdoors at Fenway Park.

Lenny Clarke at Fenway Park endorsing Scott Brown at Fenway too! Video here


  1. Too bad our Tea Party patriots are being fooled by a RINO. Who is the actual candidate on that Jan. 19th ballot who's endorsed by the Boston tea Party? Joe Kennedy (I):

  2. Kennedy is a kink in the works, no idea why the Tea Party is going there after the disaster in NY23. But they aren't getting any buzz on Kennedy, and he's a non-starter at this point. It's ALL ABOUT Brown. We have to get him in the Senate.

  3. Here's even more help from the Romney grassroots:

    Where are the other big names in the GOP?

  4. I just tweeted the legitimate question: Scott Brown another RINO bastard???? Have we been premature in our support for Brown? I already donated $100 #tcot #teaparty

    at that URL is a comparison chart for Scott Brown versus other 2 candidates. Can we really have confidence Brown will vote no on gov health care reform???? What about taxes?