Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's time to send Arrogant Nancy Pelosi packing

The Scott Brown election win in MA should have been a wakeup call to the Democratic party. But instead Obama at his State of the Union Address basically doubled down his progressive agenda and talked down to we the people. Fact check has detailed all of Obama's lies and am I the only one tired of seeing the 86 stand up and hand claps from Nancy Pelosi?

This is the same Nancy Pelosi that locked her doors in August to her constituents. She labeled hard working tax paying Americans as Teabaggers and Astoturfers. Well After the second shot heard around the world 1-19-2010 in Massachusetts, Pelosi is still arrogant and talking of ramming hc bill at all cost any way she can. Well come November it is time for Ca voters to Coakley Nancy Pelosi. The liberal policies have bankrupted California. I sense Ca voters are as fed up as Ma voters.

I read this today and enough is enough. Now Pelosi/Boxer camp is calling ME and MA Residents teabaggers? Do they realize Ma has a 12% GOP Registration %? Does she not get that Scott Brown took 75% of the independent votes and 25% of the Democrat votes. Fact is Obama, Reid, Pelosi are so far left they have lost Independents and starting to lose the Democrats. They are out of touch and Progressive/Liberal  left at best has 20% of voter base. But keep insulting your constituents and making offensive slanderous put downs.

While team Pelosi is spreading this message.

Not in California Pledge
The Republicans, along with their allies in the teabagger movement and Fox News have elected right-winger Scott Brown to the Massachusetts Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy.

We won’t let the same thing happen here. Not in California. Not this year. Not to our candidates.

Sign below to take the pledge and add your comments to send a message to the teabaggers and their candidates: "Not in California."

This while Scott Brown is on a 3 day thank you tour across MA in sub zero degree wind chill weather reaching out to and shaking hands with his Constituents.
Such a sharp contrast to Pelosi's hide and arrogant style of dictating and Governing.

Well voters of California you have a choice come November. Chuck Devore a fiscal conservative like Scott Brown is campaigning all over the state opposing Boxer. Recent polls have him single digits and closing on her.  Check him out here

I think many Americans are tired of what is going on in Washington. Where is that promised transparency? Fact is Democrats locked Republicans out and brokered bribed backdoor deals to get votes on the monstrosity of a HC bill. Americans are fed up and all those that scoff at the teaparty movement are lost in space. Out of touch with working and not working Americans. Stop talking about all the saved jobs, when  Millions of jobs were were lost in 2009.  Stimulus created zero job and our deficit soars at record pace. Sometimes a picture tells more than words.

It's time for California to vote, Go Nancy Go, Go Barbara Go, home.

Edit John Dennis linked here is opposing Nancy Pelosi directly in November.

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