Friday, May 14, 2010

Its time to Repeal Neal in MA02, Tom Wesley Campaigning Tirelessly

I recently received this E-mail from the Tom Wesley campaign. In it is a great video of a Gathering in Douglas where he spoke. There are also a few handy links to his website, Twitter and Facebook.  


Earlier this month, I appeared at a gathering of patriots in Douglas,
Massachusetts. These citizens came together to celebrate America and our most
precious freedoms: our freedom of speech and our right to assemble. From this
event came the following web video, titled "[1]The Epicenter of Freedom":


Our campaign for U.S. Congress is garnering national attention.  We have been
featured on CNN.  Similar campaigns are taking place around the country, and
momentum is building toward November. We are witnessing history in the making
as the people organize and work to change the face of their government in
Washington, D.C.

I hope this video, and the words that I delivered to that crowd in Douglas,
will inspire more people to get involved in our campaign to "Repeal Richard
Neal" here in the Second District. The people are ready for a new generation of
leaders in Congress, who seek to serve the people, not the party.  I pledge to
bring leadership to this honorable group.

I ask for your support and I ask for your vote. I invite you to please forward
this email to as many people as you know, whether they are in the Second
District or beyond. Our message is one that is applicable across the country.

To Victory,


Tom Wesley

Candidate for U.S. Congress (MA-2)



Paid for by Tom Wesley for U.S. Congress


This message was sent by: Tom Wesley For Congress, 190 Dutcher Street, Hopedale, MA 01747

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