Saturday, May 8, 2010

Scott Brown came back to town

Three months after his historic win of the Peoples seat in MA 1-19-2010. US Senator Scott Brown returned to support Richard Ross running to fill his old MA state seat. In his truck driving around  Wrentham/North Attleboro. An event moved indoors on a dreary New England spring Sunday.

Also speaking attending was Charlie Baker running for Governor. Karyn Polito who is running for Treasurer. Jeniffer Nassour  the MA Republican party chair.  Many running in November were there, Brad Marsten, Marty Lamb included.

To a standing room only crowd Richard Ross made a passionate speech on why 1-19-2010 needs to continue on 5-11-2010. The race to fill Scott Brown's seat has taken on national importance to the DC Dem political machine. The energy was big and only got bigger as Charlie Baker than Scott Brown took the podium to speak. I felt like 1-19-2010 deja vu. This is truly a people's movement. MSM can mock it but they are spot wrong on.

Scott Brown came back to town, and a real storm is brewing in November for the incumbent democrats nationwide.

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