Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is the Teaparty going to be the 3rd party?

The left wants to divide the Republican votes and see that happen. The GOP is starting to shift to the Conservative right these days. The moderate Independent democrats are also fleeing from the Progressive Liberal left. I see the stage setting for a historic moment this November election.

First the Scott Brown win along with the Virginia, New Jersey Governor wins showed an emerging trend. Independent voters fleeing from Obama agenda's and voting Republican. Digest that for a moment and realize Scott Brown took 75% of Independents and 25% of democratic vote in liberal Massachusetts! This really is an eye opener and a precursor to the Teaparty movement impact forward.

Who is a Teaparty participant? Leftist shock jocks like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow want you to believe its "domestic terrorists" and right wing nut jobs. Well the numbers and facts are failing them and badly. Fox news ratings are killing the competition and the leftist state run cable channels ratings are in the tank. I have been to many a townhall, Teaparty event or fundraiser. I observe concerned patriotic citizens. Young, old, Republican, Democrat, Independent, black, white on and on. An "angry" mob of Americans, cough bullshit.

Statistically the Teaparty is made up of 41% Democrat and Independents. That's a fact MSM and the left are in denial over. Let's dissect the numbers deeper, Progressive liberals are only 20%, Republicans say 30%. The other 50% represent fiscally conservative teaparty patriotic Americans mainly Independents. Resent poll showed 80% of Americans are unhappy with Obama's Big Government. That validates my Numbers rather closely.

What does that mean for the teaparty? First its a movement not a party. Second is the Sarah Palin do we run a Teaparty 3rd party and go after Progs and GOP idealogue? The 3rd party discussion is a big rally cry but really missing the big picture point. The Teaparty is the FIRST party. Controlling 50%, we can dictate to GOP or Progs where THEY need to be. The obvious choice is the GOP as the liberal left is not going anywhere near teaparty principles.

The Republican Teaparty united party is a super majority. If this group can rally around fiscal conservative issues the liberal left has zero shot in 2010 and 2012. Can these two groups rally around common ground Big picture issues? Stay tuned and get the popcorn out and I'm not betting against the Teaparty this November.

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