Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scott Brown on National Defense and Security

A message from Robert Willington to all members of NetRoots for Scott on BrownBrigade!

Some of you may have seen this Boston Globe story about how Scott Brown supported a "spending earmark"

I want to convey to you all the facts so that you can be well informed about the reality of this program.

·The program is important to our national security: if there is no engine competition for the F-35, there will only be one American supplier for fighter engines, weakening our nation’s industrial base.

· The development of the F136 engine and a fair, open competition will provide a superior product for the military at significantly lower cost to the taxpayer.

· The development of this engine is 75 percent paid for already. It is also on budget and on schedule.

· Moving forward with this program makes sense from a security perspective, and competition is the key to driving down costs.

Please share this info on the comments section of the Boston Globe story and on the blogs of your choice.

-Rob Willington

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