Friday, June 11, 2010

It's time to Repeal Neal in Ma #2 District in November

Received a message from Tom Wesley who is running for Congress in Ma District #2 and thought it was worth sharing.

I want to first thank all of you who emailed, facebooked, tweeted and donated birthday wishes on Monday. I appreciate all your kind words and all that you have done so far for my campaign.

I have just returned from a business trip to Europe, but thanks to the great online community we have created on Facebook and Twitter, I kept campaigning thousands of miles away.

One example of this is a two-part video that I have posted to my blog. I recorded this video for a meeting that I wasn’t able to attend on Monday evening. This video is a great introduction for those who may not have had a chance to hear me speak about my life, my campaign and my plans as your congressman. I encourage you to post the link to your facebook and twitter, and to consider emailing it to your friends and family.

Last Friday, the Boston Globe reported about Richard Neal’s $5,000-a-head summer weekend with him for donors and lobbyists, but they went a step further on Wednesday editorializing against it. The Globe said that Neal “shouldn’t sell access to himself” and “must avoid the fund-raising excesses that are open to top D.C. powerbrokers,” calling his Cape Cod event “one such excess.”
“It’s one thing to accept contributions from those hoping for favors; it’s another to hunker down with them for a weekend, with a fat entry fee … there are plenty of ways for Neal to raise funds without explicitly offering closed-door access to himself, and the fact that other members use similar methods doesn’t make it right.”
I have lived in Washington, D.C. before. I know the temptations that lie around every corner, from money to power to physical pleasures. “Potomac Fever” is nothing new, but with the 24-hour news cycle, politicians are being exposed more and more for their moral shortcomings.

I pledge to be different. I am not seeking to be a career politician. I want to go to Congress to be a part of the clean-up crew that will be the 112th Congress, and do some great things for the people of the Massachusetts Second District.

Have a great weekend.

To Victory,


Tom Wesley
Candidate for U.S. Congress (MA-02)  

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