Thursday, July 22, 2010

Latest from Tom Wesley on #MA02 Race against Incumbent (D) Neal


What a whirlwind tour we have been on since I lest dropped you a note in your inbox!

It all started with an appearance on the Jay Severin Show on WTTK. Though the station is Boston-based, it was great to speak to a large audience and clue them in on the movement that is building out west. After leaving the show, it was back to The Hangar (campaign office) in Douglas where 20 volunteers were banging out phone calls.

On Saturday, it was back to meeting with small business owners and their customers. We kicked it off at Little Coffee Bean in Douglas, before heading to the WCRN studios to give them a campaign update on the Tea Party show. Of course, after a radio interview, nothing tastes better than a Kielbasa at the Polish-American Festival in Springfield.

Our ethnic tour continued on Sunday as we passed through the Romanian Festival in Southbridge and Portuguese Picnic in Milford. As you know I have traveled the world for business, making countless visits to Portugal. The Portuguese I picked up on those trips came in handy in Milford!

While jobs and the economy constantly come up on the campaign trail, taxes and the burden that comes with them also concern many, including business owners. Unfortunately, Richard Neal has never been known as a tax cutter. Just this week he was on ABC News, and during his appearance, the interviewer asked him about the expiring tax cuts approved by the Bush Administration.

While Congressman Neal tried to politically speak his way around the question, the interviewer pressed him to admit that taxes would be higher once those expire. Here is a new web video highlighting Richard Neal’s willingness to allow taxes to go up:

Running for U.S. Congress is hard enough without running against 22 year incumbent. Just Wednesday, it was reported that Richard Neal is handing out more than $400,000 to members of the Ways & Means Committee that he is lusting at chairing in the new Congress.

Though his path to that chairmanship is anything but clear with more senior members in line before him, there are two other road blocks: our campaign and nationwide discontent. To be the chairman of Ways & Means, not only does Richard Neal have to win re-election, Democrats have to retain control of Congress.
Will you do your part in helping prevent this by either donating your time or your treasure?

Finally, this weekend I will be in Oxford on Saturday at 9:00 AM for our next “Coffee with Tom” event. We will be setting up shop at Carl’s Oxford Diner at 291 Main Street. We have some other events planned as well in the area, and I look forward to continuing to build momentum by sharing our vision with voters.

To Victory,

- Tom

P.S. I want to thank the great people who turned out for our fundraiser on Monday evening. These types of events not only raise critical campaign resources, it also gives me an opportunity to meet in a small group setting with men and women concerned about our nation’s future. If you are willing to hold a fundraiser or coffee event at your home, please contact


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