Saturday, February 6, 2010

Scott "Brown Brigade" mobilizes to take another Kennedy seat

Sen. Scott Brown's election has been shown to be "a joke," the son of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) said Thursday.  In what may be a Coakley like gaffe Patrick Kennedy slams Scott Brown and call's him and his campaign a "joke" I could write on and on about Junior Kennedy's issues and problems but going to take the high road like Scott Brown has. Scott Brown on Howie Carr's show asked on topic (paraphrase) I can't be distracted, I have a job to do. And what was said is what it is.

Patrick Kennedy must be aware of his very negative polls going into the November 2010 election in the Rhode Island Congressional race. Patrick Kennedy has a 62% negative rating in Rhode Island.

But no one can take a Kennedy seat in Rhode Island is the same mantra Marcia, er, Martha Coakley supporters hung to in Ma special election where Scott Brown took back the peoples seat. But Republicans can't put a candidate that can win out there is the next fallback.

Enter stage left Republican John Loughlin. “We’ve got a congressman who’s not connecting with voters or the people. He’s pushing policies that are diametrically opposed with needs of people - to get the economy going and create jobs,” said Loughlin, of Tiverton. “We can’t afford it anymore.”
WPRI-12 pollster Joe Fleming said, “This is the best-financed challenger he’s faced since the first time he ran, and his favorability numbers are way down. “Congressman Kennedy could have a very competitive race.”

Per NRO  The political joke could be on him (Kennedy): The Republican challenging him, John Loughlin, is being advised by the same team responsible for the Scott Brown win.  Two Kennedy seats in New England could very well be taken back in 2010.

More on Team Brown moving on to advise and work for John Loughlin in his race against Patrick Kennedy.

Bill Rappleye has the scoop on some potential hires as Rep. John Laughlin seeks to unseat Patrick Kennedy for U.S. House District 1.

The horrifying performance of Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley could be equaled by the supreme campaign run by Scott Brown…no matter who wins tonite.  RI State Rep. John Loughlin (R), has noticed.  He figures if a state legislator can win a former Kennedy seat in Massachusetts, or at least erase a double digit poll lead during the campaign, then the same team can take on the last elected Kennedy in the Rhode Island 1st District race.  The Rapp Session has learned Loughlin will be hiring Beth Myers, Peter Flaherty and Eric Fehrnstrom,  all veterans of the Romney Presidential bid, as soon as their race with Scott Brown is finished.
What a bitter sorrow to the Democratic Party it would be if Coakley lost to Brown, and then Kennedy lost to Loughlin using the same team and the same strategy.

To make matters worse for Patrick Kennedy after his "joke"comment shot at Scott Brown it has mobilized Scott Brown fans virally across the internet upset and ready to work towards unseating yet another Kennedy seat.

The Brown Brigade is already mobilizing here:

Slamming Scott Brown with the "joke" label may have been a lethal mistake to Patrick Kennedy's reelection. chances. Will Kennedy even be on the ballot in November?

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