Saturday, April 26, 2014

What Mass Republicans should do is stop supporting Liberal Charlie Baker and...

....And start supporting Conservative Mark Fisher who is going to be on the September primary ballot. Stop making excuses for Baker here. He had chance past month to stand up to MassGOP and the Convention vote screw job but chose to do nothing. Heck - his campaign is in so deep with Mass GOP why is ANYONE suprised?

Red Mass Group:: OCPF Complaint Filed This Week Against Hughes and Cunningham, Mass GOP wow - must read #magop #magov Baker/MaGOP illegal linkage, alleged violations

Conservative Mark Fisher (R) versus Left leaning Charlie Baker on the issues #magop >  #magov

Judge's interpretation of Fisher's account appears to lean in favor of the longshot candidate: Valley Dispatch  #MAgov

Conservative @MarkFisher2014 wins decisive ruling against Mass GOP - Court date set #MAgov Stunning defeat for #MAgop

Charlie Baker (R) Platform: Pro Abortion, Gay Marriage, Gun Control, Climate Change, Quinn/Bathroom Bill, Raise Minimum wage. Vote NO #MAgop

RT @markfisher2014: Mark Fisher 2014 "I am a full-platform, no excuses necessary, loyal & proud Republican... #magop

Charlie Baker's Platform  Pro Choice Abortion. Video - Slams Social Conservatives & Republican base #magop #tcot #2014

If we Republicans can't rally around a Conservative like Mark Fisher - and allow Mass Establishment and frankly Rob Eno of Red Mass Group to promote Liberal candidates like Charlie Baker what do we STAND for? Imagine in #2014 Red Mass Group is sitting at the establishment table and actively working against the Conservative candidate and trying best to ignore the Convention disaster story, Not cover Fisher campaign and not vet the Baker trainwreck stance on the issues? Wow

Unity? Really - on these terms I refuse to wave the white flag and surrender. Here is copy of Fisher legal victory ruling in court. He got his 15%. Court date June 18th. Lets take a principled stand. Right here, Right now.

@MarkFisher2014 - #MaGOP Lawsuit Judge rules all Fisher allegations proven TRUE - Fisher HAD his 15%

Lets contrast Baker and Fisher on a few issues

RT @markfisher2014 I oppose hiking the minimum wage, unlike Charlie Baker. #magop @MassFiscal @Robeno

RT @markfisher2014: I proudly support #2A!  Charlie Baker supports gun control  #magov #magop

Conservative Mark Fisher (R) versus Left leaning Charlie Baker on the issues #magop >  #magov

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