Sunday, April 27, 2014

Freedom Seeker endorses Mark Alliegro in Mass 9th District for Congress race

The editorial board at Freedom Seekers enthusiastically endorse +Mark Alliegro for U.S. Congress, 9th District of Massachusetts  Mark is clearly the most principled Conservative in the race and will best represent us on reigning in the out of control Liberal Big Government problem in DC. Mark will best represent we the people, fighting for Liberty, repealing Obamacare, advocate of smaller government, energy independence, securing borders and the sanctity of life.  
Today 150+ supporters attended his #MA09 kickoff, a strong showing of his grassroots appeal. There was a large swath of voters in attendance and a heartening groundswell of  ballot signature support for Conservative #MAgov candidate Mark Fisher. Other #MAgop rock stars in attendance were Todd Feinberg, Geoff Diehl, Vinny Demaceda and US Congressional Rep Lamar Smith called in his support.
Earlier this year the 9th Congressional District Republicans battled during first debate And sprung a huge straw poll win in  Help a great candidate on to victory in #MA09!
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What I Stand For
Above all, I believe in government for, by and of the people. I believe in liberty, honesty, a vibrant private sector, an improved standard of living for all citizens, real health care reform and the repeal of Obamacare, reduced government spending, a less intrusive Federal Government, lower taxes, a strong national defense, a competent, effective foreign policy, the 2nd Amendment, secure borders and a rational immigration system, a clean and safe environment, energy independence, educational choice, individual responsibility, and the sanctity of life.
I believe in America and have lived the American Dream. Like you, I want a bright future for my children and all children.
What I Don’t Stand For
A bloated bureaucracy, job-killing regulations and red tape, government by decree, government cover-ups and outright lying to the public, the betrayal of the oath of office, stonewalling, subversion of the legislative process. Misguided programs based upon un-rigorous science or bad judgments that result in waste, job loss and diminished opportunities. And, I oppose the steady erosion of our rights and freedoms by those elitists who think they know best.
During the past few years, we have seen inaction, deception, and missteps all of which weaken us at home and abroad. We give aid and comfort to our enemies, while our military, our allies and our foreign service professionals get little of each. Something is terribly wrong. You feel it, too, don’t you? I want to help fix it.
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