Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mark Fisher's lawsuit against the MassGOP wins expedited trial status

Breaking News in the Mark Fisher lawsuit against the Mass GOP is in. Conservative Republican Mark Fisher has been granted an expedited trial. The judge has fast tracked the trial, which could start as early as next week.

Suffolk Superior Court Justice Douglas H. Wilkins also said said that Fisher is free to continue to collect signatures on his nomination papers while the case is continued. Nomination papers with 10,000 signatures must be turned in by May 6th.  This is a setback for the Plaintiffs, Kirsten Hughes, Rob Cunningham and the MASS GOP who now face full discovery, depositions and related media reporting's and party member scrutiny. 

Read some of the issues the Mass GOP must answer to at the trial here. > Letter from the Mark Fisher Attorney to regarding the events of March 22.

Mark Fisher also broke news via Twitter that he already has 10,000+ raw signatures and should have another 5,000 to insure meeting ballot requirements.  RT @markfisher2014: Send in your signatures. We now have 10,003 raw signature in hand and are just 5,000 away (from goal)

If Mark Fisher prevails as indicated here >  Rules Committee Chair (a Baker supporter) says Conservative Mark Fisher should Be on Ballot. There will be a primary battle between the Conservative Republican candidate Fisher and the more Liberal Leaning Charlie Baker in September. Something the Establishment State Party machine so desperately was apparently overzealous to avoid. Karma is a Bitch.

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