Friday, April 18, 2014

Conservative Mark Fisher poised to make noise in September Mass GOP primary for Governor

The Mass GOP's plan for anointing Charlie Baker as their Governor nominee via "backroom politics" and machine party top down intimidation tactics has run into a problem. Mark Fisher

The Teaparty Conservative alternative to the status quo liberal candidate Baker, Mark Fisher has sued the Mass GOP over a Convention vote that didn't follow its own rules, lacked transparency and reeked of "back room politics".  The case has been continued twice and Mark Fisher is poised for a stunning legal victory that would force a September primary with Charlie Baker. Baker's Pro abortion, Pro gay marriage, Climate change, Pro gun control, raising minimum wages and a plethora of other liberal positions could be in trouble and exposed in a vetted Republican primary. A good read on the legal woes the Mass GOP face can be read here, Letter by Fisher's Attorney, Thomas Harvey, to MassGOP that was revealed in Open Court

Probably why Baker has sidestepped any formal debates with the Conservative challenger Mark Fisher to date. Good read on that here,  MA Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Fisher Challenges Baker to Debate Baker hides... That will change when Fisher wins pending litigation and is officially put on the ballot... 

Mass Republican Party Rules Committee Chair (a Baker supporter) says that Mark Fisher should Be on Ballot. The judge in the case has honed in on this analysis, and related Roberts rules. All not good news for Team Baker and plaintiffs Mass GOP, Kirsten Hughes and Rob Cunningham. 

In a breaking development Mark Fisher announced today that he already has the 10,000 raw signatures needed to be placed on the ballot. He is shooting to have an additional 5,000 more signatures by deadline to insure he makes official threshold.

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Not so fast Charlie - Mark Fisher is not going away. Warning - Objects in the rearview mirror are closer than they appear...

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