Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Conservative Mark Fisher balks at #MAgop ballot offer tied to his dropping legal proceedings

In a breaking story Republican Mass Governor candidate Mark Fisher is tightening the screw another turn on Kirsten Hughes and the Republican State Party. It is being reported that Mark Fisher has rejected the #MAgop offer of Ballot certification tied to Fisher dropping legal proceedings and discovery.

Via the Lowell Sun:
"They're willing to put me on the ballot only if the criminal activity isn't exposed," Fisher said in a telephone interview. "We need the tally sheets. Where did those extra 54 ballots come from? It's how they stole the election. "Just put me on the ballot," he added.

In a separate filing late Wednesday, Fisher rejected the offer.
"The defendants are obviously desperate to prevent the plaintiff (Fisher) from seeing the tally sheets," the filing said. "The plaintiff's strong suspicion is that the tally sheets will show that the defendants manipulated the voting so as to prevent him from being included on the primary ballot."
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I'm not sure the Mass GOP had any idea how good Mark Fisher was at playing poker. Or worse, The Mass GOP is being slowly forced by Mark Fisher to show their cards and it's a very weak hand. Expect to see all the cards laid down soon , likely in court. Legal Discovery and Depositions are scheduled this month and the trial starts June 16th.

Mark Fisher has also scheduled a Press Conference tomorrow at 10:00 AM in Boston to give updates on lawsuit, campaign, signature status, etc.

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